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IMTS Special | Portable CMM Software Suites

Do you need a Portable CMM Software?If you're involved with Tooling Fabrication, CNC Machining, Manufacturing or Reverse Engineeering then you need to look at Verisurf Software for your CMM. GET YOUR SOLUTION NOWMention ‘Portable CMM Suite’ in comments. ResourcesVerisurf YouTube ChannelVerisurf Software Overview 2017 VIDEOReverse EngineeringTooling FabricationCNC MachiningManufacturing ...

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Scan It, Build It

When Gabe Draguicevich was asked to help fabricate a titanium hip implant based on CT (computed tomography, also known as CAT) scan data, he had to coordinate numerous technologies to complete the project. Because the CT data consisted of 2-D cross-sections, Draguicevich had to stack and align the individual scans to create a 3-D model, which he used to create a polygonal mesh in the form of a stereolithography (STL) file. After creating a prototype, he had to verify it against the original scan data, which was no mean feat considering that software capable of providing deviation analysis of the model surface to the STL file did not exist. Finally, Draguic...

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