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Benefits of Software Maintenance

Protecting your manufacturing operations from rapid change.

Live Technical Support

Maintenance includes live telephone and email Technical Support with experienced inspection, tool building and reverse engineering specialists. Using an older Version of Verisurf? Review Features you've been missing.

New Software Features & Enhancements

Verisurf’s annual updates have many powerful new features. Please review the latest Verisurf Update Notes with your team. Or watch a brief What’s New In Verisurf video.

Measurement Device Driver Changes

CMM manufacturers constantly update their device drivers. Verisurf Maintenance keeps your Verisurf Device Interface up to date with all supported metrology devices.

Computer Operating System Software Changes

Microsoft makes regular changes to the Windows operating system. Verisurf Maintenance keeps your Verisurf up to date with changes in the operating system software.

Computer Hardware Changes

Computer hardware changes quickly. New processors and graphics can affect a 3D application. Verisurf Maintenance keeps your Verisurf up to date with changes in the computer hardware.

CAD/CAM Model File Format Changes

3D CAD software developers change their database structures. Verisurf Maintenance keeps your CAD/CAM Translators up to date with the latest CAD/CAM formats. This is important for inspecting directly to CAD models using Model Based Definition methods and CAD associated GD&T.

Benefits of Verisurf Maintenance

Verisurf Maintenance Renewal Process

Annual Renewal Notice – License holders will receive a popup notice when launching Verisurf when it is within 30 days of your renewal date notifying you of your opportunity to renew maintenance (& support).  You can also find the renewal date in the Verisurf-Preferences, General category.  When there, look under Customer Information, Expiration Date.  It will also indicate number of days left and serial number of your license.

Quote – Your main Verisurf contact(s) at your company should automatically receive an emailed copy of your maintenance renewal quote, typically a few months in advance.  Often this is someone in purchasing or the QA Manager.  It’s good to prepare well in advance of your renewal date so there is time to make it through your company’s approval process, etc.  If the right people have not received a price quote in a timely manner, please Request a Maintenance Quote or 1-888-713-7201.

Justification for Budget and Renewal Authorization – This webpage gives you a good link to send to management, budgeting, purchasing, quality control & admin to help explain the benefits and protections you will be assuring with continued maintenance.  Please don’t hesitate to call your Verisurf representative if you would like assistance in this endeavor.  They will be happy to send more info, visit in person, or schedule an online meeting to answer questions anyone has.  They can also arrange to demonstrate the new features that have been incorporated since your last renewal, and demo or discuss the planned enhancements coming for future software updates that are part of your maintenance agreement.

Purchase Order – Please have your buyer fill out our Order Form for annual software maintenance & support.  Once again, please remember to provide plenty of time for processing.

or Credit Card Payment – You can also pay with a credit card however for your security Verisurf does not accept credit card information over the phone.  To pay by credit card, fill out our Admin Form and provide your full name, email address, company name and quote number you are referencing.  You will receive an email reply with an invoice and secure credit card payment link to process your payment.

Codes Provided – When the purchase order is received Verisurf will issue renewed codes to the customer contact person(s) designated for your company.  If you choose not to renew software maintenance, non-maintenance codes will be issued by Verisurf.  You will want to request these prior to the software maintenance expiration date or you will be unable to use the software until new codes are received.

New Software Features

Verisurf partners with maintenance customers to identify what new functionally will make their metrology processes more productive and delivers major improvements every year.

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3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsBenefits of Maintenance

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