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Verisurf Featured In Quality Magazine

Engineering Classic DesignMorgan Cars builds on its heritage of classic design with technology and innovation.Morgan has been producing high quality handcrafted motor vehicles since 1909 and at the current Malvern Hills facility in Worcestershire, UK, since 1913. Today they produce their modern take on a British classic with a variety of traditional and modern vehicles, which embody Morgan’s heritage but embraces modern technologies.  More......

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Blackhawk Maintenance Repair & Overhaul System

When Blackhawks go down Verisurf is used to bring them back into service. When United States Armed Forces’ Blackhawk helicopters are damaged they are sent to one of several Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities. They are repaired with a unique system developed by ADC Engineering Technology, Gardena, California. The H-60 Crash Damage Repair System combines a specially designed Laser Tracker Aircraft Alignment Fixture (LTAA), with a laser tracker and Verisurf Metrology Software. This unique MRO solution is located at the U.S. Navy Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW), San Diego, CA, U.S. Coast Guard, Aviation Lo...

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Quality Control for Big Fabricators

For some people thinking big is not so easy.  Which is why in business you often hear the statement, “Think Big  Think outside the box!” On the other hand, some people find thinking big, not only easy, but necessary.  Which is exactly the case at Irvine, CA’s Coast Composites, Inc., a large aerospace fabricator dedicated to producing large precision molds and tooling used by aircraft and other manufacturers for production of composite components. “At Coast Composites we have to think big,” says Steve Anthony, company IT manager. “Some of the high-precision tooling we produce for customers is really huge. One example of a large ...

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