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Verisurf 2020 sets a new standard for robust and efficient reverse engineering workflows – and lots more

In addition to broad new reverse engineering capabilities, including the powerful new Quick Surface for Reverse option, Verisurf 2020 is packed with useful improvements, practical new features, and expanded device support. See any of the major improvements listed below to learn more about the unique value Verisurf 2020 can deliver right now.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsVerisurf 2020

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Overview Video

• New feature highlights
• Applications illustrated
• What you need to do next

Release Highlights

• Major feature descriptions
• Typical productivity benefits
• Download, print, and share

Quick Surface for Reverse

• Auto create surfaces from 3D meshes
• Controls curvature continuity at edges
• Ideal for creating Class A surfaces

Expanded Edit Mesh

• Expanded/improved mesh editing tools
• Consolidated in a single, intuitive dialog
• New Selection, Interaction, and Fit tools

New Power Mesh Settings

• Improve meshes prior to surfacing
• Increase or decrease mesh density
• Option to force closure of open edges

Connect with Stitch Mesh

• Connect discontinuous mesh edges
• Settable tolerance controls sensitivity
• Integrate multiple meshes in 1 command

New Quad Mesh

• New triangles follow curvature flow
• Filter, smooth, align to boundary options
• Recognizes and preserves sharp edges

Powerful Optimize Mesh

• Reduce density while maintaining quality
• Detect and preserve sharp edges
• Control mesh density transitions

Improved Sketch on Mesh

• Freeform sketching on meshes
• Snap to spline nodes and endpoints
• Option for rectangular grid of splines

Convenient Project Grid

• Create pointcloud grid on selected mesh
• Project based on current graphics view
• Control spacing using Distance setting

Enhanced Bundle Points

• New Bundle Feature Point object
• Traceability with dynamic fitting
• Sort by RMS, Fit Error, Length, Scale

Simplified Analysis Settings

• Projection settings at top of Ops Mgr
• Streamlines common Analysis workflows
• Reduced need to open Preferences dialog

Dongle-less Licensing Arrives

• No hardware to break, lose, or replace
• No shipping or customs issues
• Fast, easy license activation wizard

Latest Device Compatibility

• Improved functionality for current devices
• New scanner, probe, & tracker support
• Seamless integration through VDI

New CAD Translator Bundle

• One translator for all native formats
• CATIA V4/V5/V6, NX, & PTC Creo options
• STEP AP242 w/ MBD/GD&T compatibility

Mobile Companion App

• View DRO and record values remotely
• Real-time Build for inspection/assembly
• Run Auto Inspect and view reports

Wearable Watch App

• View, Build, or Measure DRO hands-free
• Simple tap-to-trigger in current mode
• Available for iOS and Android watches

In addition to the new capabilities illustrated above, Verisurf 2020 includes many refinements to existing features. Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use –
Verisurf 2020 takes measurement to a whole new level and lets you take on any job with confidence. Get Verisurf 2020 and See the Difference.

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