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Scanning Reverse Engineering with Hexagon Absolute Arm Powered by Verisurf Software

Scanning Reverse Engineering with Hexagon Absolute Arm Powered by Verisurf Software

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs


Reverse Engineering with Hexagon Absolute Arm & Scanner and Verisurf Software

The Hexagon Absolute 7-Axis Scan Arm powered by the Verisurf 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering Suite of software, is a complete metrology solution for a quicker path to an accurate, fully complete, 3D CAD model of a manufactured part. Verisurf software takes the Hexagon Arm & Scanner to its highest level of efficiency by providing a vast suite of tools that minimizes the often challenging tasks involved in digitizing a complex part.

Big Benefits

  • Portability allows for the job to be done where it works the best for any given unique scenario
  • Instantly swap between probe and scanner, no need to install or remove either and no need to calibrate.
  • With the hard probe, measure dimensions and locations of recessed features, including critical hole and slot positions.
  • Select scanner mode for super-fast data capture and obtain complete coverage, including contours, fillets, blend radii, and all exposed features.
  • Iterate through the workflow to ensure accuracy by checking digitized features and surfaces using Verisurf’s real-time Inspect and offline Analysis features.
  • Flexibility to accommodate all types and sizes of objects.
  • Ensure success with Verisurf’s custom training as an essential piece of the complete solution.

Absolute 7-Axis Scan Arm Basic Specifications

  • Carbon fiber tubing provides high strength, superior stiffness, and thermal stability
  • “Zero-G” counter balance and low fatigue ergonomics
  • Multi-function control buttons with onboard OLED display
  • Hot-swappable probes, ready to measure without stopping to calibrate
  • Standard probes included plus endless custom probe capability
  • Wireless, battery operation included for true portability
  • “Smart Lock” protects the arm in stowed position
  • Sealed and IP54-rated for operation in adverse environments
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

Absolute Scanner AS1
Flagship high-speed blue laser 3D scanning performance with IP54 protection. Available in two versions:  Standard FOV (field-of-view) with high accuracy and large FOV with high standoff and high scan rate. Whether faced with glossy black plastic automotive body parts or molded carbon-fiber components, the innovative algorithms allow the AS1 to scan with no reduction in quality or productivity.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

RS5 Laser Scanner
Reliable general-purpose 3D scanning.

  • Full-featured true CAD foundation provides modern design, sketching, and parametric solid modeling
  • Robust CAD functionality includes important model organizing capabilities including layers/levels, colors, groups, masks and entity customization
  • Automatic and custom drafting dimensional and GD&T/MBD annotation and 2D drawing creation

Software Suite Video

  • Export in industry standard agnostic CAD formats with solids, NURBS surfaces, wireframe, and mesh entity types
  • NIST tested math fit any 2D or 3D feature type with fit options (least squares, minimum zone, highest point, inscribe, circumscribe)
  • Capture and model the design-intent (“perfect”) model or the as-built condition
  • Automatically “normalize” feature fits to the design intent with time-saving multi-edit
  • Create geometric features directly in CAD as they are measured or fit them from points, clouds and meshes
  • Register and merge multiple point-clouds or meshes with manual and automatic methods
  • Align data to reference frame or coordinate system to facilitate modeling and manufacturing
  • Filter and remove extraneous data, smooth, sharpen, refine, and re-mesh parts of the mesh or offset, project, and reverse selected faces
  • Optimize meshes by reducing face count while maintaining accuracy
  • Quickly and easily extract geometric features from probe or scan data
  • Create double-curvature patch surfaces from sparse data
  • Surfacing controls with UV control points, curve and point weighting, and surface normal vector control
  • Stretch and bend surfaces to conform to the mesh and be trimmed to curves
  • Results graphically and numerically displayed in real-time to get the right surface
  • Slicing and sketching tools to create curves for surface and solid modeling
  • Full solid modeling and ability to finish models with bosses, holes, chamfers, and fillets furnished by Verisurf CAD
  • Solids Manager with complete history of modeling operations
  • Access underlying wireframe geometry to reflect measurement changes
  • Modify operations parametrically and regenerate the solid model

Quick Surface

  • Fast freeform NURBS surfaces ready for 3D printing or machining
  • Interactive control to visualize and adjust curvature continuity
  • Quick surface quality check with fit analysis of surface to original mesh

Verisurf Reverse Engineering Video Playlist
Browse through to videos of detailed reverse engineering workflows in Verisurf!

Verisurf Training & Support Services

Verisurf live training classes are taught by experienced dimensional metrologists skilled in the application of CMMs, portable CMM arms and laser trackers, scanners, and Verisurf to a wide variety of 3D measurement applications including: inspection automation, tool building, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

Verisurf instructor-lead training classes are customized to each customer’s applications, parts, processes and people and are held either at the Verisurf corporate training center or at a customer facility.