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Software Highlights – CMM Programming

Multi-Axis Holes

Easy Programming Multi-Axis or Off-Axis Holes

To program hole probing on a complex part with numerous off-axis, odd angle holes, Verisurf Auto Holes and Add Probe features make quick work of the task with simple workflow. Here we see how to program multi-axis holes using a PH10 or a like CMM probing system.

Using Auto Holes from the AUTOMATE top menu, select a hole, set Save as Circles. With holes selected, verify vectors and toggle if necessary. (Auto Holes is a great tool for selecting patterns.)

Select Generate Path and set path and feature parameters.

Zoom to check path in holes.

Select features from the tree, then from top menu, Add Probe. This will put probe (angle) changes each time it they are needed in the plan sequence.

Toggle Simulate and select Play to observe the probe path and angle changes as the path executes.

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