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zCAT Selects Verisurf Software for Portable and Automated Shop Floor CMM Solutions

zCAT Selects Verisurf Software for Portable and Automated Shop Floor CMM Solutions

zCAT and Verisurf Software, Inc. today announced a complete portable and automated solution for quality inspection and reporting.  The bundled solution combines the compact zCAT DCC CMM, offering all the accuracy and functionality of a fixed CMM at a fraction of the size and weight, with the power of Verisurf model-based measurement and inspection software.  Under the terms of the program, customers can purchase the solution through established zCAT, Fowler or Verisurf sales channels and receive the same high-level of training, technical, and product support.   The combined solution delivers a robust and fully programmable, portable, shop floor DCC CMM inspection solution.

The zCAT DCC CMM weighs only 30 lbs., and can take automated, repeatable measurements while being extremely portable. This combination of features makes the zCAT a fit for in-process inspection, so the same person making the part can now measure the part.  Every aspect of the zCAT has been designed to ensure portability, ease of use and accuracy. The DCC technology, which sets the zCAT apart from any manual portable CMM today, enables operators to teach the machine what they want to measure and then permit the device to take over with a level of accuracy that rival larger, more expensive, non-portable, conventional CMMs. “Verisurf software further enhances the capabilities of zCAT through automated programming and control tools.  The combination of zCAT and Verisurf delivers a measurement and inspection solution of the highest caliber,” said Homer Eaton zCAT inventor and founding partner.

The zCAT system includes the Verisurf CMM Programming & Inspection Software Suite which sets a new standard for ease-of-use when programming automated inspection programs for CNC CMMs. Using the suite’s intuitive graphical interface, simply point and click on the model features you want to include in your inspection plan, run the plan and post the inspection results.  “Verisurf is committed to open standards and interoperability for more seamless workflow and the ability to maintain a digital thread between design, manufacturing, and quality inspection,” said Ernie Husted, President of Verisurf Software, Inc.  “This zCAT solution is a perfect example of our continuing commitment to bringing portable, automated inspection to the manufacturing shop floor at an affordable price.”

About zCAT LLC
zCAT is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts and founded by David Francis and Homer Eaton. Homer is credited for inventing the popular Romer portable CMM arm and David is President of Fowler High Precision globally recognized as a leading supplier of high-quality inspection, leveling, control and calibration equipment. Fowler High Precision has been in business since 1946, and represents well-known brands in the industry such as Wyler, Sylvac, Bowers and Trimos throughout the United States and Mexico. For more information visit Fowler zCAT.

Verisurf Software, Inc.
Verisurf Software, Inc. is a measurement solutions company, committed to delivering advanced surface analysis, quality inspection, assembly guidance, and reverse engineering. Verisurf products and processes are vital to maintaining a digital thread between design, engineering, manufacturing, and finished part validation. Based on a powerful CAD platform, Verisurf is committed to digital Model-Based Definition (MBD), open standards, and interoperability with all coordinate measuring machines and CAD software. Verisurf solutions help manufacturers produce higher quality products in less time. For more information visit https://verisurf.com.