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Verisurf Software Development Kit (SDK)

Create your own Verisurf applications

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3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsSDKAvailable free with all version after Verisurf 2017 – the Verisurf Software Development Kit (or “SDK”) provides a flexible programming environment specifically designed for creating customized dimensional metrology applications that enable manufacturing automation.

Verisurf SDK Application Module
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3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsSDK

Use the Verisurf SDK to create custom applications that simplify the performance of complex or multi-step dimensional metrology processes, to create entirely new functionality, or to post process Verisurf results in virtually any way imaginable.

Features and Benefits

Access Verisurf features from apps you develop

The Verisurf SDK allows you to develop custom apps in virtually any common programming language. Function calls have the same syntax regardless of the programming environment you select.

Secure and flexible network options for enterprise users

Options for TCP or Websocket communication protocols give you the flexibility to develop your programs as desktop apps or Web apps running in a standard browser.

Works with any valid Verisurf license combo

The Verisurf SDK is included with all license configurations to provide programmatic access to the Verisurf features and functions you use most often.

Communicates seamlessly with Verisurf

The SDK is capable of running commands transparently in background mode allowing you use utilize custom interfaces for your applications.

Easy to use

The SDK gives you the flexibility to program in the development environment you are most experienced with, speeding up your development time and allowing you to get started right away building custom programs.

Convenient, online support resources

The Verisurf SDK is hosted on our Github page, here you will be able to get started on building custom apps quickly with supporting documentation and numerous examples for both TCP and WebSocket applications.

We also host 4 different WebSocket examples.

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