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Construct Support

Verisurf adds new power to feature construction with an option to use either measured points or feature centerpoints.

  • Control feature constructs using center points or measured points
  • Flexibility to use points from one or more measured features to construct a new feature
  • Evaluate features using alternate fit methods without remeasuring

When features are constructed in Automate or the Report Manager a new construction option enables the use of either the measured points of the selected features or their calculated centerpoints to construct a new feature.

This new construction option provides the flexibility to use measurements from one or more features without first having to export them to points.

It also simplifies the construction of a new single feature using parts of the overall feature that were measured separately.

Using the power of Verisurf’s constructions you can evaluate features using alternate fit methods without having to re-measure.

In addition, when features in a plan or report are modified the changes automatically propagate through the dependent features, GD&T, constructions, and even alignments, to update the calculations so your results are always current.

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Software Highlights

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