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New Verisurf Manual CMM Retrofit
Breathe New Life into new and existing CMM’s

September 17, 2012

Verisurf Software introduces complete Manual CMM Upgrades that transform any manual CMM into a high-performance 3D Model-Based Inspection System by adding the power of Verisurf X6 Software and new USB communications. “Verisurf software has been powering portable CMM’s for 20 years. We now offer the same ease of use and productivity for thousands of manual CMM’s, many which struggle with old, outdated or unsupported computers, interfaces, and software,” said David Olson, Director of Sales & Marketing.

The surface plates and structures of manual CMM’s are designed to last a very long time however the communications interface and operating software can become quickly outdated, lowering the device’s effectiveness in today’s production environment. By retrofitting a manual CMM to run Verisurf Software you add additional functionality and productivity features that are quickly becoming requirements of Manufacturing and Quality Engineers.

  • Model-Based Definition/Inspection with associative GD&T read directly from CAD or create your own
  • Share the same software as your portable CMMs
  • Read in all native CAD formats
  • Create rapid CAD alignments – With NO Iterations
  • Create HTML, PDF, Excel or AS9102 reports including InspectionXpert
  • Easily create real-time displays of complex profile deviations
  • Digitize, reverse engineer and create solid models
  • Operate in Windows 7 32 or 64 bit
  • Use hard probes for digitizing and scanning

The Verisurf Retrofit of your CMM comes complete with a new USB interface along with Verisurf software configured to the customer’s specific requirements. Any necessary mechanical adjustments and complete geometric compensation are completed by Verisurf certified technicians. A Calibration Certificate is provided with the new verified accuracy of the CMM.

Verisurf X6 Software configurations are customized to each customer’s specific application and supported by Verisurf Metrology Engineers.

Inspection – Verisurf software supports both modern model-based measurement techniques and traditional blueprint measurement processes. Measurement includes the import of any CAD model, the creation of model-associative GD&T, automated alignment of 3D CAD models to physical parts and real-time probe position with deviation display.

Inspection Pro – Includes the functionality of Inspection with the addition of advanced 6 degree of freedom best fitting alignment, auto inspection programming, custom color deviation plots, results ballooning and analysis reporting.

Reverse Engineering – Digitize parts directly into CAD. Create, import, filter and edit point clouds. Create, import and edit STL mesh surfaces with hole filling, slicing, feature recognition, and auto surfacing. Create and edit NURB surfaces including extruded, revolved and lofted surfaces. Create and edit CAD features including planes, holes, and pockets.

Inspection Pro & Reverse Engineering – Bundles all the functionality of Inspection Pro and Reverse Engineering.

About Verisurf
Verisurf Software, Inc. is a dimensional metrology software development company committed to delivering advanced computer-aided inspection and reverse engineering solutions. Verisurf software helps manufacturers produce higher quality products in less time and at a lower cost with automated, Model-Based Inspection processes. For more information, visit the Verisurf website at https://verisurf.com.

Press contact: David Olson, david.olson@verisurf.com