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Large Scale Measurement with the Hexagon AT500 Laser Tracker Powered by Verisurf Software

Extreme Portability for Large Scale Measurement with the Hexagon AT500 Laser Tracker Powered by Verisurf Software

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs


The Hexagon Leica AT500 Laser Tracker powered by Verisurf software is a complete measurement solution with extreme portability and extra long-range capability.

The Hexagon Leica Absolute Laser Tracker AT500 powered by Verisurf Tool Building & Inspection Suite of software, and optimized by Verisurf training services, is the complete solution for on-the-go measurement in medium-to-large scale applications. The AT500 provides precision and convenience exactly when and where it is needed, and Verisurf completes the solution with best-in-class productivity and capabilities specifically optimized for laser trackers including the AT500.

Verisurf’s laser tracker productivity starts with its easy-to-use CAD/CAM experience and a user interface that facilitates operating over large distances with a solo operator. Numerous tools developed specifically for the unique needs of laser tracker operation and workflows, allow for accomplishing jobs in considerably less time and without the need for advanced training or years of experience. Users can easily simplify and further speed up their work with the Verisurf free mobile phone app, watch app, and CTE app.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 makes measurement simple in a form-factor that embraces portability, productivity, and resilience. With built-in controller and battery, along with a hassle-free setup process, you can quickly start your large volume in-the-field measurements soon after arriving on scene.

Whether you are inspecting, aligning, leveling or other means of computer-aided build, and whether it’s on aircraft, launch vehicles, wind turbines, ships, automotive assembly lines, or industrial plant infrastructure, Verisurf gets the best performance from the AT500!

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

AT500 Laser Tracker Basic Specifications

  • All-in-One Integrated Design – From built-in battery-powered controller unit, integrated wireless connectivity, environmental monitoring and all-day battery power, to HD overview camera and ergonomic carry handle, every need is built in.
  • Single-Box Probing System – Just one case contains the lightest and most portable sensor and probe as well as IR remote, with various transportation case options for full flexibility.
  • Smart Connectivity – Built-in WiFi with true access-point functionality delivers single-user operation through simple PC setup and remote control.
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs
  • Bluetooth Control – The AT500 Connect app offers quick settings adjustments over Bluetooth direct from a smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS).
  • PowerLock – Automatically re-establishes interrupted line of sight within a wide field of view with no user interaction required.
  • Continuous Measurement – Continuous time and distance measurement mode, with measurement sampling rate at 100 Hz.
  • Entry-Level Probing – Cableless, battery-powered Leica B-Probeplus with customizable hidden-point capability.
  • IP54 Certification – The IEC-certified sealed unit guarantees ingress protection against dust and other contaminants, enabling effective measurement in even the harshest environments.
  • MeteoStation – Integrated environmental unit monitors conditions including temperature, pressure and humidity to compensate for changes and ensure accurate measurements regardless of external factors.
  • Orient-to-Gravity – Enables measurement with the Z-axis aligned to gravity, ideal for leveling and alignment tasks.
  • Battery Power – Independent hot-swappable battery power supply allows for quick and easy cable-free setup and all-day wireless operation.
  • Operating Temperature – Wide operating temperature range of -15 to +50° Celsius.
  • Measurement Volume – Ultra-large measurement volume of up to 320 meters (ø), with minimum measurement distance less than 0.8 meters.

Popular High-Tech Option for the AT500 Laser Tracker

The new B-Probeplus delivers a completely new user experience for entry-level probing. Completely wireless measurement now comes with live feedback and a wide acceptance angle of up to 16° in any direction at a range of up to 12 meters from the tracker.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

The new probe unit also features redesigned, more durable buttons and an extended battery runtime of up to 6 hours, along with probing measurement accuracy specified in line with ISO 10360-10.

  • Quickly and accurately position parts with real-time “build-to” computer aided assembly to CAD
  • Adjust, shim, tack-weld, ream, center-punch hole locations, and perfect the assembly
  • Detailed, graphical-pictorial, and easily customizable report of the completed job and as-built condition
  • The integration of CAD and metrology reliably connected to assembly-building is a worldwide standard set by Verisurf

Tool Building & Inspection Video

  • Widely recognized as the standard of excellence for tool building at most major aerospace and automotive manufacturers
  • Several live, color-coded graphical and sound feedback indicators keeping the operator informed and alerted to measurement and compliance conditions
  • Easily report valuable detail with multi-color clarity of measurement results
  • The fastest align-inspect-report workflow available
  • Memorize steps to create reusable plans for repetitive jobs and process control
  • Embrace model-based definition (MBD) with “interactive GD&T” imported from native CAD or self-applied, then automatically employed by the software for real-time application in measuring and reporting
  • Direct, fast import of all major CAD file formats including massive files with ease
  • Qualified, aerospace CAD file translation validation
  • Fast and simplified drift monitoring and reporting
  • CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) compensation, monitoring, and reporting with customizable temperature alarm
  • Device station moves made fast and easy with Auto Align and intuitive bundling

Free mobile apps available to assist laser tracker and long distance tasks:

VS Companion

Take advantage of wireless mobility and touchscreen gestures to run inspection plans fast with the Verisurf Companion App

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VS Watch

Enjoy greater mobile measurement agility with the convenience of hands-free DRO monitoring on Apple Watch or WatchOS devices

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Quickly determine change in length for common manufacturing materials due to temperature effects with the VS CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) app for Android

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Verisurf Training & Support Services

Verisurf live training classes are taught by experienced dimensional metrologists skilled in the application of CMMs, portable CMM arms and laser trackers, scanners, and Verisurf to a wide variety of 3D measurement applications including: inspection automation, tool building, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

Verisurf instructor-lead training classes are customized to each customer’s applications, parts, processes and people and are held either at the Verisurf corporate training center or at a customer facility.