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Large Object Scanning Inspection with Scantech NIMBLETRACK and Verisurf Software

Large Object Scanning Inspection with the Scantech NIMBLETRACK and Verisurf Software

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs


3D Scanning Inspection of Medium to Large Objects with the Scantech NimbleTrack Optical Tracker Powered by Verisurf Software

The Scantech NIMBLETRACK powered by Verisurf Scan Data Suite of software, and optimized by Verisurf Training Services is the perfect and complete solution for inspection of medium to large objects and similar measurement projects.

The NimbleTrack wireless 3D scanning system is highly compact and agile, designed to redefine the precise 3D measurements of small-to-medium-sized parts. Thanks to powerful onboard, integrated technologies and built-in battery power supply, its 3D scanner and optical tracker are fully wireless, providing true freedom.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

Verisurf software is as portable-friendly as it gets. The combination of the Verisurf software with the NimbleTrack will be delivered with full and fast integration within your manufacturing and quality regimes by Verisurf custom training. From years of development and customer feedback in all aspects of portable metrology, Verisurf optimizes the NimbleTrack with many features and special tools for the solo operator. Even those with minimal training can be productive quickly.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

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NIMBLETRACK Basic Specifications

NimbleTrack enables users to capture 3D data with meticulous details and industrial-grade precision.

  • Smaller, smarter, and mightier, allowing users to explore novel applications for industrial measurements.
  • When dealing with narrow spaces or hard-to-reach areas, the 3D scanner can be operated wirelessly and independently, allowing for instant scanning and one-handed control.
  • When measuring even larger-sized parts, the optical tracker can further enhance precision by using its built-in infrared large-area scanning for targets.
  • Accuracy of up to 0.025 mm and maximum volumetric accuracy of 0.064 mm (0.0025″) across the range (3.2 m tracking range).
  • Measurement rate up to 4,900,000 measurements per second.
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs


The Verisurf SCAN DATA SUITE is the ideal optimizer for handheld 3D scanners and similar technologies. Users benefit from a complete toolbox for both reverse engineering and profile inspection, especially suited to complex contours. Full-powered CAD in a comprehensive but easy to learn interface, and workflows streamlined for today’s operators, provide the user experience that technical professionals want.

  • Fast import of large point clouds, meshes, and CAD models in any industry-standard format. Even large datasets and files import quickly.
  • Precise rendering of scan data quickly identifies voids and outliers for easy cleanup and decimation.
  • Scan data alignment and mesh editing tools, preparation for inspection analysis.
  • Best-fit data to CAD with extensive features to control the fit to suit your needs.
  • Project/compare data to any CAD entity type for precision deviation analysis of measurement profile and position.
  • Create brilliant color map images and detailed analysis inspection reports in any desired output format.

(Includes modules: CAD + REVERSE + ANALYSIS)

Verisurf Training & Support Services

Verisurf live training classes are taught by experienced dimensional metrologists skilled in the application of CMMs, portable CMM arms and laser trackers, scanners, and Verisurf to a wide variety of 3D measurement applications including: inspection automation, tool building, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

Verisurf instructor-lead training classes are customized to each customer’s applications, parts, processes and people. Courses are held at your choice of either the Verisurf corporate training center or onsite at your facility. Training is also backed up with self-paced learning options to help sustain evolving staff and circumstances.

Our technical support professionals and our customer-service representatives provide an attentive, personal experience. We came from industry so we know what our customers face and we won’t leave you hanging.