High-Quality Surfacing of
Complex Scan Data

Quick Surface is a seamlessly-integrated Verisurf Reverse option that fits smooth, freeform CAD surfaces through any mesh.

Quick Surface is a powerful, new option for Verisurf Reverse that efficiently creates smooth, high-quality surfaces from meshes derived from scan data or  STL files. Quick Surface maintains curvature continuity between adjacent surfaces and is ideal for creating smooth, high-speed toolpaths.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

With Quick Surface, it’s a snap to produce freeform CAD surfaces from organic or prismatic Verisurf meshes and assess the surface-to-mesh fit quality prior to export for additional, downstream modeling or other processing. Quick Surface is an ideal enabler for scan-to-part or scan-to-3D-printing workflows.

Quick Surface creates smooth, high-quality surfaces continuous across
adjacent boundaries suitable for downstream machining or 3D printing.

Perform any Reverse Engineering task with ease

  • Import and export data in any common CAD/CAM format
  • Combine, segment, register, edit large, dense pointclouds
  • 2D/3D pointcloud meshing with multiple, advanced editing, and fully-automated optimization tools
  • Extensive mesh surfacing options with fine-tuning controls and a full CAD system for building solid models suitable for downstream inspection, manufacturing, and tool building

Before Quick Surface:
mesh from scan data

Quick Surface quad mesh

Quick Surface fit analysis

After Quick Surface:
final NURBS surfaces in Verisurf

Verisurf QUICK SURFACE option for REVERSE overview video:

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