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Laser Tracker Applications & Demonstrations

Verisurf powers up Laser Trackers making them perform complex inspection and tool building applications faster and better.  Watch the following videos to see how Verisurf can put more power into your Laser Tracker.Coast Composites Tooling Applications  FARO Laser Tracker Demonstration  AMRO Space Launch Isogrid Inspection  API Radian Laser Tracker Demonstration  UH-60 Blackhawk Laser Tracker MRO  SpaceX Laser Tracker Applications  Request A Quote to power up your Laser Tracker! ...

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IMTS Special | Portable CMM Software Suites

Do you need a Portable CMM Software?If you're involved with Tooling Fabrication, CNC Machining, Manufacturing or Reverse Engineeering then you need to look at Verisurf Software for your CMM. GET YOUR SOLUTION NOWMention ‘Portable CMM Suite’ in comments. ResourcesVerisurf YouTube ChannelVerisurf Software Overview 2017 VIDEOReverse EngineeringTooling FabricationCNC MachiningManufacturing ...

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Verisurf Automates SLS Rocket Panel Inspection

Watch the Video   AMRO Fabricating chooses Verisurf software to automate the production inspection of NASA SLS rocket panels.In space flight the first eight minutes are critical; this is when the greatest opposing forces of thrust and gravity are impacting the launch vehicle.  The new NASA Space Launch System (SLS) will weigh 5.5 million pounds at liftoff, or roughly the weight of eight fully loaded 747 jets.   Everything comes down to weight and the integrity of design and fabrication to insure success.  Today, it costs $10,000 to send one pound of payload into orbit; since the entire launch vehicle makes the tripe to low earth orbit its net weig...

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