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Verisurf 2021 delivers increased inspection productivity with CMM programming enhancements for 5-axis probing, 5-axis tactile scanning, and much more!

Overview Video

• New feature highlights
• Applications illustrated
• What you need to do next

Release Highlights PDF

• Major feature descriptions
• Productivity benefits
• Closer look, download, share

5-Axis Probing Efficiency

• Renishaw REVO & PH20 ready
• Easy implementation for advanced probing
• Clearance and anti-collision support

New Thickness Feature

• CMM Plan one-click part thickness
• Automatic GoTo's & collision avoidance
• Works for manual devices & scanners too

CAD Translator Updates

• CATIA update to V5 R31 &V6 R21
• Siemens NX 1961 & JT 10.6
• CREO C7.0 • STEP AP242 E2

Verisurf External Utilities

New productivity tools include:
• Workspace Selector • Helper
• Cleaner • Report Merger

Trusted Metrology Software

• Boeing DPD compliant
• PTB - Lowest deviation classification
• NIST - Enhanced NIST report output

Custom Clearance CMM Path

• Translucent sphere to guide entry/exit
• Dynamically adjust vector intuitively
• Sphere size reflects entry/exit distance

Power Surface RE Upgrades

• Added option to Orient Starter Plane
• Point filter option to Use Points at Angle (normal direction from Starter Plane)

Feature Control Frames

• New Feature Control Frame Builder
• Communicate GD&T callouts with ease
• Display in Plans, Reports, Balloons


• SOLIDWORKS Inspection integration
• First Article Inspection Reporting (FAIR)
• Ballooned drawing reporting

Enhanced SDK

• Connect with collaborative systems
• Robots, database, CNCs, automation
• Configurable/customizable

CAD Enhancements

• Export model to 3D PDF
• Raster to Vector improved
• Click-drag fillet, chamfer, trim entities

Feature Align in Plan

• Uses Plan Nominals automatically to create WCS for Feature Align live in a Plan
• Easily change alignment features in Plan

Best Fit in Plan

• New Best Fit features, simple to apply
• Classic on-the-fly controls now in Plans
• Quickly refine complex alignments

Device Interface

• Renishaw REVO, PH20 • zCAT
• API iSCAN3, Radian Pro & Plus
• Leica ATS600 • Faro Vantage, 6Probe

Verisurf Validate

• Satisfy DPD standards at major OEMs
• Supports all popular CAD file formats
• Includes Kubotek's latest enhancements

In addition to the new capabilities illustrated above, Verisurf 2021 includes many refinements to existing features.  Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use –
Verisurf 2021 is another new release driven by our customers, partners and professionals facing new measurement challenges in the real world.

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