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3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsVerisurf 2024


Connecting Metrology & Manufacturing for Global Success

  • Automate alignments from points, features, constructs, and surface points
  • Advanced control for orientation, rotation, position, weight, and target type
  • Simplifies alignment strategies required by the automotive industry and more
  • Rapid sampling for fast registration of cloud to cloud, cloud to mesh, mesh to mesh, cloud and mesh to CAD
  • Refine registration for improved alignment between datasets
  • Supports manual inspections and automated inspection plans
  • Easy, fast, and reliable feature extraction from clouds and meshes
  • Auto feature and nominal recognition from CAD
  • Extract all, selected, or features defined by MBD
  • Dynamically create or add path points to any object
  • Automatic in-path collision avoidance
  • Supports 3-axis and 5-axis systems
  • Register selection to align multiple clouds for quality meshing
  • Use cloud normals improves mesh speed and orientation
  • Added Power Mesh to 3D Mesh Controls to improve the user experience
  • Add points to existing features
  • Add points from multiple stations
  • Supports all measurement devices
  • Real-time outlier removal from laser line scanners
  • Supports more than 1.2 million points per second
  • Improve scan quality for inspection and reverse engineering
  • Simplified min/max reporting of small arc sections of radius dimensions
  • Supports manual inspection and automated inspection plans
  • Supports circles, cylinders, and spheres
  • Interactive feature-fitting filters
  • High-frequency noise removal from tactile scanning
  • Remove the start and end data from tactile scanning to reduce errors from acceleration and deceleration
  • Align to targets in any order
  • Supports points, surfaces, and features
  • Simplifies alignment of portable arms and laser trackers
  • Hold Gravity Level for laser tracker applications
  • Intelligent axis component controls to achieve desired alignment strategy
  • Set highest point, to constrain the alignment to the highest Z measurement when aligning to a freeform surface as a primary datum
  • Simplifies surface of revolution reverse engineering
  • Create 2D cloud from a 3D cloud (silhouette)
  • Supports using an axis of revolution or plane of projection
  • Control feature constructs using center points or measured points
  • Flexibility to use points from one or more measured features to construct a new feature
  • Evaluate features using alternate fit methods without remeasuring
  • Segment colored regions into independent datasets
  • Simplifies data management
  • Supports Clouds and Meshes
  • Create and display your own 3D CMM model
  • Supports 3-axis and 5-axis systems
  • Use OEM models or create your own using Verisurf CAD
  • Ultrasonic thickness evaluation
  • Metal parts ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm
  • Accuracy better than .010 mm
  • Surface finish/roughness evaluation
  • Variety of surfaces, including bores as small as 5 mm in diameter
  • Output Ra, RMS, and raw data

Introducing Verisurf 2024

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In addition to the capabilities illustrated above, Verisurf 2024 includes more new functions and refinements to existing features. Contact us for a live or online demonstration or with your questions. Verisurf 2024 is another new release driven by our customers, partners, and professionals facing new measurement challenges in the real world. 

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