Real-time, model-based inspection and assembly.

Known as the Virtual Gage, Verisurf Build displays deviation with the probe's movement as you inspect the part in relation to the nominal CAD model. After quick alignment to the CAD model, simply measure error in the manufactured part with Build's live, intuitive interface. Literally see part-to-model deviations, coordinates and assigned IDs all in real-time during inspection.

For virtual assembly, you can set multiple tolerances and feature types such as surfaces, lines, arcs and more. An arrow indicator and deviation readout then guides you in real-time through the build process. You can even enhance visibility using color, graphics and various other clever features. With Verisurf Build, you eliminate hard tooling while ensuring accurate, expedient manufacturing for quality control.


Verisurf was the #1 choice to increase the productivity of our Laser Tracker Measuring Systems. We now take advantage of increased product visibility on complex assembly jobs. We have demonstrated cost reductions by virtually eliminating manual point entry and drawing interpretation errors by directly using 3D solid models. We are now able to Build, Measure, Reverse Engineer, and Analyze products far beyond the capabilities of typical OEM measuring software.

L-3 Communications William J. Breda - Tool Design - Engineering - Programming