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Get More From Your CMM Upgrade With Verisurf Software


Upgrade your existing CMM, experience the power of Verisurf on all of your measuring devices, and eliminate the inconvenience of maintaining different metrology software (and skill sets) for different systems.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsUpgrades

Upgrade Software First

Built with temperature stable and dimensionally square structures, frictionless air bearings and maintained in clean, temperature controlled rooms the majority of CMMs are designed to last. The major problems with older CMMs are their old outdated programming software, old computer, controller electronics and probing systems. Verisurf can make your CMM run better than new with a Verisurf CMM upgrade that includes new automated Verisurf software on a new computer, new controller and probing that will bring high productivity to your capital investment.

High-Performance CMM Upgrade with Freedom to Choose

  1. Powered by Verisurf software for faster programming, easy operation and powerful analysis and reporting.
  2. Non-proprietary open system controller with I++DME server communication protocol for the freedom to choose software partner and calibration services.
  3. New computer with high-resolution 3D Computer Aided Inspection graphics for CAD-based programming, simulation, and operation. Optional touch screen operator configuration available.

Easy 6-Step CMM Upgrade Process

  1. CMM Survey – To provide the best possible upgrade solution we need to understand all the details of your current CMM and your future upgrade goals, objectives and requirements.
  2. Quote – Based on the CMM survey the quotation lists all hardware, software, and services required to upgrade your CMM.
  3. Scheduling – We schedule your CMM upgrade to minimize interruption of your operations.
  4. Installation – Installation is performed by experienced CMM technicians.
  5. Calibration – Every CMM upgrade includes calibration of the system to customer specifications.
  6. Support – Verisurf provides telephone, email, and internet-based technical support is available to help you overcome issues. Live instructor-led and video-based internet training is available to expand your knowledge or refresh your memory.

High-Quality Components and Services

Software Upgrades

Upgrading your CMM with Verisurf Softwre is the best decision you can make.  A quick and easy software upgrade makes our CMM more reliable, useable, scalable, and sustainable.  (Learn more)

Controller Upgrades

Multi-axis controllers provide advanced touch-trigger and scanning algorithms with fast, accurate, adaptive part measurement and the freedom of open system calibration, error mapping and programming.

renishaw controller box

Probe/Sensor Head Upgrades

Upgrade your CMM with new 3-axis PH10 touch-trigger and SP25 scanning probe, or upgrade to 5-axis PH20 touch-trigger and REVO scanning probe systems.

renishaw probes montage

Digital Scale Upgrades

Upgrade your CMM with high-precision digital scales and reader heads with near-zero thermal expansion and high dirt immunity installed by experienced CMM technicians.

renishaw scales 1280

Hand Controller Upgrade

Choose from a variety of new hand controllers as part of your upgrade.  New joysticks have features needed when upgrading to 5-axis including modern wireless technology.

renishaw joystick controllers

Accessory Upgrades

Maximize your CMM Upgrade productivity with high quality accessories including; hand controller pendants, probe racks, base plates and fixture kit accessories for your CMM.

renishaw cmm accessories


Upgrading your CMM with Verisurf Software is the best decision you can make. A quick and easy software upgrade makes your CMM more reliable, useable, scalable, and sustainable. Take control of your quality process with more choice and better support.
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