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Verisurf 2019 introduces new capabilities to improve measurement workflows

The 2019 release of Verisurf makes it easier than ever to streamline any individual or production measuring task you need to perform. With powerful new features like the ability to display balloons while measuring, extract features from imported scan data, and fill holes in meshes with a single click – Verisurf 2019 delivers. Communicate results better than ever with an abundance of new display controls and editing features that provide you with flexibility for creating more effective reports and compelling images. Here are just a few of the notable improvements in Verisurf 2019 that enable greater productivity. Maintenance customers can get Verisurf 2019 here:

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsVerisurf 2019

Quick Video Overview

• New feature highlights
• Applications illustrated
• What you need to do next

Release Highlights

• Major feature descriptions
• Typical productivity benefits
• Download, print, and share

Detailed Overview

• In-depth technical overview
• Common application examples
• New features menu navigation

Real-Time Feature Balloons

• Instantly identify nonconformances
• Drag balloons to rearrange
• Pass/Fail indicator for any feature

Details Pane

• Conveniently access Measure results
• Customize individual balloon display
• Assign or use CAD feature nominals

Feature Extraction

• Fast feature fit to clouds or meshes
• Run plans offline to extract features
• Use features or CAD model for nominals

Power Mesh

• Expedites reverse engineering
• Rapid, 1-click mesh cleanup
• Fills holes in existing meshes

Export to Edge Splines

• Simplifies CAD creation from meshes
• Export free mesh edges to splines
• Ideal for cropped, port-shaped parts

Push/Pull from Wireframe

• Fast solids from 2D CAD wireframe
• Start from open, closed, or nested
• Also works with sheet bodies

2D Mesh Slice

• Expanded slicing option for meshes
• Create slicing plane in screen coords
• Dynamically manipulate slice plane

Improved Slot Types

• Ideal for stamped sheet metal
• Added rectangular and square types
• Min/Max inscribed/circumscribed fit

Color Scans for Meshes

• Meshes inherit pointcloud colors
• Supports common color scan formats
• Helps visualize model details and text

Reverse Crop

• Added crop box rotation for meshes
• Slide controls for crop box rotation
• Now supports the active WCS

CAD Section View

• Flexible visualization of solid sections
• Supports multiple sectioning planes
• With or without cross-section capping

Material Display

• Assign as metal, plastic, or glass
• Convenient View menu toggle
• Multiple material intensity levels

New: Glow Highlighting

• Alternate mouseover highlight option
• Customize auto-highlight glow color
• Stipple/dash option for CAD entities

Surface Edit

• Better edit control during reverse
• Modify tangencies and control points
• Add/remove control pts and isocurves

Better STEP AP242 Support

• Design intent preserved on export
• User views added to Viewsheets
• Annotations are drafting entities

In addition to the new capabilities illustrated above, Verisurf 2019 includes many refinements to existing features. Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use –
Verisurf 2019 takes measurement to a whole new level and lets you take on any job with confidence. Get Verisurf 2019 and See the Difference.

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