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Tech Tip – Connecting the Laser Scanner Accessory to the Absolute Version of the Master3DGage

The following are the instructions for connecting the Laser Scanner to the Master3DGage Arm.

  1. Open the Laser Scanner box and remove the Laser Scanner.
  2. Remove any attached Probe from the Absolute Master3DGage Arm.
  3. Mount the Scanner to the on the connector and lock the knob securely (shown right).
  4. Remove the LAN Cable from the Laser Scanner Box, if there are two cables included, you will use the cable with the single connection as shown below.

Above – Scanner LAN cable

  1. Connect the LAN Cable Connection to the Computer and the other end to the back of the Absolute Master3DGage (shown right).
  2. Setup the LAN Connection (IP4) on the computer (image lower right); check the back of the Arm for the Feature Pack Number (FP) shown on right:

Use the LAN Number for the FP:

Above – Scanner attached and locked, note the Alignment symbols (  ) on the Scanner and Connector.

  1. Turn the Arm ‘ON’.
  2. The Scanner has a Green Indicator Light that should now show power. If the green light is flashing the Scanner is in warm up mode.
  3. If the Scanner requires calibration watch our YouTube video: https://youtu.be/ycprqybMwJY

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