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3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsANALYSIS ANALYSIS

Analyze Measured Data to any CAD Model

Features Overview


Simplifies part inspection through the comparison of measured points, clouds, and meshes, to all CAD file formats. Check part characteristics such as position and profile quickly and easily using a variety of alignment, analysis, and reporting techniques.

Analyze to CAD with imported data sets or directly from measured points, clouds, or meshes from 3D measuring devices including portable probing and scanning systems and both manual and CNC CMMs to analyze part tolerance compliance.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsANALYSIS
Automatically apply model-based tolerances from CAD product manufacturing information
Fast analysis of data to all CAD formats and entity types, with powerful and easy-to-use best-fit features offering extensive constraint options
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsANALYSIS
Instantly identify quality issues with vibrant color deviation maps and create inspection reports in all common output formats

Data to CAD Analysis – Simplified

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsANALYSIS
  • Fast compare of points, clouds, and meshes from any measurement system to any CAD format
  • Quickly check profile & position effortlessly
  • Intuitive workflow for easy alignment, analysis, and reporting

Easy to Align Data

  • Datum align, best-fit align, seed point align to CAD
  • Align multiple scans and meshes
  • Set relationships, use weighting for alignment and analysis
  • Datum align per GD&T designations

Graphics That Inform Good Decisions

  • Results can be displayed using a variety of graphical representations
  • Apply balloons, whisker plots, and color maps
  • Isolate or highlight out-of-tolerance areas clearly
  • Informative 2-dimensional cross section, commonly used for airfoil shapes

Powerful & Flexible Data Controls

  • Full control of the data, CAD, tolerances, and alignment, all easy to apply
  • Analysis to the closest entities is automatic, or easily assign relationships between data and CAD
  • Model-based tolerances can be utilized from source files or set from the Verisurf model

Best-Fit That’s Advanced Yet Intuitive

  • Free-float data to CAD or fully control the restraints
  • Save parts from scrap by utilizing the full allowed tolerance range
  • Experiment with fit scenarios to aid in your manufacturing process analysis

One-Click Reporting

  • All report output formats
  • Pre-designed and customizable templates
  • Easy to choose what to report and what to summarize
  • Colorful, meaningful, and controllable graphical data display options

Learn more about ANALYSIS as part of the Inspection & Analysis Suite

ANALYSIS is at the heart of the Inspection & Analysis Suite, which includes these modules:

  • CAD – Verisurf’s foundation module that includes a comprehensive computer-aided design system.
  • MEASURE – Interface to the CMM’s control system, joystick measuring, reporting, Teach Mode, and more.
  • ANALYSIS – Analyze measured data to any CAD Model and create revealing inspection reports.

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