Verisurf Mobile 3DGage


The Verisurf Mobile 3DGage Application can be used with Verisurf and Verisurf Device Interface and is designed for tablets and hand held devices such as phones or iPods.

This system features real time position and 3D deviation display and live CAD view for any handheld device that has Wifi and web browser capabilities.

This software does not require an app be downloaded on your handheld device. It instead requires the Verisurf Mobile Server, which must be installed using the download link below.

This software has been tested on Android Phones, and Tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads and iPods, however it should allow use on Windows Phone, Blackberry’s and Kindle devices so long as they are able to view web content over Wifi.

Latest Release v1.05 - 1/05/2015

Verisurf Mobile Setup Guide


Setup and connection guide for Mobile application users.

For Best results it is recommended using this with Verisurf X7.1 or X8