VDI Version History

3.44.02 – 01/24/2018  – Release Notes


Now includes VS 2015 redistributable for RPS and Leica interfaces.

API Laser Tracker:

Updated API and API OTII SDK.

RPS/LDI Scanner:

Updated Laser Design interface to work with RPS Arm Scanner.


3.43.16 – 08/01/2017  – Release Notes


Now includes VS 2015 redistributable for RPS and Leica interfaces.

API Laser Tracker:

Updated API and API OTII SDK.

RPS/LDI Scanner:

Updated Laser Design interface to work with RPS Arm Scanner.


3.43.15 – 07/13/2017  – Release Notes


API Tracker:

i-probe enhancements


ARM interface improvements


LDI scanner improvements


3.43.14 – 07/05/2017  – Release Notes


Leica Tracker:

Leica Absolute Tracker updated.

Updated LMF to 1.4.

Level now can retain its last Level state when re-started.

Level for RDS is now supported


3.43.12 – 06/15/2017  – Release Notes


Fixed CMM probe trigger display.


3.43.11 – 06/10/2017  – Release Notes


Fixed problem with VDI Public settings, was not saving when the User folder is on a network drive.

API Tracker:

Fixed SMR homing position.

FARO Tracker:

FARO Laser Tracker files updated.


3.43.10 – 04/24/2017  – Release Notes


Updated API OT2 App for Continuous Mode.

Updated Faro Traker Installation issue for Vantage Support.


3.43.08 – 03/09/2017  – Release Notes


Updated API OT2 App for Continuous Mode


3.43.06 – 02/17/2017  – Release Notes


Restored Message Buffer Size

Fixed issue with Probe Manager – Requires Reset Defaults upon installing 3.43.06

Added Probe Calibration to RPS Arm Interface


3.43.04 – 01/12/2017  – Release Notes

Increased Message Buffer Size


3.42.09 – 08/26/2016  – Release Notes

Leica LMF Tracker Interface

Fixed Point Triggering issue


3.42.08 – 08/25/2016  – Release Notes

Updated Installation Software

Leica LMF Tracker Interface

Fixed T-Probe/SMR Switching issue

Romer RDS Interface

Added Support for Leica Tracker Control


3.42.06 – 08/16/2016  – Release Notes

Leica LMF Tracker Interface

Fixed Probe Radius issue with T-Probe

I++ CMM Interface

Updated Configuration for ZCAT Portable CMM

Temp Comp

Fixed issue storing material values


Fixed startup error message when connection to RDS Server


3.42.05 – 07/04/2016  – Release Notes

I++ CMM Interface

Updated Configuration file

API Trackers

Updated Radian/T3 support to SDK v4.16.10.0

Updated OnmiTrac-II support to SDK v5.11.9.0


3.42.04 – 04/16/2016  – Release Notes 

Leica Absolute Tracker

Added Fix for Probe and Tip updates


3.42.03 – 01/15/2016  – Release Notes


Updated Probe Management for Manual CMM’s

Leica Absolute Tracker

Enhanced data logging for Probe and Tip updates

API Trackers

Updated Radian/T3 support to SDK v4.16.0.0

Updated OnmiTrac-II support to SDK v5.10.0.0


3.42.02 – 01/06/2016  – Release Notes


Updated all settings to use use xml file instead of Registry

Fixed issue with Probe Management

Fixed Graphic issue with VDI Alignments Dialog

Fixed Display issue with Temperature in VDI window

Leica Absolute Tracker

Fixed Installation issue with 2013 vcredist

Fixed Target Lost precondition issue

Fixed Reset Defaults issue with Probe List

API Trackers

Updated Radian/T3 support to SDK v4.14.0.0

Updated OnmiTrac-II support to SDK v5.9.18.0

Romer RDS Absolute/Master3DGage Arms

Fixed Graphic issue with Dialog


3.41.02 – 09/18/2015  – Release Notes


Updated X8 Code system with new build

Leica Absolute Tracker

Fixed AT930 Startup issue

Added Firmware compatibility check

API Trackers

Enabled Noise/Lower Pass filtering on API Radian/T3 Interface

Updated Radian/T3 support to SDK v4.13.4.0

Updated OnmiTrac-II support to SDK v5.9.13.0

Faro Trackers

Added TrackerArm Alignment Support

Fixed bug with Quality Flag when beam is broken

HAAS CNC Interface

Updated HAAS CNC CMM Interface and added simulator mode

Change COM Port settings to include COM1- COM80

Setup approach and retract distance for automate

Added shortcuts, CTRL + J for Jog, CTRL + P force to Probe mode

Added Abort keyboard shortcut

Romer RDS Absolute/Master3DGage Arms

Added selection to button controls so left and right buttons can be Disabled


3.41.01 – 07/10/2015  – Release Notes


Updated X8 Code system

Disabled WinRDS Installations on Windows 8/8.1

Fixed Lower Pass filtering on Point hits

Leica Absolute Tracker

AT960/AT930 Updated App to SDK v1.1

Added Orient to Gravity support and Battery support

Leica emScon Interface

Updated B-Probe Support

Steinbichler Interfacea Tracker interfaces

Updated application and Scanner/SMR Switching

API OmniTrac-II

Setup new prm file folder in /VDI folder in /PRMFiles

VDI installation checks for location and contents for .prm files

Add Select “Iprobe” stylus to Probe icon when Iprobe is active…

Change ACC callback to use getAveragedTipVectorFrame

Deva DCC CMM – Updated Application

HAAS CNC Interface Added


3.40.09 – 05/15/2015  – Release Notes


Fixed Temperature Settings Display issue when device temperature is not available

Fixed issue with X6-X7 Security Codes

Security Codes update to support X8 SP2 and new X8 LE

Updated Data Logging

Fixed In/MM display issue with CMM 3D Cal Editor

Removed Standalone interface support

Fixed Installation issue with cancel function

RDS Arm Interface/Master3DGage

Updated to RDS 4.0

Fixed RDSService already started error message popup

Fixed external temperature sensor display when not connected

Faro Arm Interface

Updated USB Driver to version

Leica Absolute Tracker

Fixed AT960/AT930 Tracker Interface T-Probe support issues

Steinbichler Interface

Added support for T-Point Probe and added CAD model

Fixed Startup issues with T-Track CS and Leica Tracker interfaces

API Tracker

API Radian/T3 Interface updated to DLL Build

API Omnitrac-II Interface updated to DLL Build

Fixed UI issue with Range edit control when search is attempted

Added Stop command prior to searching for targets

Nikon Laser Radar

Application checks for support files before launching

Updated Interface to SDK 6.4

Fanuc CNC Interface

Added Macro check for gating touch probe trigger check

Universal Machine Interface

Added search token for signal to trigger points


3.40.08 – 02/16/2015  – Release Notes


Fixed Probe Manager bug with CMM Probe Calibration

Leica Absolute Tracker

Added AT960/AT930 Tracker Interface support using DLL Build

API Tracker

API Radian/T3 Interface updated to DLL Build

API Omnitrac-II Interface updated to DLL Build


3.40.07 – 01/22/2015  – Release Notes


Fixed X8 codes reporting issue

Faro Arm Interface

Fixed issue with units dialog hiding behind Verisurf Window

Fixed Show Probe Calibration issue from Verisurf Automate


3.40.06 – 01/08/2015  – Release Notes


Added online update check to VDI Menu and About Dialog

VSUpdateService application enhanced and added support for Mobile App Server

API Tracker

Updated Omnitrac-II Build to SDK

Leica Tracker

Added VS2012 Redistributable to installer for SDK support

Added support for B-Probe using AT402

Fixed bug with Relative Move command using Arrows Keys/Keyboard or Mobile App to move Tracker


3.40.04 – 12/01/2014  – Release Notes


Updated New X8 code support into VDI

Updated Dealer warning messages

Added Demo HLE support to the VDI

Removed Survey Tools Module

Fixed 3D Calibration Load crash issue

Fixed VDI crash on exit issue with X8

Updated VSUpdateService event log

Faro Scan Arm

Fixed point limit issue with new HD Blue Light Scanner

API Tracker

Updated Radian/T3 Build to SDK

Updated Omnitrac-II Build to SDK

Fixed Aim and Measure sequence to always search

I++ CMM Interface

Fixed Startup code issue with default startup sequence

Leica Tracker

Env Settings Object Sensor changes no longer requires Initialize Tracker

Projector Linker

Fixed bug when running LPT for the first time, exporting data attempts to overwrite the users.xml file

3.40.01 – 09/10/2014  – Release Notes


Added X8 code support into VDI

Fixed build date issue reporting to Verisurf Preferences

Fixed issue with VSUpdateManager log in VerisurfReg section

Created Utility to extend 3D Calibration grid outward

Fixed issue with ProbeManager module on application exit

Master3DGage Arm

Added new Absolute Master3DGage Arm to Device Selection

API Tracker

Updated Radian/T3 Build to SDK

Updated Omnitrac-II Build to SDK

I++ CMM Interface

Added option to block effective radius from trigger point data

Tomelleri SPACE Arm

Updated the Tomelleri Arm Interface continuous point mode operation

Updated the T-Core to 1.0.4

Projector Linker

New 64bit build, and added LPTVDI64.DLL


3.30.08 – 07/18/2014  – Release Notes


Fixed issue with loading new CMM 3D Calibration files with Squareness and rotational data

Fixed UI Bug with 3DCal Tools new grid generator

Created Utility to extend 3D Calibration grid outward

Added enhancements to the Update Manager and added Mobile App updates to the utility

Tomelleri SPACE Arm

Updated the Tomelleri Arm Interface continuous point mode operation


3.30.07 – 07/03/2014  – Release Notes


Auto Locate – fixed issue with Locate search and point reset for grid alignments

Auto Locate – distance search makes the VDI window flash for 1/2 second when a point is validated

Add Sim number to log of all apps

fix all unicode projects for new log system

Add rotation matrix output to recording toolbar

Fixed issue with Device Simulator Crashing on latest build with Win7/8

API Tracker

Updated Installation and renamed API Laser Tracker interface to not include the build version in the name

Updated Radian/T3 Build to SDK

Updated Omnitrac-II Build to SDK

Faro Arm

Make Scanner/Toggle button perform Undo on long event if scanner is connected

Add detection into the app that detects scan lines, and automatically checks the checkbox that scanner is attached

Fixed application shutdown errors

Nikon LR

Fixed unicode apps including LR, VS Codes now finds acc codes to run

Tomelleri SPACE Arm

Added interface for Tolleleri SPACE Arm for T-Core SDK Build


New Interface and support dll added, replaced on Aicon interface


3.30.06 – 03/25/2014  – Release Notes


VS Code reader updated, VDI startup code now faster

API Tracker

Updated Radian/T3 Build to SDK

Updated Omnitrac-II Build to SDK

Faro Tracker

Fixed Gestures command support and removed for non-Vantage type trackers

Leica Tracker

Updated project resources

Romer RDS Absolute/Master3DGage

Updated to Latest SDK

Increased scanner line count to 5001 pts/line to support latest integrated scanners

Nikon Handheld API

Updated application to support SDK 3.7 HF2

Added support for MCAx Arm


3.30.05 – 03/05/2014  – Release Notes


Built and added VS2010 support files to VDI

Changed startup code to display HASP number and added user search for acc file if codes are not valid

API Tracker

Add Motor On/OFF function to applications for Radian and OT2

Faro Tracker

Fixed installation to check for FaroUtilities 3.1 already installed

Added option for enabling “Gestures” on the Faro Vantage

Add “Homing Complete” to status messages

Fixed Units issue with CompIT and other functions when running from within the VDI via menu

Laser Radar

Installation issue resolved with VDI Installer and VDI Update


3.30.04 – 02/06/2014  – Release Notes


Device Setup – Added speed menu for Admin users to remove devices.

Redesigned the VDI’s popup menu

Updated VDI SDK

Added Creaform VxElements interface to support the Creaform HandyProbe and MetroScan

Removed Legacy Device Interfaces from Installation for:

API Legacy T3 Tracker

Leica Laser Tracker v2.4

Faro Laser Tracker v1.7

Creaform Handy Probe CMM (Replaced by Creaform VxElements Interface)

Creaform HandyScan (Replaced by Creaform VxElements Interface)

API Tracker

Radian/T3 – Update DLL Support to version

Omnitrac-II – Update DLL Support to version

Faro Tracker

Add support for manually setting environmental parameters

Change Run Level Routine from menu to enable level function if Level icon is disabled

Mobile App Positioning Commands on Faro Tracker interface for Vertical movement now reversed

CompIT function now restored and “Run as Admin” application properties removed

Leica Tracker

Enhanced support added for AT402 and B-Probe


Double hit issue resolved for Probing mode


3.30.03 – 12/10/2013  – Release Notes


Redesigned 3D Calibration to include squareness in the calibration file

Test “Zero” function for marking CMM zero base coord location

Fixed issue with Probe Vector Comp calculation

Added Config Option for low pass noise filter to VDI 3D Data Receiver

Make function to invert values in X, Y, or Z in table


Preset Button now asks user to confirm with Y/N

Make Home Command from VS confirm to home the CMM

Leica Tracker

Added config option to operate smart tools in continuous mode

Projector Linker

Copy to Verisurf function now copies single sub-ply groups instead of entire list


3.30.02 – 11/08/2013  – Release Notes


Add Menu Item for Requesting Device Info

Added Metric support to VDI3DCal Tools application for CMM’s

Faro Arm

Updated Interface and added support for new Edge Arm Scanner

Leica Tracker

Added AT402 Support to the Leica Tracker Application

API Tracker

Updated API T3/Radian Interface to support version

Projector Linker

Updated Linker for LPT-10/12 scanner support and image viewing


3.30.01 – 10/24/2013  – Release Notes


VDI Now runs using Master3DGage codes

Added USB303 Manual CMM device

API Tracker

Updated API T3/Radian Interface to

Added the API Omnitrac II Laser Tracker Interface

Faro Tracker

Add DLLs and support from Faro Tracker Utilities 3.1.0 into the installation

Changed Faro Temp Sensor UI to show correct number of sensor input controls

Projector Linker

Fixed SetPart function upon new ply generation in LPT Linker, now updates the database


3.20.08 – 09/13/2013  – Release Notes


Smart point timer mode now on as default

Modified communication DLL to accommodate extended commands

Leica Tracker – AT401/AT901

Corrected Two Face Measurement Error

Added Contrast and Brightness controls to speed menu in Video display

Leica Tracker – AT401

Removed menu items that did not relate to the AT401

Reflector Switching corrected

Corrected trigger issue for Stationary Points

Leica Tracker – AT901

Corrected error with Continuous Points after beam break

Nivel Monitor Dialog – digital readout of miliradians now reduced to 4 decimal places

Added warning and status messages for Nivel

Disable Reflector Selection when T-Probe is activated

Fix issue with setting measurement mode to Continuous when already in that mode

Microscribe / 3DGage Arm

Fixed issue with system not holding the custom probe calibration after restart

I++ CMM Interface

Added Model Selection to the Device Setup

Added support for scanning probes

Added support for Renishaw Equator


Fixed issue with probe is taking double hits in 5DOF mode


3.20.07 – 07/05/2013  – Release Notes


VDI Temperature display hides device sensor readings below 0.0 F

API Tracker

Updated Device Interface and DLL’s to SDK

Faro Tracker

Added Si and Si2 Tracker types to options selection


Updated interface for scanner support


3.20.06 – 06/20/2013  – Release Notes


Modified Installer XP SP3 check and made it a warning

Added new Smart Point option for time based stability triggering at 1 second

Fixed Unicode application bug with User HASPS (Nikon LR, Nikon IGPS, Kreon Scanner)

Added Level comp flag and level XY to device info structure

Disabled Air Sensor device updates in Temp Comp window


Fix Start/Stop from menu and make it work, also add utility to enable/disable RDS on startup

API Tracker

Added Level sensor realtime output to the diagnostic window readout

Updated Device Interface to SDK

VDI CMM Interface

Updated I++ App to work with Coords3 NC CMM and tool changer

Manual 3Axis CMM config now has Probe Vector calculation in the VDI

I++ App now passes through the machine Probe Vector

Faro Tracker

Added the FaroUtilities_3.0.0.4 into the main VDI installer

Leica Tracker

AT401/402  –  Implemented the 4 new modes for Measurement ( Fast, Standard, Precise, and Outdoor )

Enhanced Log file output and changed log folder to mainstream VDI log folder

AT901  –  Changed default operating mode to use reflector position updates

Startup with TBR now issues warning message to user


Added TSCANPLUSCS support to interface and updated to the latest SDK

Laser Radar

Fixed Log file output issue with Windows XP

Suppressed log file events of Enviornmental updates


3.20.05 – 03/13/2013  – Release Notes


Modified Installer to check for Minimum OS of XP SP3

Resolved issue with Temp Comp Alarm using Fast alarm/slow alarm

VDI Codes – Changed Registry check for NetHASP to HKLM from HKCU on all apps

VDI Codes – Re-worked acc code search for most days left in all paths

VDI Settings – Balloon message checkbox does not remember its setting

Implemented flag on average FS+BS measurements

Implemented flag for when tracker is in backsight mode


Resolved issue with M3DG installation & Multiple user system

API Tracker

Integrated API SDK and modified installation / Testing of installation on XP & Win7

VDI Update Make VDI Update include API APP support for all stuff (all DLL’s)

VDI 3 Axis CMM Interfaces

Add option to VDI to signal audio warning when a scale error occurs

CMM Send balloon message for scale errors on CMM Devices

Added 3DCalTools application back into the Installer

Faro USB Arm

Change startup error message to include reminder about driver installation if the create object fails

Confirmed support for arms with Ethernet jack (LAN)

Faro Tracker

Updated Installation for MSVC9.0 Support

LPT Linker

Added Aim+Measure for LaserSpot routine for surface measurement

Enhanced Log file output and changed log folder to mainstream VDI log folder


Removed pointCloud method from the communication. Now uses the standard method


3.20.04 – 12/13/2012  – Release Notes

Installations Now built with SetupFactory v9.1

Added check on Version of the Vdrocnt.dll

Add Computer Name + User Name to log files header

Fixed Log file folder for Users on WinXP

Fixed Undo, Done button events received from VDI Commands and Mobile 3DGage apps for X6

Navigator server log now only logs new data events

Access Codes Dialog now includes “Verisurf Device Interface” in title and disabled code saving, codes files must be supplied by VS or X

Changed reported date on dealer SIM’s and changed warning to 15 days prior to expiry date

VDI Setup Modify VDI Setup to include Scanner Attached as Device Option 1

VDI Setup/Faro USB Added Device Option to disable the probe manager, for Faro USB Arm

Make point number display at the bottom of the graphic instead of the window title

VDI Device Alignments

Fixed UI Bugs with Alignment buttons and add Cancel button

Added menu item for Canceling Alignment in progress

Add Deviation monitoring on Device 2,3,4 from Device 1’s Coordinates

Monitoring Device 1 now checks items for deviation, if out of tol, added option to re-due nominal alignment.

Temperature Settings TempComp.dll

Added RayTek Probe back into VDI Installer as a selection

Fixed issue with Unsupported Devices having persistent temperature values in Device Temperature

API Tracker

Updated to support SDK ver

Add support for STS Sensor and output in Diagnostic Window

Added GetTipVectorFrame function into Application

Faro Tracker

Remove “Release Motors” from Tracker Menu and made “Enable Tracker Motors” checked menu item to reflect motor state

Modify Home routine to include checking motors off, and turn them on if need be

Tracker now has (M) indicator under Tracker icon to indicate motor state

Leica Tracker

Add Power Lock UI Support for Interface

Weather station connection now requires “Use Weather Monitor” option checked in Environmental Settings Window

Added re-init message / warning when ES_SSC_LaserNotStabilized event is received

Environmental Settings give error if Object Sensor is not connected

I++ CMM Interface

Added UI Controls and enhancements

Trapped ESC key in application


Added VSTARS V-Script interface

Added option for Auto-Trigger Continuous scan mode for this device

Microscribe Arm

Microscribe Arm Alter Interface such that Reset position of G Series arms is +90 deg for Endstop reset position

Microscribe Arm now continuously streams data even if arm is not updating

Faro Serial Arm – Changed default Baud Rate to 38400

DataGrabber – Added option to make sound when data is recorded

Verisurf USB/CMM Box – Added COM1-COM80 selectable

DataGrabber – Added COM1-COM80 selectable

Projector Linker – Fixed “Jobs” Tab Error in Projector Linker in LPT mode

Master3DGage – Checks for RDS server running and issue warning if RDS is not started

NDI CMM – Probe Radius issue resolved with new cfg file that enables the probe manager

NDI CMM – Probe vector and 6DOF resolved for display

Kreon – Added installation to include Polygonia and recommend SolanoConfig application post installation

Baces 3D – Added installation to include Baces Installer


3.20.03 – 09/25/2012

VDI and related DLL’s

changed all File I/O operation default folder to:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\VDI (for Win7)

C:\Documents and Settings\..\Application Data\VDI (for XP systems)

This include Log files for all interfaces

VDI Codes Changed Verisurf.acc file finder to include HKLM for mcamx6 folder search

VDI Security Changed search order for ACC file to C:\,C:\VDI Folder, MCamX6(64bit), McamX(2-6)32bit, V9

This will find X6 codes on 64bit systems before older codes are discovered or used

Probe Manager Resetting defaults Non-Admin crash fixed

Probe Manager Fixed issue with file load on Non-Admin Accounts, loading defaults, or user files

Leica Tracker

T-Cam/Measurement Camera detection fixed during startup sequence

Faro Tracker

Fixed Beam Break sending single 0,0,0 coordinate through to the VDI in continuous mode


Integrate the Messaging methods directly into the dialog class, and updated app to SDK 3.0 support and dll

Fixed Microscribe/3DGage connection / disconnect issues

Fixed the Model Name value used for display, now shows proper :model name at the end of the device name

Finished New Probe Calibration routine for 3DGage and custom probes

3.20.02 – 08/24/2012

X6 64/32 bit compatibility ddded

Updated Help files for VDI and Tracker Devices

Device Log files now append to a monthly file

Installation now sets exe’s to run in XP SP3 compatibility mode

Added Az and El and Range to VDI Display for Trackers

Added VDI Device popup menu command and implemented it

3DGage Arm Interface Added

API Tracker

Updated to API SDK 4.5.7

Enhanced TrackerDiags module and dialog

Added Data Logging to API’s Diagnostic window

Fixed UI Bug when Tracker is stopped, buttons now show SMR mode

Leica TDRA6000 Laser Station – Fixed TargetManager Database issue

Leica Tracker

Level Icon now enabled even if level is not detected on startup

Faro Tracker

Support updated to

Faro Vantage Tracker Added

Beam break – disable when Faro utilities are active

installation for camera support updated and and installed to System32 folder (32bit)

Az and El are now used in Two Face check instead of Cartesian to Spherical conversion

Backsight Data is now in FS coordinate system ( for Az and El) instead of 180deg out for Two Face Check

Changed All Faro Apps including TrackerPad to run on top of all other windows

Changed beam connect sound option and fixed bug so it plays sound on connected beam

Fix Beam re-connect sounds, needs to sound off when beam re-acquires after certain events

Nikon Laser Radar

Fixed Az, El, from data que

Fixed TargeManager issue with Spacebar. Spacebar is now trapped when TM is opened and allow you to use it for editing names etc.

VDI Commands Added

One button click for TrackerPAD

One button click for CompIT

For Aiming to Preset locations ( all Trackers and LR )

Setting Preset locations

Moving up/dn left/right ( all Trackers and LR )

Show Environmental settings window

Show Measurement Parameters

Shows Camera Viewer widnow ( if avaliable)

Shows Device Diagnostics ( if Avaliable )

3.10.15 – 05/21/2012

AlignTools – Dynamic Referencing Added

Remeausre Nominals function added for preserving Align Points and relocating devices

Icons have been updated.

API Tracker

Updated support to SDK ver 4.3.10

Average Point no longer takes a point during beam break event after re-acquisition

Continuous Point mode no longer takes extra point after beam break and re-acquisition

Enhancements to data logging

Renamed the API Device Interface to Legacy API Device Interface

Faro Tracker

Improved Log File Method to Faro Tracker v2.3 Interface

Change name of Previous Faro Tracker to Faro Laser Tracker v1.7

Faro Tracker v1.7: Now displays Measure Mode settings Average Point number control

Verisurf USB/CMM Interface

VDI DRO now displays scale errors on X, Y and Z as flashing readout

Enabled Reset Errors menu in VDI

Temperature Settings TempComp.dll

Now updates the material in Verisurf when you click on Update Material Temp

IGPS Interface

New integration of SDK that supports their new i6 Probe

Laser Radar – support for Laser Radar has now been removed from the VDI Update

The App still gets updated but the support must be installed separately either by the Full Install or

by the VDI_Nikon_Laser_Radar_Support_v6.1.0.1183.exe installer on the VDI download page

Leica Tracker

Previous Tracker Interface 2.4.666 is now back in the VDI

This legacy Application is now called Leica Laser Tracker v2.4

and supports Trackers with emScon version from 2.4.x up to 3.0.x

Current Leica Tracker Interface renamed to Leica Laser Tracker v3.6

Changes include Startup Sequence and command adjustments for AT401 vs. AT901, Log file Enhancements, Level Compensation adjustment

Romer Absolute Arm & Master3DGage Interfaces

Updated to support RDS 3.3.1

Mobile Device Support

VDI Server communications were improved to support more robust connectivity to Hand held device via Wifi

Enhancements to VDIServer log files, now only one log file is generated

3.10.14 – 02/22/2012

Faro Tracker v2 Interface Updated

Memory accumulation issue resolved

Nikon LR Interface updated, UI Changes include Smaller window size


3.10.13 – 02/17/2012

Leica Tracker Application Updated

Environmental Settings now applies data to emScon w/o Weather Station

T-Probe Model and Orientation Updated

T-Probe Undo Button function fixed

AT401 and AT901 startup procedure adjusted

AT901 Tracking procedure adjusted, disconnect sound eliminated

Metronor Interface Updated

Kreon Skiron Interface Updated, now supports Scantools 2011 ver. 1.2.40

Skiron now outputs 6DOF in both Scanner and Probe Mode


3.10.11 – 02/09/2012

API Laser Tracker Interface updated for SDK ver.

Tracker Level Routine and UI Updated

Probe Management for I-Probe Updated

Probe Manager Updated

Installation and MSVC Support Updated

Preset “Clear” Menu function added to all Tracker Interfaces


3.10.10 – 01/16/2012

API Laser Tracker Interface updated for SDK ver.

I-Probe, and I-Scan Support added.

API Device Interface updated for SDK ver.

Radian Support added.


3.10.08 – 01/05/2012

API – new Laser Tracker Interface added, supports T3 and Radian Trackers

Leica Tracker – T-Probe Button control options added

VDI Update now has support for all Laser Trackers

VDI ScanTools Grid Slice and 3D Boundary filter tools removed

VDI Show Verisurf Alignment option has been removed

Probe Vector issue resolved for Perceptron/Romer Arm Interface

Dealer software out of date warning message removed


3.10.07 – 11/11/2011

Device Setup window now checks and recommends Faro Tracker v2 Interface if not selected as Faro Tracker Interface

Temperature Settings – Drift Alarm is disabled for devices that do not support Device Temperature sensors

Leica Tracker – Warning message added if emScon version is less than 3.5.x ( Minimum Requirement )

Nikon HHAPI Support updated to HHAPI Ver 3.5

now supports 6DOF for scanner

Supports MMDx200 Scanner

Nikon HHAPI Cimcore Arm/Scanner probe vector/matrix adjusted

Nikon HHAPI 3.5HF2 download now available on VDI Downloads Page

Faro Serial Arm Interface updated

Mobile Device Settings window now reports the current IP address when dialog is shown

Aicon interface now enabled for 64 bit installation

Enable Vicon Interface for VDI Installation

Probe Vector Comp issue resolved for 3 Axis CMM’s

Probe XYZ Offsets Enabled for Laser Tracker Devices

3.10.06 – 09/23/2011

Leica Tracker – Device Temperature now has 2 selections, Air Sensor and Object Sensor

Leica Tracker – Environmental Settings window Updated

Leica Tracker – Start continuous tracking timing issue resolved

Faro Tracker – Device Tempearture now has 3 selections from the Temperature Settings window

Temperature Settings – Now shows “Device Sensor – Not Available” if device does not support tempreature sensor

Temperature Settings – Fixed issue with Drift Alarm

Probe Manager – Only shows probe offsets for 3 Axis CMM devices

Probe Manager – now hides the Z Vector IJK values for devices that do not use this feature

Probe Manager – Z Vector offset display now shows the value from the registry if disabled

Probe Calibration – CMM’s Master diameter calibration issue resolved

Verisurf CMM Interface – Probe Comp Vector created for touch probe points

Device Setup – Fixed issue with list not showing any devices

VDI – Added RMS/Std Deviation Filter on Stationary/Average Points to block bad points to Verisurf

VDI – Modified Average point triggering to work with Arm buttons on all devices that support buttons


3.10.05 – 08/23/2011

Faro Tracker v2 Interface Added – New Interface with updated support for SDK version 2.3.0

Leica Tracker – Camera View Aim Bug Fixed, now aims properly using video window for mouse click aiming

Leica Tracker – implemented a dialog box for this message ( ES_RS_WarmedUpStateReached (10018) )

Leica Tracker – Added Option for Spiral search on Preset Locations if target not found

Leica Tracker – Probe Manager now sets the Reflector type

Probe Manager – Fixed issue with Registry on Vista/Windows 7, now shows probe list properly

Probe Manager icon on device Controls Windows (Faro and Leica Tracker etc) now uses the quick probe menu option if checked

TempComp window now has Update to Material button and auto update has been removed

changed display to “Celsius”

Renamed Verisurf Navitagor window to Mobile Device Settings

Mobile Device UDP Server now restarts on error

Laser Radar Interface updated to CLR.NET-v6.1.0.1183

Toolkit-Installer-v6.1.0.1183 added to Laser Radar Full Install

VDI Windows now do check for screen size on virtual screens on startup

VDI Align window now adjusts iteself to window size changes on startup

Projector Linker for LPT – Added Looping Function for projection display for LPT Projectors

Device controls toolbar icon in X/VDI now toggles show/hide for all VDI Device Controls Windows

Master3DGage application now generates sounds for VDIAlign.dll messages

Faro Serial Arm interface rebuilt to support Vista/Windows 7


3.10.04 – 06/08/2011

Verisurf Navigator Interface Updated to SDK 1.0

Leica Tracker Interface – Aim utility bug fix, added logging and level issue resolved

Verisurf’s Single Point Measurement Mode no longer operates trackers Devices as average point

VDI Dll update for Single Point measurement compatibility in V9 ( tested on R30 & R37 )

Projector Linker – Added option to Virtek to Export Vectors with point ( default is on )

Home Tracker ( F8 ) key now works from within the following windows:

VDI main window, Probe Manager, Temp Comp, Smart Point, Leica Tracker Controls, Faro Tracker Settings


3.10.03 – 05/23/2011

Leica Tracker – Stationary Point Settings – ADM Control now hidden for devices that do not allow this option

Leica TDRA6000 – Temperature monitoring now enabled every 20 seconds if system is idle

Leica TDRA6000 – Now only sends external temperature to VDI as device temperature

VDI now sends Device Temperature with each point measurement

Added function to Get all Material Temperature Settings from CAD

Simplified the TempComp window, and removed the “Update” button

also removed the “Auto Update Device Temp to Material” option

Device Temperature and Material Temperature are now persistant values in the Registry

Temp Comp window now has selectable Device temperature that takes effect when you change the selection

Probe Manager is now remembers the quick probe menu setting

API T2 Tracker Interface Startup, .prm file issue resolved

NDI Scanworks interface needs to have a sound when the scanner stops streaming data

NDI Scanworks now keeps cancels scan when abort/stop command received


3.10.01 – 04/26/2011

Leica interface Enhancements:

Continuous Time settings now does error check for less than 500 ms and > 100,000 ms

Create Two Face Check for Leica Tracker Interface

Added Average Point FrontSight/Backsight Statistics

FrontSight/Backsight Max Deviation now shows the max of the Std Deviation

Point Statistics Added to Tracker Stationary Point Measurements

Remove Tracker device Combo Box selection from Options Window, Tracker Type Now Detected Automatically

Leica EmScon Aim To XYZ Locations now uses ADM if Tracker Supports ADM regardless of Stationary Point Measurement ADM Setting

AT401: New Interface now fully tested along side AT901

AT401: Show the battery status on startup and poll every 2 minutes

AT401: Smart Point now Triggers Point Measurement regardless of Single Point / Avg. Point Mode Setting

Leica T-Scan Enhancements:

Application Updated to SDK Support Version 1.13

Added support for SMR/Reflector Stationary Point measurements from within the T-Scan interface

no longer need to change to Leica Tracker interface for SMR measurements

Measurement Mode now switches automatically between T-Scan and SMR when beam is broken

User Interface Updated and Data Logging/Status messages added

Device Alignments Enhancements:

Now supports simultaneous Leapfrog, from two devices at the same time

Leapfrog Alignment now always turns on Auto Finish

Auto Finish now does not force to 3 points, remember the number of points

Added option to have one device trigger the other via Trigger

Enhanced Faro USB Arm interface log file output

Faro USB Arm Interface now logs and shows the Device Driver version number

Level information is now being send through to Verisurf for Reporting etc

Fix the Change Device for Faro Arm, Checkbox for Connect Using Serial Number

Installation now Disables and Removes devices that are incompatible with the Target Operating system

Device Setup issue with empty device selection tree resolved

Device support added for 6DOF rotation matrix representation

Device Switching has been fixed, and removed as an option

Device Switching is now always turned on

Device Setup application now has EmScon Web App button shortcut for Leica Tracker interface

Dev2VDI Dll now supports Multiple clients from device application

Probe Manager Bug fix for devices that have their own probe management system

3.02.06 – 02/15/2011

Nikon Laser Radar Support updated to CLR v6.0.3.1100

Full Install Updated, Catia Support Installation removed ( now required separate install )

Update Installation bug fix for Romer Absolute Arm


3.02.04 – 02/04/2011

Nikon HandHeld/Scanner support files updated to HHAPI Ver 3.4

Localization Project Completed

Baces 3D Installation and Driver updated to Version

HandyProbe installation selection for VxElements or HPS Added

Master3DGage support for VDI Alignments Point recording bug fixed


3.02.03 – 01/19/2011

Installation for Nikon HandHeld/Scanner Device Interface Fixed

Microscibe Arm Interface UI Bug Fix

WinRDS Arm Interface Default to Low Speed mode


3.02.02 – 01/18/2011

Romer Absolute Arm Interface Added

Romer Absolute Arm Integrated Scanner support Added

Device Setup window Enhanced, Device Type selection added

Probe Manager – Scanner mode now allows probe manager to appear

Probe Manager – Enhancements to config file support

Probe Manager – Shaft Dia and Shaft Length now enabled for CAD display on probe model

Probe Manager – Tip offset now works with all devices

Probe Manager/Calibration – Added “Z up” offset for zeroing probe vector direction

New Leica Tracker Interface Added to support all Leica Tracker devices and T-Probe device

Added Display Model support for Leica Trackers AT401 and AT901

Nikon Laser Radar MV330/350 Interface added

I++ CMM Interface Added

Full Install support enhancements for devices that need 3rd party drivers/software

Nikon K-Scan/HHAPI Interface updated to support MMDx scanner and MCA II Arms


3.02.01 – 8/26/2010

Master3DGage Interface Updated to support TempComp and Device Alignments

VDroCnt.dll updated to support Device Alignments

ALG Added to Device Alignments

RDS Support added to Standard Romer arms for RDS Arm Interface

Leica GeoCOM TDRA Interface Added

Target Manager Support added for Leica GeoCOM Interface

Probe Icon now brings up the Calibration for Master3DGage Interface

Nikon HHAPI K600 Interface Updated

Smart Point latch bug fix from 3.01.16


3.01.16 – 6/28/2010

API T2 and T3 Tracker Interface supports multiple device channels

API Device Interface ( T3, T4, I-Probe, I-Scan ) supports multiple device channels

Installation Updated MSVC Support updated

Master3DGage – RDSService now does Autostart if it is not running

FaroUSBArm Interface – Added Time Stamp to Data output

Average Point trigger from Verisurf X CAD window fixed

Faro Tracker, Blue SMR Balls are not going active after connection

Added Leica emScon 3 Interface to support Leica’s AT-401

Universal Machine Interface – Added to support for Multiple-Line 2D Data format

Faro Tracker – Blue SMR Ball Icons now active after startup/connection

DeviceSetup – Added universal IP Address Editor for devices

Added Metris K-Scan and K600 Interface

Added Proliner Interface


3.01.14 – 3/25/2010

IGPS Interface Updated – Multiframe Align Remote Enable added

Master3DGage Interface Updated

Installation Updated, VDI Update Size reduced

NDI Tracker / Portable CMM Interface Added

Kreon Skiron Arm Scanner Interface Added

Kreon Scanner Interface Updated

VS Codes Updated

LAP Laser Output added to Projector Linker


3.01.13 – 2/18/2010

V-Stars Interface Updated, Auto Update for Probe Radius added

V-Stars Interface Updated, Remote Verisurf/Trigger function added

Master3DGage Interface Updated – Temperature Display Fix for Deg. C/F

Device Setup updated – Icons and pictures updated


3.01.11 – 2/04/2010

VDI – Verisurf License Codes/File Location Updated

Leica Emscon Interface – Support for Mouse Click/Triggered Points fixed

API Device Interface Updated

Nikon Laser Radar Interface Updated:

Change system units on AER set box to match display units of VDI and LR Controls

Removed Trihedral Target Method

Removed Metrology Box Scan Method

Device Setup – Window is now uses the topmost window style

Device Setup – Window now toggles open/closed when you try to launched again.

Faro USB Arm – Modified to support the I-Probe/Touch Probe Triggered events

Romer Gage – Interface Added

Scanworks NDI – Coordinate System Altered


3.01.10 – 12/30/2009

Updated Kreon Scanner Interface and Installation.

Updated Romer WinRDS Interface.


3.01.08 – 12/18/2009


Added readonly to our CTE’s in TempComp window.

Remove code that buffers single triggers.

Fixed issue with VDI and sending points to CAD when in measure when starting.

Fixed the Dealer Sim codes renewal time.

ProbeManager: CAD Settings Dia and Len now have defaults.

VDI optomized for End Point cloud for Laser Radar.

Fixed the Temperature display in the VDI so that it updates correctly.

Added NDI Interface for Scanworks.

Romer WinRDS

Make 3rd button Toggle mouse mode.

disable 3rd button from sending wrong button codes to VDI.

Application has been rewritten.

Aded Low Speed Application that uses polling instead of WAROPeX

Leica Emscon

Enable log files for interface and post logs on every command to the tracker

API Device App

Continuous Mode issues / trigger from space bar now toggles on/off


Fixed the Eular angle calculation routine, use ZYX decode.

Fixed the Inverted Vector between Scanner and point modes.

Modify log file output to proper folder and enhance log output.

Added new Interface: Scanworks – NDI Interface, now uses a different config file for the coordinate system

Laser Radar

Finish Vison Scan Point to Point Target

Make the Extend Boundary Parameter active for vision scan boundary

Fixed skip targets in AutoInspect

Target Manager now has a DataBase format version number

Clear Error is display in the summary area

Reloading Disc targets does now sets defualt target

3.01.04 – 08/24/2009: 

Installation Updated and CRT DLL Support updated.

Kreon Scanner Interface Updated


3.01.03 – 08/10/2009: 

Metris LR:

Detachable Sizeable Video window added

Mirror alignment routine added

Added Measure Error for skip point in automate

Added Invert Input Vector, for SVI and En Surface Point

Added Point Input Offset, for SVI and En Surface Point

Added Point Output Offset, for SVI and En Surface Point

Made option to send position updates during measurements.

Made option to Send Stop command on Cancel operation.

Perceptron Scanner interface now gets proper probe radius when using probe mode

HandyProbe interface tested and working

HandyScan Interface Updated and Tested.

Probe Manager now works properly with Baces 3D’s probe management

Baces 3D now has VDI Custom probe calibration added

Installation updated for new Baces 3D installer

Projector Linker:

Clear on receive now defaults to off on startup

Show DB Name/path – File Save Path at bottom of Linker

Display Database Name at the bottom of the LPT Linker window

Now Saves file/folder path for other devices.

3.00.18 – 05/28/2009: 

Metris Laser Radar Interface Updated.

Creaform3D HandyScan VxScan Interface Added

3.00.16 – 05/01/2009:

Metris Laser Radar Interface Updated.

3.00.09 – 3/12/2009: 

Registry Entries Changed for Admin Users/Non-Admin Users.

Faro Gold/Silver Probe Calibration Units issue Fixed

. Baces 3D Interface Updated.

3.00.08 – 2/18/2009: 

Device Alignments: On the last point in the device alignments, it lets the last point through to Verisurf Fixed.

Temp Comp can now add temperature scale factor as well as Device Temp.

Catia V5 Support updated to V5 ver 5.8.0 Catia V5 Support Enabled bug fix

Romer Arm no longer sends 0’s On Limits causing Verisurf V9 delay in measure

Device Setup window now has device names listed in Alpha order

VDI VdroCnt.dll updated to support multiple copies of X

Average Point Calculation and timing fixed

Metris LR Interface Updated

3.00.04 – 1/26/2009: 

Device Switching Fixed.

Probe manager vector offset for microscribe fixed.

CMM Probe Calibration saves master sphere size fixed.

CMM Probe Calibration applies new probe radius after calibration.

Average Point routine only collects points on new data.

Faro Tracker Level confirmation window now on top of all other windows.

Device Align copy/cut from the first point in the list fixed.


3.00.03 – 1/21/2009: 

Custom Probe Calibration udpdated for Faro Arm, Romer Arm.

Romer Arm now shows the name of the device in the X3 Device manager.

Probe manager now copies probe vectors with new/copy probe.

VDI Full install now installing Romer Drivers.


3.00.01 – 11/10/2008: 

Rebuild for latest X3 Release.

Registry Changes for Vista 64 Compatibility

Leica emScon spiral search now optional on AIM.dll.

Leica T-Scan fix for multiple point cloud generation on single scan, out of range


2.08.12 – 10/20/2008: 

Device Setup Listing icon fixed.

VDI Security Updated for X3, and X4.


2.08.10 – 10/14/2008:

VDI Dialog Bug fixes for Align an Probe Manager.

2.08.09 – 10/08/2008:

Metris Laser Radar Interface Added.

2.08.08 – 09/16/2008:

IGPS Interface Updated – Remote Point Triggering enabled for Probe.

2.08.07 – 09/05/2008:

More DLL Errors Resolved for VDIProbeCal.dll, VDIAlign.dll, and VDIProbeMan.dll.

2.08.05 – 08/25/2008:

DLL Errors Resolved for VDIAlign.dll and VDIProbeMan.dll.

2.08.04 – 08/21/2008:

Projector Linker Enhancements

DLL Errors Resolved for VDIProbeCal.dll

VDI Alignment Tools Redesigned now supports Points Pasting in from Verisurf’s Copy Tool.

2.08.03 – 08/13/2008:

API Tracker – Enable SMR Stability Check option added.

Show Device Settings

DLL Errors Resolved for VDIAlign.dll and VDIProbeMan.dll

2.08.02 – 08/12/2008: 

API Tracker – Enable SMR Stability Check option added. – Menu -> Show Device Settings

DLL Errors Resolved for VDIAlign.dll and VDIProbeMan.dll


2.07.09 – 08/05/2008: 

Fixed: Projector Linker now export data via. Verisurf Ref format.

Fixed: Projector Linker now Launches help files.

Dev2VDI.DLL Updated for sending version info.

IGPS Changes:

When Data provider window is gone, shut down the alignment.

Will only launch one copy of the Data Provider.

Make diable trigger on device 2 only work if VDI is aligning.

Alignment needs to Not put the VDI into Relative mode verytime it aligns.

Make iGPS Option for always updating the alignment and calcuating on the fly.

with every new position that comes in from the igps

Align Window will not overwrite new files unless user does so.

Align Window will now import points from Verisurf’s Copy.dll C-Hook.

Align Window Re-Align, and Record Alignement fixed.


2.07.08 – 07/18/2008:

Full Rebuild, all applications and support DLL’s.

Quality and opt. Stability available via DataXPort.

2.07.07 – 07/17/2008:

Updated Metris MCA Arm Interface, Probe Selection.

Updated VDroCnt.dll added support for device names.


2.07.06 – 07/14/2008: 

Fixed Mouse Demo Mode.

Updated Metris MCA Arm Interface.Updated Temp Comp when using Device Alignments on Device 2, 3 & 4.

Updated API Tracker Point Stability Reset on Smart Point.


2.07.05 – 07/03/2008: 

Whats fixed:

Add MCA Arm Interace To Installation.

VDI Installation must check for any running VDI’s before continuing the installation.

Updated Catia Support for V5.


2.07.04 – 06/26/2008: 

Whats fixed:

VDI does not send trigger points to Verisurf durring probe calibration for arms.

Material Temperature Readout doesn’t update when device sends new temperature.

All Device Interfaces have single dialog settings.


2.07.03 – 06/03/2008: 

Microscan 3D Interface Updated.

VDroCnt.dll & Dev2VDI.dll updated.

Projector Linker Updated.

2.07.02a – 05/30/2008:

API Tracker Interface Update.

Metris iGPS Interface Temp Comp Enabled.

2.07.01 – 05/28/2008: 

API Tracker Interface Update.

Assembly Guidance Laser Projector update.

Virtek Laser Projector update.

2.06.09 – 05/28/2008: 

Metris iGPS Interface updated.

2.06.08 – 05/16/2008: 

Microscan 3D Laser Scanner Interface Added.

New Installation for Romer WinRDS Support.

Probe Manager Radius update from Calibration Fixed.

IGPS Interface Updated.

All Laser Scanner Interfaces Updated, Scanworks/Faro/T-Scan.

Temp Comp Window: Scale Bar/Material can not work at the same time.

VDI Windows Tools popup fix on activate.

Leica Emscon window fix: OK hides window permanantly. ( fixed )

Probe Shaft Length and Shaft diameter display fixed.

Romer WinRDS Updated to 5.1.

Probe Manager Radius update from Calibration Fixed.

IGPS Interface Updated.

All Laser Scanner Interfaces Updated, Scanworks/Faro/T-Scan.

2.06.04 – 04/23/2008: 

Assembly Guidance Inteface Added

Virtek Interface Added

Projector Linker – Copy to Verisurf Added, for V9 Paste.dll for Parts and Tools

Faro Arm doesn’t zero out the VDI when you hit both buttons anymore

Faro and Romer arms need to estimate their probe shaft len/dia.

API Tracker Beam Break fix for smart Point/Sphere

Catia V5 Tools updated to rev 4.8.1

VDI Now shuts down applications left running for device support.

2.06.03 – 04/11/2008: 

Device Alignments Updated

Probe Manager Updated

Metris iGPS Interface Added

Probe Radius update issue fixed with Romer Arm.

Rev 2.06.02 – 02/21/2008: 

What’s Fixed …

VDI Probe Nest Calibration shows point 1 of 5 when there is only 1 point

VDI Allows multiple devices on same channel to be launched.

VDI Cal window needs smaller help icon

VDI Cal window needs popup help icon too.

3D Calibration doesn’t load 3D Files correctly, crashes.

VDI Cal window needs 3D File info to update when you load it up.

VDI Cal window is not launching the Cal Tools app.

VDI Cal needs to “trap” the [X] close box and the ESC key, only close it via. [OK].

need to change Leica Theodolite to Total station and change icon.

Catia toolbar needs to say “export with verisurf alignment”

T-Probe radius information pulled from Emscon

T-Probe stylus serial number pulled from Emscon

Emscon VDI stability fixed

T-Mac integration

VDI Probe calibration for 3 Axis CMM’s preserves the probe vector now if you don’t have “Calc probe vector from first point” selected

When taking points in a probe calibration do not send points through to verisurf while calibration is running.

Theodolite re-tested

Need to update Perceptron interface

Need to change icon for Metris interface

Need property pages for the VDI Display settings, need to call them program settings.

Need to Add To Display Settings:

Display X, Y, Z, 3D, I, J, K, A, B, C, Stability, etc..

needs to do Relative/Abs for 6DoF

3D CAl Tools, as you run a calibtration, the XYZ max errors do not update but the 3D max does


Rev 2.06.01 – 01/18/2008: 

Change Device Program now uses Tree with picture icons

Change Device Program now has help file

VDI Calibration Settings now has Help File.

Faro Tracker – Distance Mode Settings Support issue fixed

LPT Linker now has Help file

Rev 2.05.31 – 01/02/2008: 

Dealer SIM Support extended for 2008

Faro USB Arm – enable reference dialogs should defualt to OFF

VDI Device Alignments now rotating the Vector when alignment is active

Rev 2.05.30 – 12/21/2007: 

Removed “Use Probe Radius” from VDI Probe Manager.

VDI Sphere Probe Calibration enhacements for CMM probe calibrations.

Faro Tracker Has Auto Stop/Start Tracking if samples per observation has changed.

Faro Tracker now has Distance Measurement modes greyed out on non supported equipment.

ProbeEXInfo added to VDroCnt.DLL

RomerAPI updated to 3.12 – Speaker beep on Romer Arm has been muted.

Perceptron Scanworks interface Bug fix for part disconnect socket error.

Probe manager has “Reset Defaults” to reload the defualt probes.

API Tracker II Bug Fix from VDI program Launch

VDI Cal Settings Bug fix for parameters.

VDI Cal window requires admin user to enter this window.

VDI Cal has Segmented Error Correction.

Rev 2.05.28 – 12/05/2007: 

SMX Interface now working as SMX Instead of Faro.

WinRDS Installation now copies Robo.dll and suprastuff.dll from Cimcore directory.

LPT Linker has option to shut off the CHook Log file generation.

Rev 2.05.27 – 11/20/2007: 

Installation and Device Selection Enhancements:

VDI and Change Device look for support files for Faro/SMX Trackers

Network Connection Test program added to Change Device / Start Menu

Allows you to ping the IP Address that you have selected before you Start the VDI

Rev 2.05.26 – 11/12/2007: 

Verisurf – Smart point On/Off fix

Rev 2.05.25 – 11/09/2007: 

Leica emScon Interface updated – ( COM and ATL support restored to application )

Rev 2.05.24 – 11/08/2007: 

Perceptron ScanWorks Inteface Updated for Scanworks 5.2

Probe calibration enabled for Perceptron Interface

Verisurf Serial Interface Updated – UI Fix for External Probe Latch signal checkbox

Rev 2.05.21 – 10/11/2007: 

Machine Tool Interface – open/close buttons removed and Vector Readout added

Machine Tool Interface – Now accepts single line files without CR + LF

Machine Tool Interface – Option to Delete file or just Empty the file and keep it

VDI – Resizing the window causes Avg Point progress bar to not Display correctly

3D Calibration – Menu Changes – Export and import csv files from excel.

3D Calibration – Menu Changes – Added Insert Point and Popup edit menu for right click on list

Rev 2.05.20 – 10/09/2007: 

VDI 3D Error Correction Enhancements – Grid Point Editor added

Rev 2.05.19 – 10/05/2007: 

VDI Trigger modes disabled when Tracker beam is broken

VDI Trigger Mode: Single shot Mode bug fix on Tracker Beam Break

Rev 2.05.18 – 10/03/2007: 

VDI Average point cancels measurement upon tracker beam break

Rev 2.05.17 – 10/03/2007: 

Verisurf “P” Key and external triggering now takes points with all devices.

VDI Realtime stability display for all devices.

Leica NetBEUI Interface Updated to Rev 2.13, Auto Restart tries after 4 seconds.

Rev 2.05.16 – 9/20/2007: 

3D Calibration now has Enable Cal per device.

Verisurf Alignments Transform has been optimized for speed.

Verisurf Average Point setting doesn’t not set the number correctly for the Faro Tracker Interface.

Verisurf Trigger Modes now update the Trigger mode settings in real time.

Rev 2.05.15 – 9/19/2007: 

Add Verisurf Alignment option to the VDI’s Data – Switch Available for dealers only

3D Cal – Added 3D Deviation on the list display.

3D Cal – Added default file name when you save

3D Cal – Added remote link to device1 to turn on/off the comp.

Rev 2.05.14 – 9/13/2007: 

Faro Tracker – Samples per Observation Limit changed from 100 to 5000

VDI – Survey Tools – Excel Reports, Data Grouping bug fix on first point

VDI – 3D Volumetric Error Correction enabled – Verisurf 3D Calbration Tools Added

VDI – CTRL + SHIFT + Menu About, Registry Viewer feature added

Rev 2.05.13 – 9/04/2007: 

VDI – Trigger Mode Average Point Mode Fix

VDI – Use Button to Trigger Smart Tools Fix

Rev 2.05.12 – 8/31/2007: 

VDI – Trigger Mode False latch issue fixed w/Leica Tracker

Rev 2.05.11 – 8/30/2007: 

VDI – Device Alignments Update: Align Re-due Fix

Rev 2.05.10 – 8/28/2007: 

VDI – Alignment Tools now has Aim To Location added to list menu

Faro Tracker – Average Point would not record in Device Alignments Fixed

Rev 2.05.09 – 8/28/2007: 

VDI – Show Deviations button doesn’t display properly if you only have a few toolbar icons selected.

Faro Tracker bug fix with Average Point Foreground Measurement.

Rev 2.05.08 – 8/27/2007: 

Temp Comp: Scale Bar Calibration, enable scale bar needs to “disable” out when you are calibrating

Probe Manager: Hide the spericity values for Laser Trackers

Temp Comp: Material Temperature box gets overwritten when receiving external temp from device

Metronor Updated – Connection issues with TCP/IP fixed

Metronor Updated – not getting vector from mnsServer

Need to set Probe Orientation – Set to last selection Use Vector

I,J,K are are set to 0, 0, 1 if no vector is given

VDI Security Updated, now supports R9.1 R29 also

Rev 2.05.07 – 8/22/2007: 

Scan Tools sets verisurf focus ( More/Less )

Auto Point sets Verisurf Focus ( More/Less )

Added scan toolbar icon

DeviceAlign: Clear list needs to clear out results

When you import a file and auto finish is on, have it

set the number of points to the number that was imported

Probe Manager: Needs export probe list to file

Probe Manager: needs import probe list from file

Probe Manager: make confirmation for probe delete

Needs the ability to change the nest position and have it follow through for all probes.

Need to make Trigger mode settings timer more than 5 seconds.

Need to restore the preset location when entering the nest

Device alignments “Start recording here” doesn’t save points as base coords when it is recording points.

It records points in aligned coords if there is an alignment active.

Device Alignemnts: Fixed Device Alignments report html graphics issue

Device Alignments now supports re-alignments while alignment active

Make API Tracker option for network settings in the Change Device App.

Probe Manager – Bug Fix for Calculating Probe Offsets

Make sure alignments windows closes and sets verisurf focus.

Show measured points in list by marking them with *.

dont snap to the tab for Fixed if Align tab is on then just show that point

Duplicate “Show Deviations” Button in alignment window

Make an option for automaitcally overwrite the alignment file and not pop up the save box.

make autopoint come on if it is a tracker and you initiate a Re-due

Alignment window: pop up if it is out of tolerance – needs a stability measurement and timeout

Auto initaiate a Re-due if a nest is visited and stable and red for more than number of seconds

Single Axis Readout, close doesn’t work, bust hit the “X” button in upper right corner

Need a way to make the window bigger… for showing IJK

Add Vectors I, J, K, and Probe Radius to List and file.

Always show this new information with each list entry, IJK and Probe Radius.

Temp comp wants to go throug both scale bar and the material, scale bar first.

First make new checkbox active for Enable material, make it read from the registry.

Probe Manager CMM sphere calibration add “Save Shaft Vector” option

when Re-due shuts off, it needs to shut off smart point if it turned it on..

Need Re-due to save the state of smart point

Rev 2.05.06 – 7/25/2007: 

Faro Tracker app updated to Rev. 2.35

Avg point measure fix for P1 into Verisurf Measure.

Trigger mode setting “Use Button to Trigger Smart Tools” now only

applys to average point mode.

Machine Tools PC Interface Rev 2.04

Now supports XYZ and IJK from machine tool

Rev 2.05.05 – 7/13/2007: 

Added checkbox for Trigger mode settings

“Use Button To Trigger Smart Tools”

This will fire off smart point when the button is down

and kill it when it is released.

Currently works for average point mode / ALL Devices

Perceptron interface now sends P0 with all scan lines button down or up.

Rev 2.05.04 – 7/12/2007: 

Romer interface update:

probe editor updated to write to both files

now loads the current file

allows IN/MM changes in editor

now edits the Length variable

Romer Api applet updated to 5.0.3 support files. Rev 3.08

Faro USB Arm Applet updated to support Rev 2.27

Probe calibration added for Faro USB Arm, Romer WinRDS, and Microscribe Arm

Probe manager fix for Admin / non-admin settings

ScanTools inhanced, added Grid Slice and 3D Boundary filters

Metronor interface Updated to Rev 2.12

added TCP-IP interface capability

Point trigger down + done button now zeros the VDI

Probe button for Romer now pops up menu to select between:

editor and calibration

Fixed 2.05.04 7/06/2007

make the Scantools window not sizeable in non-scanner mode

7/06/07 ( VDI 2.05.04 )

Line filter not letting triggers through

Make device sim only send P0 and P1 when set to 1 point per scan line in scanner mode

Machine Tool PC Interface updated to 2.03

TCP/IP Socket Client Connection added

Shared file support added.

Rev 2.04.01 – 4/09/2007: 

New Security Updates – HASP / 30 Day Eval.

Rev 2.03.14 – 3/26/2007: 

API Tracker Software Update – build from 1/26/07

Rev 2.03.13 – 3/16/2007: 

Faro Tracker Interface Update. – Temp Sensor Update Rates Added.

VDI – Temperature Settings window update

Remote Device Support updated to Rev 2.11 – >30K pts/s TCP/IP Transfers

Rev 2.03.12 – 3/02/2007: 

Romer Interface Rev 3.06 Arm Angles reworked for CAD Model.

Remote Device Support updated

LPT VDI Support Updated

Rev 2.03.10 – 2/10/2007: 

SMX Tracker Interface Updated to Rev. 2.29

Home Tracker 2nd Home bug fix

LPT Linker Auto Reject Scan Added

Rev 2.03.09 – 2/09/2007: 

SMX Tracker Interface Updated to Rev. 2.28

Home Tracker now locks on w/solid green light

Rev 2.03.08- 1/31/2007: 

Verisurf Alignment Display on XYZ Readout added

Rev 2.03.07- 1/19/2007: 

VDI GUI Changes, Controls button changed

Rev 2.03.06- 1/18/2007: 

API Tracker Support Update ( 12-15-2006 ) SmartTrak Enhancements

Measure Tools Update

Rev 2.03.05- 12/21/2006: 

Faro Serial Arm Interface Update

Scan Tools update

Rev 2.03.04a – 12/19/2006: 

Survey Tools, Excel Reports Update

Rev 2.03.04 – 12/19/2006: 

Microscribe connection lost dialog is now system modal

Make faro Tracker send locked on messages after a spiral scan

Add search to the VDI menu for the Faro Tracker

Scan Tools now fixed for T-Scan interface

LPTLinker: Put delay after writing the files before projecting

Make survey tools ask you to save when you exit if file is new

Make the probe radius set to Zero for Line Scanners

Faro Set 2nd home doesn’t update the check box menu

Faro 2nd home doesn’t save location

Rev 2.03.02 – 12/07/2006: 

Faro Tracker Update – Search Target Parameters Added

Rev 2.03.01 – 12/04/2006: 

Added Microscribe X GSuit Interface

Added Baces3D Arm Interface

Fixed Calibration Squareness/Linear wizzard UI bug

Add a survey icon to the toolbar

Rev 2.02.21a – 11/16/2006:  Metris Interface Inverted Y & Z aim Issues resolved

Rev 2.02.21 – 11/11/2006:  Tempcomp window now displays the Correct number on startup

AutoStart Excel checkbox doesn’t remember its setting

Report Settings button added to Survey tools

Rev 2.02.20 – 11/10/2006:  Whats new/Fixed

Survey Part view display correct IN/MM from Verisurf.

Make API PPM factor = 5

Temperature doens’t output a number in survey tools excel export

Always switch to Part coords if present in the export…

DataXPort Rev 1.16

Add 3D distance to DataXPort

Rev 2.02.19 – 11/02/2006:  Faro Tracker – Interface updated to Rev 2.23, Beam break reset fix

Faro Tracker – Home targeting fix – faster

Faro Tracker – Foregound mode avg point now exports quality data for Excel

VDI – Left mouse click needs to override a no zone to send a trigger.

VDI – Autopoint require 0.25 sec. to reset distance from triggered location

Romer API – Interface Updated to Rev. 3.05

Romer API – Special Settings dialog fixed and Interface stays connected

Rev 2.02.18 – 10/26/2006:  API Tracker Interface Updated to release v3.2.3.1 – Dated 10/26/2006

1) Update w/ latest T2 package.

2) Resolve the exit crash problem.

3) Fixed the USB adapter connection problem.

4) Fixed the bug for crash if no PRM file present.

5) Fixed the OT w/ Camera.

Rev 2.02.17 – 10/23/2006:  API Tracker Interface Updated to release v3.2.1.1 – Dated 10/19/2006

1) Support for 3 types of tracker: Tracker II (+), Tracker III, OmniTrak.

2) Add status support for verisurf on T2.

Rev 2.02.16a – 10/20/2006:  Installation Fix for ScanWorks Interface.

Rev 2.02.16 – 10/18/2006:  Microscribe Support Updated To 2.21 – Custom Probe Cal bug fix.

Rev 2.02.15a – 10/12/2006:  Romer Interface Updated to Rev 3.03

Probe Calibration Dialog Bug Fixed

API Tracker II+ Support added to back installation

Rev 2.02.14 – 10/10/2006:  Romer Interface Updated to Rev 3.02

Remove the romer utilities from the menu

Mircroscribe Interface Updated to Rev 2.20 – button swap check box added to swap button / footpedal functions

Rev 2.02.13 – 10/04/2006: Faro Tracker Update Rev 2.24 – Set 2nd Home

Romer WinRDS Arm Interface updated to Rev 3.01 – Renishaw probe support added.

Rev 2.02.12 – 9/29/2006: Faro Tracker Update Rev 2.23 – Run Level Fix#2

Rev 2.02.11 – 9/27/2006: Faro Tracker Update Rev 2.22 – Run Level Fix

Rev 2.02.10 – 9/26/2006: Simulation Update for API

Rev 2.02.09b – 9/20/2006: Faro Tracker Interface Updated Rev. 2.21b, Temp Sensor fix

Rev 2.02.09a – 9/20/2006: Machine Tool Interface Updated Rev 2.02

Installation API Tracker Selection Fixed

Rev 2.02.09 – 9/20/2006: Machine Tool Interface Updated, LPTLinker Updated to Rev 2.18

Rev 2.02.08 – 9/13/2006: Machine Tool RS-232 Interface Added

Rev 2.02.07 – 9/08/2006: Perceptron Scanner Interface Added

API ADM Tracker Interface Removed from Install – now Tracker3 only

Scan tool enhancements / Line Scanner filters added

Rev 2.02.06a – 8/23/2006: Faro USB Arm – Probe Tip Trigger Removed when Scanner Enabled

Rev 2.02.06 – 8/19/2006: Scan Tools Update / Device Alignments Update

Rev 2.02.05 – 8/16/2006: Leica emScon Interface Update / CMM Calibration Update

Rev 2.02.04 – 8/11/2006: API Tracker Interface Update

Rev 2.02.03 – 8/9/2006: Scan Tools / File Save utility added, API Tracker Update

Rev 2.02.01 – 7/28/2006: Squareness Calibration & Scale Bar Calibration Added

Rev 2.01.38 – 7/24/2006:Leica NetBEUI Interface Updated to 2.09

Calibration Settings Updated / Squareness Correction Added

Rev 2.01.37a – 7/24/2006:LPT Linker Update / API Tracker Interface Updated

Faro Tracker / SMX Tracker Interface Updated

Rev 2.01.35a – 7/11/2006:Installation Update / Device Selection Update

Rev 2.01.35 – 7/10/2006: 3D Creator update / Remote Device update

Rev 2.01.34 – 6/29/2006: Faro Tracker, Romer Arm updates

Rev 2.01.33 – 6/15/2006:   Romer WinRDS Arm Interface Rev 2.12 Updated to WinRDS 5.0

LPT Linker updated LPT-10 Feature Scan Functions enabled and fully supported.

LPT Linker, Tool Files only need to reset the target number when laser number has changed.

LPT Linker now reads single line job index files correctly.

Rev 2.01.32 – 6/9/2006:  Point Trigger fix with VDI & Verisurf Measure, no more missed points

Faro Tracker Temp sensors now has a shortcut on the Temp comp window. Calibration settings locked out with password = “measure”

Rev 2.01.31a – 5/30/2006:    Faro Tracker Interface Updated

Rev 2.01.31 – 5/27/2006:    Faro Tracker Updated to ( Applet Rev 2.19 )

Rev 2.01.30c – 5/26/2006:     VDI Window Focus added

Rev 2.01.30b – 5/24/2006:     LPT Linker Keyhit bug fix

Rev 2.01.30a – 5/23/2006:

Temperature Compensation Bug Fix – now Active

Faro Tracker Applet updated to 2.18 – Windowed SMR Support Added

Faro USB Arm 5.0 Applet updaed to 2.24 – Units In/MM support added to probes dialog

Rev 2.01.29 – 5/23/2006:   Metris MVI Interface Updated

Rev 2.01.28b – 5/10/2006:   LPT Linker Updated / Window on Top fixed.

Rev 2.01.28a – 5/10/2006:   Focus Switching to Verisurf / Ctrl + Alt + V implemented

Rev 2.01.28 – 5/10/2006:   Faro Tracker Interface Updated, Beam break sound fix

LPTLinker update, all groups collapsed, all ply names are different, Minimize button added

Rev 2.01.27a – 4/26/2006:   Catia Interface Update for Catia V5 R16.

Rev 2.01.27 – 4/24/2006:   Device Align Updated, 3D Results fix

Rev 2.01.26 – 4/12/2006:   Leica NetBEUI 2.0 Interface Update

Rev 2.01.25 – 4/4/2006:   Leica emScon update / Temp comp update

Rev 2.01.24 – 4/2/2006:   Leica emScon update Probe Manager bug fix

Rev 2.01.23 – 3/30/2006:   Device Alignment Enhancements / Change Device Updated

Rev 2.01.22 – 3/29/2006:   Remote Device as checkbox, Leica Emscon probe size fix, Device alignment blank numbers when not selected

Rev 2.01.21 – 3/28/2006:   Progress Bar Added, Survey Tool Fix for Faro & Metric Vision

Rev 2.01.19 – 3/24/2006:   SMX Level Enabled, Temperature Display fix

Rev 2.01.18 – 3/22/2006:   Leica NetBEUI Interface Update

Rev 2.01.17 – 3/21/2006:   VDI / GUI Changes / Window Name shows device only

Rev 2.01.16b – 3/21/2006:   Simulator now supports Leica w/T-Probe

Rev 2.01.16a – 3/21/2006:   Leica NetBEUI 2.0 Inteface Update / Restart on Beam Break added / F8 Key Enabled

Rev 2.01.16 – 3/21/2006:   Leica NetBEUI 2.0 Inteface Update / Restart on Beam Break added

Rev 2.01.15 – 3/20/2006:   SMX Tracker added to Device Selection, Icon added for DataXPort, Icons GUI update, MetricVision default probe size changed to 0.0

Rev 2.01.14 – 3/15/2006:   Alignment Tools updated / Plane-Line-Point fix

Rev 2.01.13 – 3/14/2006:   Home Button added to Toolbar / Display Defaults settings changed

Rev 2.01.12 – 3/14/2006:   Faro Tracker Device Update – memory issue resolved

Rev 2.01.11 – 3/13/2006:   GUI Changes / Flicker reduced on Readouts

Rev 2.01.1 – 3/10/2006:   VDI 2.0 Release -All applets updated / GUI Changes

Rev 1.53.08b – 3/2/2006:   Leica emScon 2.o Interface Updated / Faro Tracker App Updated

Rev 1.53.08 – 2/16/2006:   Faro tracker Interface Update / Installation Update

Rev 1.53.07 – 2/10/2006:   Romer WinRDS Interface updated / Leica T-Probe Enhancements

Rev 1.53.06 – 2/7/2006:   Registry Changes for Restricted users Finished – Probe Manager Defaults fix

Rev 1.53.05 – 2/6/2006:   MicroScribe Interface Update tip offset fix

Registry Key Changes: Restricted users on HKEY_CURRENT_USER for all applications and VDI

Rev 1.53.04a – 2/6/2006:   Faro USB Arm support update / Sphere tool radius fix

Rev 1.53.04 – 2/2/2006:   Manual / scan Point Trigger Fix

Rev 1.53.03 – 1/31/2006:   Installation Update / Romer GDS Arm Update / VDI Gui Changes

Rev 1.53.02 – 1/26/2006:   Installation Update / Romer GDS Arm Update / Microscribe Update



Rev 1.53.01 – 1/24/2006:   LPT Linker Updated & Added to VDI’s Devices

MicroScribe Update, Installation Update, Single Axis Window Added to VDI

Rev 1.52.05a – 1/06/2006:   LPT Linker app updated to 1.18 – Group Name Changes

Rev 1.52.05 – 12/29/2005:   Device Alignments Updated / Change Device Updated

Rev 1.52.04 – 12/23/2006:   Device Alignments Updated w/ Extended Callbacks

Rev 1.52.03 – 12/23/2005:   Faro Tracker update

Rev 1.52.02 – 12/21/2005:   VDI Alignment update / Faro Tracker 2.0 applet update

Rev 1.52.01 – 12/20/2005:   VDI Display option for 3D Distance added

Rev 1.51.50c – 12/19/2005:   VDI Installation updated / Device Alignment update

Rev 1.51.50a – 12/09/2005:   VDI Leica Theodolite / Total Station Updated

Rev 1.51.50 – 12/06/2005:   VDI / API ADM integration updated

Rev 1.51.49 – 12/05/2005:   API Tracker ADM Interface Updated / Startup Resolved

Rev 1.51.48c – 12/02/2005:   Leica emScon / Video Camera Window Enhancements

Rev 1.51.48b – 12/02/2005:   Leica emScon / Video Camera Window Updated

Rev 1.51.48a – 12/01/2005:   Leica emScon Video Camera Window Added

Rev 1.51.47b – 11/30/2005:   Leica emScon Interface Update – Video Camera Option Checkbox added

Rev 1.51.47a – 11/29/2005:   Temp Comp Scalebar Sphere measurement fixed

Rev 1.51.47 – 11/29/2005:   Leica emScon 2.0 Interface Update / Video Camera Support Added

Rev 1.51.46 – 11/29/2005:   Change Device Updated again / Leica emScon Updated to 2.3.472

Temperature Drift alarm Added – Use Device Temperature Added

Survey Tools DRO should show the last dX, dY, dZ

Faro Tracker 2.0 App updated, Beam break alarm fixed, Home position toolbar


Rev 1.51.44 – 11/24/2005:   Change Device Updated / Leica emScon Updated.

Rev 1.51.42 – 11/17/2005:   Leica emScon Interface Updated 2.1.24 / Nivel Support added

Rev 1.51.41 – 11/14/2005:   Measure Sphere Tolerance Error Fix

Rev 1.51.40 – 11/11/2005:   Measure Sphere Toolbar Enhancements



Rev 1.51.39 – 11/09/2005:   Measure Sphere Toolbar Added

Rev 1.51.38a – 11/01/2005:   Alignment Calculation Timeout / Callback added

Rev 1.51.38 – 10/28/2005:   Alignment Reports Added

Rev 1.51.37 – 10/26/2005:   API Tracker updated / Tracker-3 device Added

Rev 1.51.36 – 10/25/2005:   Device Alignment GUI Updated



Rev 1.51.35 – 10/24/2005:   Device Alignment GUI Updated

Rev 1.51.34 – 10/18/2005:   Device Alignment Updated / First release

Rev 1.51.33a – 10/14/2005:   Device Alignment Updated / Catia Support Updated to 4.0.0

Rev 1.51.32 – 10/05/2005:   VDI Graphics update / Applications update

Rev 1.51.31 – 9/30/2005:   Catia Interface updated to 4.0 / Alignment Tools / Faro Tracker Applet

Rev 1.51.30 – 9/28/2005:   Leica T-Scan Interface Added / Installation Updated

Rev 1.51.29 – 9/26/2005:   Microscribe DLL Updated

Rev 1.51.28 – 9/23/2005:   FaroUSB App Updated – support for Touch Probe added

Rev 1.51.27 – 9/22/2005:   VDI Trigger Modes changed – now Auto drag mode

API Tracker support updated to T2-09-21-05b


Rev 1.51.26 – 9/21/2005:   Leica emScon 2.0 Updated to Rev 2.43 – Time Stamp Added to data output

VDI – Preset XYZ to Zero Hotkey added ( CTRL + A ) and also F12

VDI – Sound Settings Dialog added to control and change sounds

VDI – Drag mode sounds added and “Use as trigger button” defaults to Continuous Trigger Mode

LPT Linker – updated to Rev 1.08a Job file updates for new part files & Project This



Rev 1.51.25e – 9/15/2005:   Leica emScon 2.0 Updated to Rev 2.42 – IP Address Selection Enabled

Rev 1.51.25d – 9/15/2005:   API Tracker interface Updated to Rev ( 09-08-2005 )

Rev 1.51.25c – 9/14/2005:   LPT Interface updated to Rev. 1.06a – LPT Api Integration

Rev 1.51.25b – 9/09/2005:   LPT Interface updated to Rev. 1.06 – LPT Api Integration

Rev 1.51.25a – 9/07/2005:   LPT Interface updated to Rev. 1.05a

Rev 1.51.25 – 8/25/2005:   API ADM Interface support files updated. Release 6-21-2005

Rev 1.51.24 – 8/19/2005:   LPT / Laser Projector support added – LPTLinker

Rev 1.51.23 – 8/11/2005:   Microscribe MX Probe Default 3MM, Program Exit – Disable SmartPoint

Rev 1.51.22 – 8/09/2005:   Microscribe Interface Updated, CAD Coordinate option added

Rev 1.51.21 – 8/08/2005:   Faro Tracker – Temperature Sensor auto update option

Rev 1.51.20a – 8/05/2005:   Faro Tracker – Temperature Sensor enhancements

Rev 1.51.20 – 8/05/2005:   Faro Tracker – Temperature Sensor Manager added

Rev 1.51.19 – 8/03/2005:   Romer WinRDS Updated to Version 4.3

Rev 1.51.18c – 8/02/2005:   Aicon Procam support update

Rev 1.51.18b – 8/01/2005:   Aicon Procam support update, Alignments Updated

Rev 1.51.18 – 7/28/2005:   MetricVision Interface Updated

Rev 1.51.17 – 7/27/2005:   Installation & DLL Updates / Faro Tracker Interface updated – autohome

Rev 1.51.16 – 7/15/2005:   V-Probe Enhancements

Rev 1.51.15 – 7/8/2005:   Multi Device Installation support updated / V-Probe Added

Rev 1.51.13 – 7/5/2005:   Multi Device Installation support

Rev 1.51.12 – 6/25/2005:   Catia Support updated to

Rev 1.51.11a – 6/24/2005:   Romer Cimcore Probe bug fix

Rev 1.51.11 – 6/24/2005:   Installation Update / Faro Tracker Spiral Search Survey Option

Rev 1.51.10 – 6/22/2005:   Romer Cimcore App Added / Leica emsCon update Rev. 2.40

Rev 1.51.09 – 6/22/2005:   Leica emsCon 2.1.1 update / App Rev. 2.39

Rev 1.51.08a – 6/16/2005:   Aicon ProCam Interface Updated, Probe Rad support / 3dTip

Rev 1.51.08 – 6/10/2005:   Aicon ProCam Interface added

Rev 1.51.07a – 6/08/2005:   Installation bug fixes

Rev 1.51.07 – 6/07/2005:   Survey Tools update / bug fixes

Rev 1.51.06a – 6/06/2005:   Oryzo / Verisurf Serial Probe Vector bug fix

Rev 1.51.06 – 6/03/2005:   OryzoApi applet added

Rev 1.51.05 – 6/03/2005:   Microscribe bug fix, device angles missing

Rev 1.51.04b – 5/26/2005:   Faro Tracker Level Menu changed, Caliper PCI/ISA Install Bug Fix

Rev 1.51.04a – 5/26/2005:   Survey Tools updated, Caliper PCI/ISA Applet added

Rev 1.51.03 – 5/17/2005:   Microscribe Applet added, Verisurf Serial Applet added

Rev 1.51.02 – 5/13/2005:   Survey Trigger Filter Added

Rev 1.51.01a – 5/06/2005:   Survey Report Update / DataXPort app update to Rev. 1.15

Rev 1.51.01 – 5/02/2005:   Catia Support Update / Faro USB Arm 3.0 Support discontinued

Rev 1.50.32 – 4/28/2005:   Survey Trigger bug fix / Delay added

Rev 1.50.31 – 4/25/2005:   Survey Report update/Deviation added/Excel format additions

Rev 1.50.30a – 4/20/2005:   API Interface DLL update / Catia Support Update / Survey Report updated

Rev 1.50.30 – 4/18/2005:   API Tracker support update/ Survey Reports updated

Rev 1.50.29 – 4/11/2005:   Catia Export updated to 3.10 / Tracker Level /Survey Bug fixes

Rev 1.50.28 – 4/1/2005:   Catia Export updated to 3.9 / Drive Controls

Rev 1.50.27a – 4/1/2005:   GUI Changes / Drive Controls

Rev 1.50.27 – 4/1/2005:   Microscribe Support Update / GUI Changes / Drive Controls

Rev 1.50.26 – 3/30/2005:   Leica emScon 2.0 updated to Rev. 2.35

Rev 1.50.25a – 3/29/2005:   Leica emScon App updated to Rev. 2.34a

Rev 1.50.24d – 3/22/2005:   Leica emScon App updated to Rev. 2.33 / Env Settings select units

Rev 1.50.24c – 3/21/2005:   Catia Support update – Rev 3.8.1

Rev 1.50.24b – 3/17/2005:   faro USB Arm support updated to 5.0.5 ( app Rev 2.13 )

Rev 1.50.24a – 3/15/2005:   Catia Support Updated 3.8

Rev 1.50.24 – 3/14/2005:   Catia Support Updated 3.7

Rev 1.50.23a – 3/08/2005:   Leica emScon updated / Probe update

Rev 1.50.23 – 3/08/2005:   Leica emScon updated / Probe update fix / faro Serial Arm update

Rev 1.50.22b – 3/07/2005:   Leica emScon updated to Rev 2.31a Probe update fix

Rev 1.50.22a – 3/07/2005:   Leica emScon updated to Rev 2.31 / Faro Serial Arm Bug fix IN/MM Rev 2.11

Rev 1.50.22 – 3/07/2005:   Leica emScon updated to Rev 2.30 / Catia Support update 3.6 / GUI Changes to VDI

Rev 1.50.21 – 3/05/2005:   DLL Changes Dev2VDI / Integration

Rev 1.50.20a – 3/04/2005:   Bug Fixes w/DRO, Probe Manager GUI Changes

Rev 1.50.19b – 3/03/2005:   Auto Point Tools GUI bug fix / Trigger point button

Rev 1.50.19a – 3/03/2005:  Leica emScon Updated / Romer Interface updated – Bug fix / angles

Rev 1.50.19 – 3/03/2005:  Leica emScon Updated – Probe Manager Linked with Leica

Rev 1.50.18a – 3/02/2005:  Leica emScon Updated to Rev 2.28

Rev 1.50.18 – 3/01/2005:  Leica emScon Updated / Software Registration Fix, Demo Mode Error

Rev 1.50.17 – 2/25/2005:  Leica emScon Updated to Rev 2.1.1

Rev 1.50.16 – 2/19/2005:   GUI Changes / DRO Display / About

Rev 1.50.15 – 2/19/2005:   Leica emScon Update / Toolbar Defaults changed

Rev 1.50.14b – 2/15/2005:   Auto Point GUI Bug Fix

Rev 1.50.14a – 2/15/2005:   Auto Point complete sound added for Trigger mode

Rev 1.50.14 – 2/14/2005:   Trigger modes now allow Auto Point for triggering

Rev 1.50.13 – 2/12/2005:   Faro Tracker Aim-To now using reverse transform on Level angles

Rev 1.50.12a – 2/10/2005:   Catia Support updated to Ver. 3.4

Rev 1.50.12 – 2/9/2005:   Leica emScon Interface Update

Rev 1.50.11a – 2/4/2005:   Installation update / bug fix for MetricVision support files

Rev 1.50.11 – 2/4/2005:   Faro Tracker, Get Temprature Button added

Rev 1.50.10 – 2/4/2005:   Faro Tracker Temperature measurement disabled

Rev 1.50.09 – 2/2/2005:   Metric Vision LR200 Interface Added

Rev 1.50.08 – 2/2/2005:   Leica Emscon Linear Cal enabled / Trigger Mode Tools enable option ( Display Settings )

Rev 1.50.07a – 1/31/2005:   Faro Tracker X support / Dist Mode Disabled

Rev 1.50.07 – 1/26/2005:   Catia support Updated / Tab selection / Origin transoform added

Rev 1.50.06 – 1/25/2005:   Catia Debug Enabled, Updated, Material Type Set by remote enabled

Rev 1.42.30a – 1/10/2005:     Raytek Temperature Scanner Update

Rev 1.42.30 – 1/10/2005:     Oryzo Com bug Fix

Rev 1.42.29a – 1/03/2005:     Oryzo Com bug Fix, WinRDS/Romer update to 4.1

Rev 1.42.28 – 12/28/2004:     RayTek MX Temperature Probe Added, Probe manager bug fix – Catia Support 3.2 updated

Rev 1.42.27 – 12/14/2004:     API ADM Software Update Probe Manager Bug Fix

Rev 1.42.26 – 12/14/2004:     Probe Manager – Master/Satellite Probe support added

Rev 1.42.25 – 12/13/2004:     Temperature Comp Dialog Bug Fix

Rev 1.42.24 – 12/13/2004:     API ADM ProX Level Enabled

Rev 1.42.23 – 12/09/2004:     Faro Callbacks, bug Fixes

Rev 1.42.22 – 12/08/2004:     Probe Callbacks added, Faro Callbacks added

Rev 1.42.21a – 12/07/2004:     Faro Tracker Aim / Measure enhancements

Rev 1.42.21 – 12/07/2004:     Romer arm VDI Display Fix, data flowing bug

Rev 1.42.20 – 12/07/2004:     Temp Comp Scale Bar enhancements

Rev 1.42.19 – 12/06/2004:     Faro Tracker Enahancements, Temp Comp Scale Bar Added

Rev 1.42.18a – 12/02/2004:     Remote Auto Tools Updated

Rev 1.42.18 – 12/01/2004:     Faro Tracker Home Position Toolbar added

Rev 1.42.17 – 11/23/2004:     Faro Tracker Interface Home Fix

Rev 1.42.16b – 11/19/2004:     Faro Tracker Interface

Rev 1.42.16 – 11/17/2004:     Interface Demo Tools updated

Rev 1.42.15 – 11/15/2004:     Faro Serial Interface Update

Rev 1.42.14a – 11/09/2004:     Faro Tracker Level Added to menu

Rev 1.42.14 – 11/09/2004:     Faro Tracker Bug Fixes / Probe Manager / Preset on startup

Rev 1.42.13a – 11/08/2004:     Faro USB 5.0 updated -Range finder window enable

Rev 1.42.12 – 11/05/2004:     Faro Tracker Homing bug fixes, Temp Comp Zero on Dialog close

Rev 1.42.11a – 11/03/2004:     Faro Tracker Probe Manager Default to 1.5″

Rev 1.42.11 – 11/02/2004:     Temperature Comp GUI Changes / Faro Tracker Probe Manager enabled

Rev 1.42.10a – 10/26/2004:     Faro USB Arm 5.0 updated to Rev 2.07, Button2 fix

Rev 1.42.10 – 10/25/2004:     Probe Manager Bug Fix

Rev 1.42.09 – 10/18/2004:     Temp Comp update, AutoPoint Trigger Fix

Rev 1.42.08 – 10/12/2004:     Probe Manager Rebuild, API ProX Update, Temperature Comp. Added

Rev 1.42.07 – 10/04/2004:     Probe Offset Bug Fix, Catia Update to 2.12.1

Rev 1.42.06 – 9/30/2004:     Faro tracker update, Faro USB Arm update, VDI GUI update

Rev 1.42.05a – 9/22/2004:     Faro USB Arm 5.0 Update / Scanner Support

Rev 1.42.04 – 9/13/2004:     Faro Tracker Startup Checks added

Rev 1.42.03 – 9/03/2004:     Desktop sizeing bug fix / Faro USB 5.0 Interface Development

Rev 1.41.09 – 8/18/2004:     Probe Manager bug fix

Rev 1.41.08b – 8/17/2004:     Catia Update to Rev 2.12

Rev 1.41.08a – 8/10/2004:     Catia Update to Rev 2.11.4

Rev 1.41.08 – 8/09/2004:     Probe Manager update

Rev 1.41.07b – 8/06/2004:     Installation update for Romer WinRDS Support files

Rev 1.41.07 – 8/04/2004:     Probe Vector presets added to Probe Manager

Rev 1.41.05b – 8/02/2004:     Catia Update 2.11.3

Rev 1.41.05a – 7/29/2004:     Probe Qualify XYZ offset bug fix

Rev 1.41.05 – 7/29/2004:     Catia Bug Fix

Rev 1.41.04 – 7/27/2004:     Startup Screen Updated

Rev 1.41.03 – 7/26/2004:     Startup Screen, Probe Manager updated

Rev 1.41.02a – 7/21/2004:     3D CReator / FlashPoint Update

Rev 1.41.02 – 7/19/2004:     3D CReator Update / Verisurf to Catia Alignments

Rev 1.41.01 – 7/15/2004:     3D CReator Interface Added / Catia updated to 2.11.2

Rev 1.40.08 – 7/12/2004:     Catia updated to 2.11.1 / MicroScribe Probe bug Fix

Rev 1.40.07 – 7/8/2004:     Catia updated to 2.11 / Probe Manager bug Fix

Rev 1.40.06 – 7/7/2004:     MicroScribe Update / Trigger Tools / Tip offsets

Rev 1.40.05 – 7/6/2004:     MicroScribe Update Rate Bug Fix, Preset XYZ on all Types

Rev 1.40.04a – 7/6/2004:     MicroScribe XYZ Units bug fix

Rev 1.40.04 – 7/6/2004:     Probe Qualify, Vector Tip offsets, Catia update 2.10.7, Registry Path bug fix

Rev 1.40.03 – 6/30/2004:     Romer Arm Update / WinRDS 3.1

Rev 1.40.02 – 6/28/2004:     Api ADM Trigger Fix, Catia Update 2.10

Rev 1.40.01 – 6/24/2004:     Probe Manager Added

Rev 1.35.62 – 6/23/2004:     Catia Update 2.9 / Tracker CAD Vectors / API-ADM trigger Bug fix

Rev 1.35.61a – 6/14/2004:     Catia Update 2.8

Rev 1.35.61 – 6/9/2004:     API ADM Trigger Bug Fix

Rev 1.35.60 – 6/4/2004:     Catia Export – Send point fix

Rev 1.35.59a – 6/3/2004:     Home Icon Added

Rev 1.35.59 – 6/2/2004:     Faro Tracker Aim Bug Fix

Rev 1.35.58b – 5/26/2004:     Catia Interface Updated Rev 2.6.01

Rev 1.35.58a – 5/26/2004:     Catia Interface Updated Rev 2.6

Rev 1.35.58 – 5/20/2004:     Mouse Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.57d – 5/20/2004:     API Prox Installation Updated

Rev 1.35.57b – 5/18/2004:     Catia Support Updated

Rev 1.35.57 – 5/7/2004:     Registration bug fix

Rev 1.35.56 – 5/7/2004:     GUI Changes / Leica EmsCon Update /API Resigration update

Rev 1.35.55 – 5/6/2004:     Remote Tracker Aim/Home – Leica EmsCon Update

Rev 1.35.54 – 5/2/2004:     Tracker Trigger Bug Fix, Catia update – Shaft Display

Rev 1.35.53b – 4/30/2004:     API Tracker bug Fix

Rev 1.35.53a – 4/27/2004:     Trigger Mode Bug Fix

Rev 1.35.53 – 4/26/2004:     Leica Tracker Update/ Catia update

Rev 1.35.52a – 4/24/2004:     Leica Tracker Update

Rev 1.35.52 – 4/21/2004:     API Tracker Update / Catia Update

Rev 1.35.51a – 4/16/2004:     Interface Demo Updated / remote Trigger added

Rev 1.35.51 – 4/15/2004:     GUI Changes / Catia Update

Rev 1.35.50a – 4/07/2004:     Faro Tracker update

Rev 1.35.50 – 4/07/2004:     Faro Tracker Changes, no Zone, Zero on Homes

Rev 1.35.49 – 03/31/2004:     WinRDS 2.3.6 Update/Faro Serial Arm Bug Fix

Rev 1.35.48 – 03/22/2004:     Software Security / Catia Update

Rev 1.35.46a – 03/19/2004:     Software Security Changes

Rev 1.35.46 – 03/18/2004:     Catia Interface Update

Rev 1.35.45 – 03/16/2004:     GUI Updates – Window Show / Hide

Rev 1.35.44a – 03/16/2004:     WinRDS 2.3.5 Install Updated

Rev 1.35.44 – 03/16/2004:     Caliper PCI Card Support Updated

Rev 1.35.43 – 03/15/2004:     Catia Interface Updates

Rev 1.35.42 – 03/14/2004:     GUI Changes

Rev 1.35.41a – 03/12/2004:     Catia Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.41 – 03/11/2004:     GUI Changes / Registration Updated

Rev 1.35.40b – 03/10/2004:     Installation update / Caliper PCI Interface bug Fix

Rev 1.35.40 – 03/09/2004:     Caliper PCI Interface bug Fix

Rev 1.35.39b – 03/08/2004:     Catia Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.39 – 03/08/2004:     WinRDS Support Updated to Rev 2.3.6

Rev 1.35.38 – 03/08/2004:     Catia Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.37a – 03/05/2004:     Catia Interface / Installation Updated

Rev 1.35.36 – 03/04/2004:     Catia Interface Updated / Installation Updated

Rev 1.35.35b – 03/01/2004:     Faro USB Arm Support Updated

Rev 1.35.35 – 03/01/2004:     Catia Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.34 – 02/26/2004:     VServer App Updated

Rev 1.35.33 – 02/25/2004:     Faro USB Arm Support Updated

Rev 1.35.32a – 02/25/2004:     Catia Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.32 – 02/24/2004:     Trigger Mode Toolbar Added

Rev 1.35.31 – 02/24/2004:     Catia Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.29a – 02/16/2004:     Mouse Demo Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.28a – 02/11/2004:     Catia Interface Updated

Rev 1.35.27b – 02/08/2004:     Catia Interface – Direct DLL Integration – Update

Rev 1.35.26a – 02/06/2004:     Catia Exporter – Catia Interface / PCReadout Update

Rev 1.35.25 – 02/04/2004:     Bug Fixes / PCReadout Update

Caliper PCI 2nd Gen Support for Win2000/XP

Scale Factor Hardware Settings for Linear Error Comp.

Rev 1.35.24 – 01/14/2004:     Bug Fixes / PCReadout Update

Rev 1.35.23 – 01/13/2004:     Faro Tracker Enhancements / PCReadout Upgrade

Rev 1.35.22 – 01/12/2004:     Verisurf Serial Interface – Auto Port Scan on Startup

Rev 1.35.21 – 01/11/2004:     Faro Tracker Update -> Disable Auto Home on TrackerPad or Utils

Pocket Pc update and remote Button fix in all display modes


Rev 1.35.20 – Trigger Mode Fixed – Verisurf Serial Interface Update

Rev 1.35.19b – Faro Tracker Updated – Trigger Mode Fixed

Rev 1.35.19 – DataXPort Update / Precision time-stamp added

Rev 1.35.17 – Leica updated, Verisurf Serial Interface added

Rev 1.35.16 – Leica Updated to Rev 2.16

Rev 1.35.15 – Leica Updated to Rev 2.15, Oryzo Probe Bug Fix

Rev 1.35.14 – Leica Emscon Updates

Rev 1.35.13 – VDI window display bug Fix

Rev 1.35.12a – Leica Emscon Update

Rev 1.35.11 – Leica Emscon Update, GUI Changes

Rev 1.35.10 – Leica Emscon Update, Faro USB Arm update

Rev 1.35.09 – Startup – Software License bug fix

Rev 1.35.08d – EmScon Updated

Rev 1.35.08 – Faro/SMX Trigger Bug Fix

Rev 1.35.07 – Emscon GUI Changes

Rev 1.35.06a – DataXPort Displayed value, Emscon Bug Fix

Rev 1.35.05 – Sphere Fit Fix, emscon Change, InterfaceDemo Change

Rev 1.35.04 – Sphere Fit with Optional Radius

Rev 1.35.03a – Api Tracker II Update, Leica EmScon Update

Rev 1.35.02b – Data export smart xyz data fix

Rev 1.35.02a – Trigger Mode enabled for all / Romer Settings Bug Fix

Rev 1.35.02 – Faro USB arm – Dialogs added

Rev 1.35.01 – Registry implementation

Rev 1.34.60d – Smart Tool point count / DataXPort / Oryzo enhancements

Rev 1.34.60c – Leica Emscon

Rev 1.5 Upgrade

Rev 1.34.57a – Api ADM Enhancements

Rev 1.34.55 – Rec/playback Display bug fixed


Rev 1.34.54 – Preset XYZ Fixed, trigger mode fixed

Rev 1.34.52 – LeicaPad Upgrade / Trigger Mode Changes

Rev 1.34.51 – LeicaPad Upgrade / Smart Sphere fixed

Rev 1.34.50 – LeicaPad Integration for NetBEUI Trackers

Rev 1.34.47 – Leica NetBEUI Changes / Integration

Rev 1.34.45 – AutoPoint GUI Bug Fix

Rev 1.34.43 – Faro USB Arm Fixes

Rev 1.34.39 – Romer Changes, API ADM changes, Microscribe Vectors

Rev 1.34.32 – Faro USB Arm Probe GUI Changes

Rev 1.34.31 – AutoPoint enhancements

Rev 1.34.29 – Window Border and Smart Tool Changes

Rev 1.34.28 – GUI and Installation Changes

Rev 1.34.27 – Leica TCP/IP upgrate to 1.4.17


Rev 1.34.25 – Faro USB Probe Fixed, Romer Mouse, VDI GUI Changes

Rev 1.34.24 – Faro USB Probe Update Removed


Rev 1.34.22 – Leica NetBEUI Beam Break Detection

Rev 1.34.21 – More Remote Device Enhancements

Rev 1.34.20 – Remote Device Enhancements

Rev 1.34.19 – Program Enhancements – VServer/VRClient

Rev 1.34.13 – Faro Tracker Fix

Rev 1.34.11 – Drag mode Enabled using Smart Point

Rev 1.34.09 – Faro USB Probe Update Fix


Rev 1.33.28 – Caliper ISA/pCI probe set to -1

Rev 1.33.26 – Romer WinRDS update / Bug Fixes

Rev 1.33.22 – Metronor Camera RS-232 Support

Rev 1.33.21 – Software Installation Program Upgrade

Rev 1.33.19 – Faro Drive Tools Big Display window upgrade

Rev 1.33.17 – Faro Drive Tools Fixed, Multi-Device Upgrade

Rev 1.33.16 – Zero All axis works for all interfaces

Rev 1.33.14 – Faro Tracker Fixes & Record Mode Changes

Rev 1.33.13 – Faro Tracker Drive File Enhancements

Rev 1.33.12 – Leica NetBUEI Smart Tools bug fix

Rev 1.33.11 – Program Crashing on startup Bug Fixed

Rev 1.33.10 – Theodolite has X reversed, Rec Tools, Meas Tools now open automatically

Rev 1.33.09 – Graphics Flashing fixed, also Big Font / Little Dro option window

Rev 1.33.05 – Smart Tools now supports Inches

Rev 1.33.04 – Leica Tracker TCP Interface has Auto Home switch

Rev 1.33.03 – Shareware Version enabled with 364 day usage

Rev 1.33.03 – Pocket PC Readout Enhancements