Our industry-leading software provides the Common Platform for product data management by interfacing with all types of CAD models and measuring devices in real-time, enabling manufacturers to seamlessly and fully conduct the functions of part design and machining. Verisurf software combined with your measuring device provides a simple 3D Gage for quickly and accurately measuring parts and comparing them to the nominal CAD model. In effect, you streamline manufacturing processes from start to finish while meeting today's strict demands in quality control.

Founded in 1993, Verisurf initially focused on providing an efficient, effective way to inspect complex parts for the Aerospace industry. We have since expanded to serve the manufacturing and inspection needs of a number of industries, from Automotive to Medical. With offices throughout the U.S., we are conveniently located for training and support.

Prior to founding Verisurf, Ernie Husted had already cultivated decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. In fact, it was while he was designing and machining complex, curved parts that he recognized an essential need for a way to precisely and reliably inspect them. This identified need led to the creation of a highly specialized model-based software. Along with the growing Verisurf team, he and his team have since updated and optimized his solution to become the leading global choice for inspection, build and analysis.

Today, Verisurf continues to pioneer new, fully implemented approaches and techniques in Model-based Definition. Built on a robust CAD system, Verisurf software imports virtually all CAD file formats, guides users through tool building in real-time based on the nominal model, automates inspection processes for quality assurance, generates reports in graphic and text formats, and much more. Our software is faster and easier to use than ever before, with customizable toolbars, specialized menus and other valuable enhancements for use in both commercial and industrial settings. With Verisurf software, you reap the rewards of accuracy, convenience and continued productivity throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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Verisurf was the #1 choice to increase the productivity of our Laser Tracker Measuring Systems. We now take advantage of increased product visibility on complex assembly jobs. We have demonstrated cost reductions by virtually eliminating manual point entry and drawing interpretation errors by directly using 3D solid models. We are now able to Build, Measure, Reverse Engineer, and Analyze products far beyond the capabilities of typical OEM measuring software.

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