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Engineering Classic DesignMorgan Cars builds on its heritage of classic design with technology and innovation.Morgan has been producing high quality handcrafted motor vehicles since 1909 and at the current Malvern Hills facility in Worcestershire, UK, since 1913. Today they produce their modern take on a British classic with a variety of traditional and modern vehicles, which embody Morgan’s heritage but embraces modern technologies.  More......

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Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing: A Practical Solution

by Sean Lennard, Product Manager from Verisurf Software Inc.A contract manufacturer routinely reverse engineers and 3D prints prototypes of aerospace legacy parts for more confident production. Roc-Aire stands out as a “can do” contract manufacturer for aerospace parts known for solving problems and overcoming obstacles. “We strategize with our customers on engineering, materials and processes to make sure the parts we are producing are as good as, if not better than the originals,” says General Manager Jason Collins. This strategy includes using reverse engineering and 3D printing to improve the company’s engineering and build processes and ...

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