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Verisurf Spiral Scan

SPIRAL SCAN is a Verisurf-exclusive path technique for 5-axis CMM tactile scanning of features with relatively complex shapes. As with all of our special 5-axis scan types, we develop the behavior of the head position and probe tilt and rotation combinations to flow in the most effective manner so as to achieve the highest accuracy and speed combination.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

SPIRAL SCAN is a variation suited to complex contours such as helical shapes that are not open and therefore cannot be accessed by sweep-style scans. It maintains the probe angle at the feature entry vector while allowing the probe rotation about the vertical axis to optimize contact with the UV direction (contour “flow”) of the surface.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

We show the propeller being scanned in the video below as it allows an unobstructed view of the technique. This scan type optimizes the path by controlling the 5-axis head’s behavior as it follows the constantly changing shape of the prop vanes. Spiral Scan ensures an efficient scan by directing the head position and probe angle along the path. More difficult to do with this technique, but as much as possible, this scan type is designed to avoid big movements of the CMM and rely more on the two rotation axes of the head. Spiral Scan is  designed to keep the optimum angle between the probe shaft and the part surface for scanning quickly and accurately.

Five-Axis SCANS are Perfect for Race Boats

5-AXIS SCANS are fast CMM scanning techniques that work well for inspecting props for fast racing hydroplanes. (image courtesy of Five Axis Industries)

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hydroplane race boat Ellstrom Racing

Verisurf’s CAD foundation enables us to better recognize surfaces and create complex CMM scanning paths to gain superior performance from 5-axis CMM scanning technology.

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Software Highlights

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