Compatible Hardware Devices

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

Verisurf Software is compatible with most 3D measurement hardware. Below is a partial list of the most common devices by type, manufacturer, and model.

If your device is not listed in one of the tables below, please send an inquiry via our Inquiry Form. Make sure to include the name of the device you are looking for in the comments field at the bottom of the form.

Laser Tracker, Laser Radar, Large Volume Scanners

Device Model Manufacturer Type
Smart310 Leica Laser Tracker
LTD* Series (All) Leica Laser Tracker
AT401/2/3* Series (All) Leica Laser Tracker
AT901/930/960* Series (All) Leica Laser Tracker
ATS600 Leica Laser Tracker
TDRA6000 Leica Laser Station
Faro X Faro Laser Tracker
Faro Xi Faro Laser Tracker
Faro Si Faro Laser Tracker
Faro ION Faro Laser Tracker
Faro Vantage* Series (All) Faro Laser Tracker
API T2+ API Laser Tracker
API T3 API Laser Tracker
API Radian/Radian Core/Radian Plus/Radian Pro API Laser Tracker
API Omnitrac2/Omnitrac Plus API Laser Tracker
MV224 Metric Vision Laser Radar
MV260/330/350* Series (All) Metric Vision Laser Radar

Portable Arm CMMs

Device Model Manufacturer Type
Baces3D Series (All) Kreon All Baces3D arms
ACE-6 Series (All) Kreon ACE 6 Axis Arm
ACE-7 Series (All) Kreon ACE 7 Axis Arm
API Arm API 7 Axis Arm
Absolute Arm 6-Axis (All) Hexagon Absolute Arm 6 Axis
Absolute Arm 7-Axis (All) Hexagon Absolute Arm 7 Axis
Master3DGage Hexagon Absolute Arm 6 Axis
3DGage G2/MX/MLX Series Revware G2X 5 Axis
EVO 6 RPS Metrology RPS 6-Axis Arm
EVO 7 RPS Metrology RPS 7-Axis Arm
EVO X RPS Metrology RPS Arm + Scanner
Quantum Series (All) Faro Quantum 7/8 axis arm
Design Faro Design 7/8 axis arm
Edge Faro Edge 7 axis arm
Prime Faro Prime 6 axis arm
Fusion Faro Fusion 7 Axis Arm
MICRON 250/400 Tomelleri MICRON 5 Axis
SPACE Tomelleri SPACE plus 6 Axis
SPACE Explorer Tomelleri Explorer 6 Axis
A-Line TRIMOS SA A3 to A8+ (6 or 7 axis)

Stationary Manual/Programmable CMMs

*Manufacturer brands and models whose “Type” is denoted with an asterisk (*) in the table below require Verisurf’s optional Universal CMM software. Please download, complete and submit the Universal CMM Survey form to determine whether Verisurf currently supports your particular system using this additional software. For more information on Universal CMM, please see the Universal CMM Web Page, the Universal CMM Datasheet and the Universal CMM FAQ document.

Device Model Manufacturer Type
Benchmark Coord3 Manual CMM
ARES Coord3 Manual CMM
ARES 12.7.5 Coord3 Manual CMM
MZ2000 Stiefelmayer Manual CMM
Universal Coord3 DCC CMM
Equator Renishaw DCC CMM
CMM Master Renishaw/Verisurf DCC CMM
FB2 Hexagon B&S/DEA Controller *
B3C Hexagon B&S/DEA Controller *
DC240 Hexagon B&S/DEA Controller *
DC800 Hexagon B&S/DEA Controller *
RC1 Hexagon B&S/DEA Controller *
Global Advantage Hexagon B&S DCC CMM *
Global Performance Hexagon B&S DCC CMM *
Alpha Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Bravo Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Delta Slant Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Global Advantage Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Global Classic Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Global eXtra Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Global Performance Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Global Silver Advantage Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Global Silver Classic Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Global Siver Performance Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Global Silver SF Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Lambda Slant Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Lambda SP Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Mercury Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Micra Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Pioneer Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Prima RI Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Toro Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
Tracer Hexagon DEA DCC CMM *
B3 Hexagon Leitz Controller *
B4 Hexagon Leitz Controller *
B5 Hexagon Leitz Controller *
Infinity Hexagon Leitz DCC CMM *
PMM-C Hexagon Leitz DCC, Fixed Bridge, Moving Table *
PMM-F Hexagon Leitz DCC, Fixed Gantry, Moving Bridge *
PMM-G Hexagon Leitz DCC, Fixed Gantry, Moving Bridge *
PMM-Xi Hexagon Leitz DCC, Fixed Bridge, Moving Table *
Reference XT Hexagon Leitz DCC, Moving Bridge *
UC100 Mitutoyo Controller *
UC200 Mitutoyo Controller *
UC300 Mitutoyo Controller *
UC400 Mitutoyo Controller *
Bright Apex Mitutoyo DCC CMM *
CARBstrato Mitutoyo DCC CMM *
CARBapex Mitutoyo DCC CMM *
Crysta-Apex Mitutoyo DCC CMM *
Falcio-Apex Mitutoyo DCC CMM *
Legex Mitutoyo DCC, Fixed Bridge, Moving Table *
Strato-Apex Mitutoyo DCC CMM *
Mach Ko-Ga-Me Mitutoyo DCC CMM *
Eagle Pantec Controller *
2040 Pantec Controller *
2030 Pantec Controller *
2020 Pantec Controller *
2010 Pantec Controller *
WPC 2040, 2030, 2020, 2010 Wenzel Controller *
All Nikon *
All LK *
Duramax w/C98 or C99 Controller Zeiss *

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