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Verisurf 2018 Beta Released: Now Runs on All Common CMM Brands and Models

Verisurf 2018 Beta Released:
Now Runs on All Common CMM Brands and Models

Verisurf Software has just released a beta version of the latest updates to its flagship product, sporting a bevy of new capabilities, workflow improvements, and feature refinements. According to Ernie Husted Verisurf founder and CEO, the Verisurf 2018 release will boost productivity and is more flexible and easier to use than ever for the frequent inspection, tool building, and reverse engineering tasks customers perform daily. Major product improvements in the 2018 release include:

·      Universal CMM: Enjoy the multiple benefits of running Verisurf on your existing motorized CMM without the hassle and burden of expensive controller or probing system hardware retrofits. This software only product allows Verisurf to interoperate seamlessly with most popular CMM brands and models while giving you the ability to use Verisurf’s leading-edge capabilities.

·      Dynamic Datum Reference Frames: Use existing feature measurement associations to define additional datum sets and eliminate the hassle of creating additional WCS frames.

·      Drag & Drop Report Builder: A new, easy-to-use Report Builder puts all the tools for creating custom reports in a single location. Fine tune your report layout to your heart’s content and save it for re-use in subsequent reports and new Verisurf sessions.

·      Combine Mesh Objects with Booleans: Verisurf 2018 gives you even more ways to edit meshes with the rollout of Mesh Booleans. Now you can combine multiple mesh objects with union, intersection, and difference operations. And original mesh objects are always preserved for additional operations.

·      New Report Content: Verisurf 2018 produces more meaningful reports with an expansive list of additional data elements you can optionally include

·      Automate CAD Feature Recognition: Easily populate your inspection plans with select part features by simply clicking on them in the graphics area. Use any of Verisurf’s existing windowing, entity masking or multiple shift-click operations to exert fine control and reduce the time it takes to build concise inspection plans.

·      Inspect/Build with Shaft Probe: Use the shaft of a cylindrical probe to inspect or adjust the position of thin parts. Ideal for working with die-stamped, sheet metal, composites, and more.

·      Traceability Report Object: Add a traceability section to your reports with a single click. Saves useful metadata about the inspection device, environment, and timeframe

·      New Torus Object: Need to measure toroidal shaped parts or structures? Verisurf Measure now includes the ability to measure torus-shaped objects with the appropriate Measure Settings options you need to elicit and report the concise results you want.

Verisurf 2018 offers manufacturers many more new capabilities than can be listed here. Maintenance customers can get the Verisurf 2018 beta version and accompanying Release Notes now at https://verisurf.com/downloads. Learn more about What’s New in Verisurf 2018 now at https://verisurf.com

Verisurf Software, Inc.
Verisurf Software, Inc. is an advanced three-dimensional measurement solutions company committed to delivering advanced computer-aided inspection and reverse engineering solutions. Verisurf software helps manufacturers of all sizes and industries produce higher quality products in less time and at a lower cost with automated, Model-Based Inspection processes. For more information, visit the Verisurf website at https://verisurf.com.