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Composites Manufacturer Produces More Parts with Verisurf

"“The traditional method works, but it’s slow and not very accurate. The FaroArm offers accuracy comparable to fixed CMMs and software that is fully programmable for repetitive measurement so it greatly increases both the speed and accuracy of the inspection process. The result is that we are able to get more parts out the door with the same people while maintaining higher standards of quality.”Unitech Composites and Structures, a division of the AGC Aerospace & Defense Composites and Structures Group, designs and manufactures composite structures in commercial and military aerospace markets. Most of these parts have critical dimensional and structu...

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Inspecting Complex Profiles

Using metrology software and a portable CMM, mold manufacturers can efficiently handle exceedingly complex surface profile requirements.More than ever moldmakers are pressed to push the envelope on what is feasible and reasonable when it comes to accurately creating complex profiles. Companies today are heavily vested in each new product they bring to market. And good is not good enough. Manufacturing specs are often riddled with GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances) annotations that must be met and reported on in first article parts. For a customer-centric brand these requirements are by no means un...

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Powering Up an Age Old Design

Reverse Engineering Helps Power Companies Generate Up To 15% More PowerVerisurf Software helps power companies reverse engineer steam turbine rotor assemblies to support new and improved bladding. Southern California Edison, GE, Alstom, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Toshiba have all used Verisurf Software to create "as built" CAD models of existing rotor assemblies. Why go to all that trouble you might ask? After 130 years, steam turbines are still a wonderful and powerful design generating approximately 90% of the electrical power in the United States.  Most of the steam turbine power plants in use today around the world were built over 60 years ago, long before CAD ...

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