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We selected Verisurf software to drive a Hexagon Absolute Arm with RS-6 scanner attachment used to capture measurement points. The CMM can capture individual measurements in probe mode, or a complex surface area using the scanner. The measurement data is saved directly to the software for analysis and processing, depending on the project at hand. We view the whole solution as a flexible and powerful measurement tool, one that we are finding new uses for all the time.

Livernois Motorsports & EngineeringGrant Rathwell – CAD/CAM & Machine Operator

At ADM Works we take pride in exceeding the quality and time expectations of our customers. Advanced metrology platforms, like Verisurf, help us do this by providing practical workflows for inspection, measurement, reverse engineering and tool building.

ADM WorksJavier Valdivieso – President

Verisurf software has truly raised our quality control levels with its unique set of application tools that speed up our tooling inspection. We also use Verisurf Reverse, integrated CAD and solid modeller to produce surface models direct from our scanner. The color error mapping and labeling is outstanding and allows us to confirm the accuracy of our work in real-time.

Nèos InternationalRobin Walton – Quality Manager

Our 5-axis workflow from machining through quality verification just makes common sense. We realize up to 50% reduction in overall cycle time plus added flexibility using 5-axis machining; the time savings are comparable when it comes to inspection using our 5-axis CMM, powered by Verisurf.

Five Axis IndustriesErik Ellstrom – President and CEO

Model-based measurement and inspection software plays a critical role in the fabrication and assembly, from part inspection, to tooling, setup and validation, to reverse engineering, creating fixtures, and ultimately the assembly of aircraft. Verisurf software is easy to use and easy to learn; it has found its way into virtually every design/build process at Boom. Without it the aircraft build would be slower, more expensive and less precise.

Boom SupersonicTodd Wyatt – Metrologist

Using Verisurf software as a common platform across our Haas F1 Team enterprise improves quality and consistency, but also reduces training, support and file management. Perfection is important, and everything we make is highly technical and close tolerance. When it comes to quality inspection and reporting Verisurf is effective, practical and easy.

Haas F1 TeamBrad Harris – Director of CNC Machine Operations

Verisurf is our quality inspection and reporting platform, we use it to control all of our measurement devices, process measurement data, and generate custom reports. With Verisurf integrating new hardware into our measurement toolset is easy, the team is already familiar with the interface and can be quickly trained on any nuances associated with an added device.

Engineered Machining SolutionsDavid Szabo – CEO

Before we had Verisurf and a portable CMM arm we had to send all of our first article inspections out to a measurement service bureau which was costly and time consuming. We purchased Verisurf with a PCMM arm in 2006 and have been able to perform all of our FAIs, both model-based and blueprint type, in house, significantly reducing costs and achieving much better flow through the inspection department. I really like being able to control the entire process rather than having to rely on outside sources. Verisurf has proven to be easy to learn and use which is important in getting the technology quickly integrated on the floor. The customer support is great and everyone at Verisurf cares about our company and its success.

American Aircraft Products IncGlen Ellis - Director of Quality

Our aerospace customers were moving towards requiring us to work exclusively from CAD data to manufacture and inspect the tooling we supplied them. Our tool builders/inspectors had been running a legacy software product that did not meet the demands of our ever growing needs. Based on the new requirements, we searched and found Verisurf. The software''s ability to directly read CATIA models is the best I have ever seen, and I have tried them all. What''s more, Verisurf allowed us to realize a considerable improvement in productivity.

Global Tooling SystemsBryan Boyce - IT Manager

We run both laser trackers and CMMs with Verisurf, this allows me to move my personnel around to best suit my workload requirements rather than having to train them on multiple software platforms. With the ease of use and short learning curve I can have new employees up to speed and productive in a very short period of time.

Votaw PrecisionScott Merrell - Quality Manager

I selected Verisurf as the metrology software of choice for Tri Models because it is a true common platform for all of our devices. We use Verisurf on our laser trackers, PCMM arms, manual CMMs and even use it to program our DCC CMMs. When you have as many different devices as we do, the cost savings are tremendous, not only for training but on cost of ownership as well. Verisurf has been extremely easy for us to learn and use and our customers really enjoy receiving the all electronic reports that we send them.

Tri ModelsPrince Herzog - CEO

When we set out to break the 763 mph world land speed record, we needed to develop a digitized model for FEA and CFD Studies of a 50 year-old aircraft design. We ran into a brick wall when we discovered that no data was available so we had to reverse engineer the 56 foot long North American Eagle. We used Verisurf Software, working with FARO Arms and Laser Trackers, to completely digitize the vehicle in one day. Verisurf technicians provided immediate onsite support to meet our tight schedule. The Verisurf technicians continue to provide professional and timely support whenever we call.

North American EagleEd Shadle - Driver / Project Manager

We started using Verisurf over 10 years ago based on its ability to handle large CAD files and advanced features for best fitting data. Verisurf also allows us a great deal of report writing options. The people at Verisurf are very easy to work with and they''re always interested in our ideas on how to make the software better. We have a difficult time coming up with ideas the software doesn''t already do!

Coast Composites, Inc.Jerry Anthony - President

Verisurf was the #1 choice to increase the productivity of our Laser Tracker Measuring Systems. We now take advantage of increased product visibility on complex assembly jobs. We have demonstrated cost reductions by virtually eliminating manual point entry and drawing interpretation errors by directly using 3D solid models. We are now able to Build, Measure, Reverse Engineer, and Analyze products far beyond the capabilities of typical OEM measuring software.

L-3 CommunicationsWilliam J. Breda - Tool Design - Engineering - Programming

We have counted on Mastercam to provide rock-solid tool paths for years. Now with our added Verisurf/Faro solution, we have a common platform for our designers, programmers and inspectors.

Planet Tool & EngineeringCurt Schatz

The biggest advantage of our Verisurf and API laser tracker system is the credibility it gives Delta Tooling. We actually get jobs that our competitors don''t because they don''t have PCMM. And even though it is a powerful tool, Verisurf is easy to use and was extremely easy to learn. I picked it up, without classroom training, in less than a day.

Delta ToolingDarrel Mattsen - Quality Manager

We use Verisurf for incoming inspection of very large vacuum forming tools. It gives us comfort that we will have good results with the vacuum formed parts before the mold enters the shop. We also use it to meet our customers increasingly stringent inspection requirements. Verisurf has proven to be capable of doing anything we need it to do while being user friendly.

Wilbert Plastic Services, Inc.Mike Axen - Tooling Inspector

You know it''s just that simple. It''s one of the coolest revolutions that I have seen in the industry. For fixture building, the Verisurf and arm combination are more accurate than hard tooling and much faster. It''s a huge labor saver. We can build stuff in days that used to take us weeks.

Planet Tool & EngineeringSteve Grassmuck - Project Manager

We have gone totally to MBD (model based definitions), so we are using the design model to check our parts. The model controls everything: it is what we are inspecting against and it is what we are reporting to. To do this, we use Verisurf. It makes it very easy to go through, examine and evaluate a part. When we are done inspecting, the report is automatically created.

ITTOrlando Gomez - QC Department Supervisor

Verisurf metrology software is doing its part in maintaining precision in the shop and on the launch pad. We use it for everything from tooling fabrication to pre-launch preparation. With Verisurf, we are looking directly at the CAD model and the measurement results. We see the measurements reflected against the 3D model and this makes the process faster and reduces mistakes. We aren''t drawing free, yet, but like the rest of the aerospace industry we are striving to implement model-based definition to achieve its many benefits.

SpaceXLarry Mosse - Tooling Operations Manager

We have been using Verisurf since 1997 and it has been the most useful tool to being successful in our business. We have Faro, Leica and API Trackers and the Verisurf Program works outstanding with all three. Having this program has opened up many doors for our company and our customers are always satisfied. As the owner of VT Tooling, I highly recommend this program.

V&T Tooling, Inc.Vaughn Wilson - President

Verisurf inspection software is the best bang for the buck, bar none! I have been using Verisurf since version 6. I have also used many other software packages and, not only are they all, way more expensive, but they are not nearly as user friendly or complete as Verisurf. The tech support at Verisurf is very responsive and will rapidly make updates to suit my requirements.

ATK Space StructuresSteve Done

At AMRO the use of Verisurf measurement and inspection software has helped increase quality and efficiency. As a model-based enterprise we are able to maintain a digital work-flow and excellent documentation for every part we manufacture.

AMRO Fabricating CorporationSteven Riley - Vice President

After analyzing Model Base Definition (MBD) software for a major aircraft manufacturer for the last 15 years, I have seen every MBD software available. I wasn''t just a person that analyzed the softwares capability, I WAS A DAILY USER OF IT. I found Verisurf to be the most user friendly, intuitive software of all the brands out there. My customers love my ability to directly import their CATIA, UG/NX and Solidworks files directly into Verisurf. Verisurf has definitely been a hit with all my customers, and helps keep my customers coming back to CAMS. Building and inspecting tools, inspecting parts, aircraft analysis, prototyping, Reverse Engineering I use it for everything. Verisurf is the tool for ALL computer aided measurement devices.

Computer Aided Measurement ServicesJeffrey D. Brehm - President

If you are doing metrology work then Verisurf is a must have. Verisurf is the best software available for the price and capabilities. One of the best features is the ease in which you can train new employees. It is developed in a way that you can train quickly and still be able to do complex jobs as well as create reports that you can structure to satisfy any customer.

A & M PrecisionTony Ellis

I am a big fan of Verisurf and you guys have treated me very well. Verisurf has superb CAD translators, allowing us to work with a variety of native datasets. With Verisurf, we can work fluently with our customer and vendor data regardless of the format. We use Verisurf''s customizable report templates to great success. Each of our customers wants data presented a certain way. With Verisurf, we can always oblige. Verisurf''s exceptional 3D visualization tools help us make sense of complex situations. It''s equally valuable on the assembly line and the conference room!

ITT CorporationRobert Bachilla - Quality Engineer

To say AIT utilizes Verisurf metrology software would be an understatement; the company relies on the software for virtually every aspect of our development and production workflow. Using Verisurf we are able to save days, even weeks of machining time on large-scale bond tools. Virtually every tool or jig that leaves AIT has a Verisurf inspection report attached to it.

Advanced Integration TechnologyJamie Kempen - Quality Manufacturing Systems Manager

I want to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work on this wonderful software that you''ve pioneered. I''ve been able to base an entire career off of Verisurf and couldn''t be happier in my profession.

Tri ModelsTodd Lisk - Quality Manager

As a measurement service provider, our customers all have unique challenges and expect us to be able to solve them quickly. We rely on Verisurf for all of our service jobs because its capabilities meet that demand. Verisurf helps us get through any type of job from part inspection, layout work, alignments, or reverse engineering, then present the data graphically to our customers so they can see and understand the results.

Industrial Measurement Services, Inc.Mark Flubacher

Verisurf has become the standard in our company for a total, 1-stop metrology solution. We use Verisurf''s alignment and best fit tools to perform live comparison of as-built point clouds to nominal CATIA models. This approach has drastically reduced the time our inspectors need to verify parts and assemblies. The systems unique, CAD-based architecture has also given us the ability to perform reverse engineering from point cloud collection to solid modeling - all within a single application. We''ve simultaneously accelerated accurate data collection while improving communications between our inspection team and engineering by standardizing all of our inspection reports using Verisurf''s flexible and customizable report management tools.

Lockheed MartinPaul Davis

I''ve used Verisurf from its beginning and have become dependent on its versatility. I love the fact that once a tech learns one machine, they can easily run any of the inspection equipment from the laser tracker to the portable arms to the DCC CMMs. Great program. Made my life easier.

Tri ModelsDoug Carr

Verisurf is easy to use for inspection but is also a powerful tool for aligning fixtures, parts, tools, and machinery.

Danner CorporationJens Sorenson

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