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Scanning Inspection with Hexagon Absolute Arm & Scanner Powered by Verisurf Software

Scanning Inspection with Hexagon Absolute Arm & Scanner Powered by Verisurf Software

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs


Inspection & Analysis with Hexagon Portable Scan Arm and Verisurf  Software

The Hexagon Absolute 7-Axis Scan Arm powered by the Verisurf Inspection & Analysis Suite of software, is a complete metrology solution that perfectly equips operators for inspecting and reporting on complex parts and assemblies. When a manufacturer needs something that can do the whole job, and is also efficient, easy to implement and train operators, the scan arm with Verisurf is a solid choice.

For in-process inspection between steps along the production cycle, and for first article inspection or final buy-off, it can all be done with this single solution involving one moderately-skilled operator.

With Verisurf and the Absolute Scan Arm, there are a number of capabilities and efficiencies to be realized:

  • With the hard probe, measure precise datum alignment target locations and critical hole and slot positions.
  • Measure non-line-of-sight, closed features with standard or extended contact probes.
  • Switch to the scanner for super-fast surface profile data capture and complete part coverage including contours, fillets, blend radii, and other exposed features.
  • Switch between probe and scanner with the flip of a switch.
  • Automate the entire inspection for exacting process control and efficiency from part to part.

Absolute 7-Axis Scan Arm Basic Specifications

  • Carbon fiber tubing provides high strength, superior stiffness, and thermal stability
  • “Zero-G” counter balance and low fatigue ergonomics
  • Multi-function control buttons with onboard OLED display
  • Hot-swappable probes, ready to measure without stopping to calibrate
  • Standard probes included plus endless custom probe capability
  • Wireless, battery operation included for true portability
  • “Smart Lock” protects the arm in stowed position
  • Sealed and IP54-rated for operation in adverse environments
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

Absolute Scanner AS1
Flagship high-speed blue laser 3D scanning performance with IP54 protection. Available in two versions:  Standard FOV (field-of-view) with high accuracy and large FOV with high standoff and high scan rate. Whether faced with glossy black plastic automotive body parts or molded carbon-fiber components, the innovative algorithms allow the AS1 to scan with no reduction in quality or productivity.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

RS5 Laser Scanner
Reliable general-purpose 3D scanning.

  • Flexible best fit options reduce scrap and rework
  • Embed stunning color results in your reports
  • Connect to any portable arm, tracker or scanner
  • Fastest align-inspect-report
  • Measure any 2D or 3D feature type
  • Memorize steps to create reusable plans
  • Full MBD (GD&T) import and annotation
  • Compare as-built to any nominal CAD source
  • Advanced best fit increases conformance rates

Inspection & Analysis Suite Video

Verisurf Training & Support Services

Verisurf live training classes are taught by experienced dimensional metrologists skilled in the application of CMMs, portable CMM arms and laser trackers, scanners, and Verisurf to a wide variety of 3D measurement applications including: inspection automation, tool building, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

Verisurf instructor-lead training classes are customized to each customer’s applications, parts, processes and people and are held either at the Verisurf corporate training center or at a customer facility.