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Tech Tip – Automated Repeatability Survey in Verisurf

Tech Tip – Automated Repeatability Survey in Verisurf

Repeatability Surveys are an integral part of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ferret out systematic errors and instabilities in manufacturing processes. This is an easy task in Verisurf:

  1. Set up and measure your reference points to orient the laser tracker to the product in question.
  2. Align and then measure the points you wish to monitor. These measurements will be your baseline.
  3. Create a report (plan).
  4. RMC on the points in the Report Manager and select Change Measure Settings. In Measure Settings select Automated and then OK.

NOTE: The automate process using a laser tracker requires you to leave reflectors (SMR’s) in each point you will monitor.

  1. In Preferences, in Projection Settings, Project To will need to be set to “Point”, and Auto-Inspect Settings will need to be set to Loop on completion.
  1. In the Measure Manager, select Toggle Auto-Inspect from the toolbar.
  1. Then choose Clear All and Auto Inspect, the Plan will start (see next page):
  1. The tracker will run in a continuous loop collecting data until it is stopped. You may “Pause” between surveys by adding a Command to the report (plan). Select Timer Prompt and add the time (in seconds) that you want to pause between passes.
  1. The data may be analyzed within Verisurf or collected in a database format, or exported to Excel™ for further analysis. By selecting Add Suffix the surveys will be collected in separate data packs and then may be reported in selected formats.

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