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Verisurf University – Training Curriculum

Verisurf training curriculum and training part complement the free Verisurf Learning Edition for manufacturers, educators, and individuals seeking to improve their dimensional metrology skills.

Computer-Aided Inspection using Verisurf Workbook

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The Computer-Aided Inspection using Verisurf Workbook covers all aspects of Verisurf software. The Workbook describes the system layout, including menus, dialogs, toolbars, and file management. CAD topics include views, feature selection, attributes, and levels. Device management explains how to use online measurement devices. Auto Align and Feature Align covers how data and devices are aligned. Extensive coverage on measuring, analyzing, and reporting prismatic features like lines, planes, and circles.

Real-time inspection and point-cloud to surface analysis and best-fitting are covered. Model-based Definition (MBD) and GD&T are explained, along with an introduction to tool building and guided assembly. Basic reverse engineering examples with point clouds and meshes. Inspection automation with chapters on programming and execution of inspection plans. The workbook is an excellent resource for trainees wishing to expand their knowledge beyond basic Instructor-led Training. And includes hundreds of examples with screenshots and pictures and includes valuable exercises that improve concept retention through hands-on practice. The workbook is electronically delivered in standard PDF format and organized as follows:

  • Table of Contents
  • Workbook Chapters
  • Glossary of Inspection Terminology
  • Recommended Training Matrix by Job Description
    • Coordinate Measuring Machine Operator
    • Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine Operator
    • Laser Tracker Operator
    • 3D Scanner Operator
    • Dimensional Inspector
    • Tool, Jig & Fixture Builder
    • Reverse Engineering & 3D Modeler
    • Dimensional Measurement Specialist
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsCurriculum

Verisurf Training Part

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The Verisurf Training Part improves both the speed and quality of learning the many features and applications of Verisurf software. The Verisurf Training Part is referenced throughout all Verisurf training content including; the Verisurf Workbook, Verisurf online video training and live instructor led training courses. The rectangular part is precision machined and anodized aluminum, with complex profile on one side and a variety of features on the opposite side. 

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3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsCurriculum

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