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REVO SFP2 Surface Finish Probe Support

Verisurf provides support for the Renishaw REVO surface finish probe SFP2.

  • Surface finish/roughness evaluation
  • Variety of surfaces, including bores as small as 5 mm in diameter
  • Output Ra, RMS, and raw data

The Renishaw SFP surface finish probe further increases Verisurf’s REVO system multi-sensor capabilities by enabling surface finish and roughness evaluation.

The inspection path for surface finish is defined by using the Curve-to-Surface-Points tool to create a three-point path on an existing curve.

When the plan is run the SFP measures from the entry to the exit point and reports surface roughness as the deviation.

The SFP works on a wide variety of surfaces and can measure inside bores as small as five millimeters in diameter. Reporting options include Ra and RMS as well as raw data.

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Software Highlights

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