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Maintenance & Support

Keeping your software maintenance up to date provides your organization with access to technical support, new software features every year and new technology updates to protect your investment from change.

Online Support

Verisurf provides online support and can instantly activate live online technical support for advanced cases with internet connections.

 Knowledge Base

Verisurf Knowledge Base provides quick answers to questions with clearly written “How To's” and “Tech Tips” with supporting images.

 Telephone Support

Verisurf provides live telephone technical support at (714) 970-1683 or Toll Free (888) 713-7201

Benefits of Maintenance

Verisurf Maintenance keeps your software up to date with rapidly changing technology.

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 Maintenance Quote

It is important to keep your maintenance current to stay connected with Verisurf engineers, get powerful new features every year and protect your investment from constantly changing technology.

 Request License Codes

Computer crashed or license expired and you need to get back up and running? Get back to work by requesting license codes with installation instructions.

New Software Features

Verisurf partners with maintenance customers to identify what new functionally will make their metrology processes more productive and delivers major improvements every year.

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3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsMaintenance & Support

Keep Up with Technology

Software maintenance protects your manufacturing enterprise from constantly changing technology. Metrology software is vulnerable to changes from computer operating systems, graphics cards, CAD file formats and hundreds of measurement devices.

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