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PTB Certification Verisurf 2021

Verisurf Scores Highest Accuracy Marks
on PTB Certification Tests

In keeping with its established commitment to standards compliance, Verisurf Software periodically submits new releases for accuracy testing as established by various international bodies. Accordingly, the most recent release, Verisurf 2021, has been submitted to testing protocols defined by PTB (Physicalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), Germany’s National Metrology Institute.

Results of the PTB certification testing confirm that Verisurf 2021 meets the highest standards for computational accuracy:

All deviations of the algorithms under test were below the maximum permissible errors (MPE) for all quality characteristics. Characteristic variable Unit MPE Orientation µrad 0.10 Location µm 0.10 Size µm 0.10 Angle µrad 0.10.

PTB’s algorithm testing protocols use the Gaussian theory method of least squares fit evaluation to assess Verisurf’s ability to accurately measure lines, planes, circles, cones, spheres, and cylinders. Results are typically reported as a numerical value representing deviation from MPE (maximum permissible error). Verisurf’s test results are so accurate that all deviation results derived from the PTB testing regimen fall below MPE limits.

Today’s manufacturers require the highest degree of accuracy from metrology software; confirming Verisurf as the clear choice. In addition to its high level of accuracy, Verisurf is the only widely-adopted enterprise metrology software system that is both measurement device-independent and includes a full CAD system complete with solid, surface, wireframe and drafting parametric modeling with model associative GD&T.

View Verisurf’s formal PTB certification results by clicking link below:

About Verisurf

Verisurf Software, Inc. is a measurement solutions company committed to delivering advanced surface analysis, quality inspection, assembly guidance, and reverse engineering.  Verisurf products and processes are vital to maintaining a digital thread between design, engineering, manufacturing, and finished part validation.  Based on a powerful CAD platform, Verisurf is committed to digital Model-Based Definition (MBD), open standards, and interoperability with all coordinate measuring machines and CAD software. Verisurf solutions help manufacturers produce higher quality products in less time.  For more information about Verisurf, visit www.verisurf.com.