World Class Technical Support & Software Maintenance

Keeping your software maintenance up to date provides your organization with access to Technical Support, New Software Features every year and New Technology Updates to protect your investment from change.

Technical Support Options

Answers to technical questions by email, web form, telephone or live online meeting.

New Software Features

Get completely new features and modules. Connect to new measurement devices.

New Technology Updates

Protect your investment from computer system, CAD format and measurement device changes.

Verisurf provides live telephone technical support with experienced inspection, tool building and reverse engineering specialists. We also provide email support and can instantly activate live online technical support for advanced cases with internet connections.

Customer Support Web Form

Telephone Support

Phone:     714-970-1683
Toll Free:      888-713-7201



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Verisurf’s annual releases have many powerful new features. To learn more please review the linked Verisurf Release Notes with your team. Or watch a brief ”What’s New Video” for any of the Verisurf X7 – 2021 updates

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Verisurf Maintenance keeps your software up to date with rapidly changing technology.

Computer Operating System Changes – Microsoft makes regular changes to the Windows operating system.

Computer Hardware Changes – Computer hardware changes quickly and new computing and graphics processors will impact any 3D application.

Measurement Device Driver Changes – The Verisurf Device Interface is compatible with hundreds of brands and models of measuring devices that are constantly changing.

CAD/CAM Model File Format Changes – 3D CAD software developers change their database structures. Verisurf Maintenance keeps your CAD/CAM readers up to date with the latest CAD/CAM formats.

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