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Verisurf 2019 Available Now
Latest release offers unique, new capabilities

The powerful, new Feature Extract function in Verisurf 2019 lets operators run measurement plans quickly and easily from pre-measured pointclouds or meshes imported into Verisurf. This new capability is particularly useful when working with data from laser scanners or pointclouds created while measuring with probing devices.

Verisurf 2019 is now available to all maintenance customers at https://verisurf.com directly from the Support/Downloads page. This latest 2019 release introduces many new features and improvements that will improve quality insight and expedite measurement workflows. Here is just a small sample of the new tools that make Verisurf 2019 the best version yet!


View any desired parameter of a Feature Measurement in real-time as you measure. Use an existing CAD model for comparison with nominals or enter nominal information using the convenient Details Pane at the bottom of the graphics region. Customizable balloons are with a Pass/Fail indicator are displayed as you measure each feature.


Display and control the content of feature properties, nominals, and balloons by clicking the new Details Pane tool button in the Measure Manager. An Auto Hide Details Pane option is included in Verisurf Preferences that suppresses display of the Details Pane when a feature is not selected. A Result field in the Details Pane labeled Pass or Fail is colored green, yellow, or red based on deviation from allowable tolerance values.


Quickly and easily run measurement plans from pre-measured pointclouds and/or meshes imported into Verisurf. Data Feature Extraction is particularly useful when working with data from laser scanners or pointclouds created while measuring with probing devices. Includes multiple settings for filtering noise and precise feature fitting. Also allows you to align and extract features individually or as a group using Run Offline in Autoinspect.

Verisurf Software, Inc.
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