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Verisurf 2020 Update 1 Released

Verisurf 2020 Update 1
Now Available

Verisurf Software has just released the much-anticipated Verisurf 2020 Update 1. Update 1 is now available to all customers on the Verisurf website from the Software Downloads page (or via the Verisurf 2020 Updater application located in the Windows Start menu). This update includes resolution of an error that previously occurred when running Measurements, particularly Auto-Inspect.

Significant new features and fixes in Update 1 include the following:


  • New Moldplus version 7.2.3 with support for NX1934 files
  • Removed dependency warning dialog when deleting all objects in the Verisurf Database
  • Changed the Auto-Inspect magnifying glass Icon to a Run Icon


  • Added ability to Pair and open Solidworks Inspection via the Database tab


  • Added ability to change (edit) Feature align dependencies in an inspection plan without having to create a new Feature Align
  • Feature Alignment in a plan now automatically creates a corresponding WCS
  • Added support to construct a line from the endpoints of a cylinder

Verisurf Device Interface (VDI):

  • Integrated API Radian Pro SDK v4.24.8.3.
  • SDK v4.24.8.3 fixes an error that occurs when switching from the SMR to vProbe2
  • Leica Firmware Tech-Tip (PDF) added VDI (Leica SDK) incompatibility solution
    The Tech-Tip can also be found under the VDI help folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Verisurf Device Interface\Help).

Added the following options to the firmware incompatibility warning message:

  • Click the OK button to continue VDI with incompatibility
  • Click the Cancel button to quit VDI and open instruction for solutions.
  • ATS600 Measurement Parameter: Ring Scan Replaced static labels with buttons
  • Tooltips added to Leica ATS600 Measurement Parameter Settings

Verisurf SDK:

Errors Corrected:

  • Fixed an issue with the Manual Retract values being set as the Auto Retract value after a probe collision
  • Fixed an issue with Clear Errors not canceling all residual commands
  • Fixed an issue with the Measured vector direction of a Construct Line pointing in the opposite direction
  • Fixed a random OpenGL crash while Measuring

Download and install the Verisurf 2020 update here: