Verisurf Metrology Software

Quickly learned and retained by new users thanks to intuitive user interface with rich visual experience.
Automate quality processes with repeatable measurement plans for any portable, manual or programable CMM.
Teach programs or create them from CAD for measurable reduction in programming time and process execution.
Run CMMs with Renishaw, Mitutoyo, Hexagon, Zeiss, or Pantec controllers, create reports and connect to quality databases.

Verisurf reduces CMM inspection programming from hours to minutes with almost
no learning curve. Program and operate any CMM in a revolutionary, click-and-build visual interface.

3D Measurement Platform

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsCMM Resellers:  How To Place Verisurf On Your Website!

Verisurf software is a 3D measurement platform for manufacturing inspection, guided assembly and reverse engineering. Our open platform with enterprise interoperability empowers our customers to; open any CAD file or drawing, connect to any measuring device, align to any part or assembly, perform live or offline measurement tasks and quickly communicate results with colorful reports and database connectivity.

Powerful CAD Foundation

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsCMM Resellers:  How To Place Verisurf On Your Website!

Verisurf CAD is the foundation of all our suites and includes; powerful NURBS surfacing and ParasolidTM solid modeling with model-associative GD&T. Our user experience is the most rewarding visualization experience in the metrology industry and is easy to learn because it adheres to the familiar Microsoft Ribbon Framework with Tabs, Groups, Panels and Galleries fully customizable to simplify and automate repeated processes.

Customization for Automation

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsCMM Resellers:  How To Place Verisurf On Your Website!

The Verisurf SDK helps companies achieve Industry 4.0 automation objectives with a Application Programming Interface (API) that enables the creation of custom measurement applications with the power of Verisurf in the background. The API supports all popular scripting languages to create custom user interfaces to automate and simplify repeatable measurement driven processes.

CMM Programming & Inspection Suite

Quickly create object oriented CMM programs with intelligent MBD, run them on any
brand or model of machine including the advanced class of 5-Axis CMMs, create
and write data to in-process controls or QMS databases. 


Open System Freedom

  • Intuitive user experience makes it easy to learn, remember and support.
  • Model Based Definition speeds tolerancing, programming and reporting.
  • Create repeatable measurement programs for scanners, manual, portable or CNC CMMs.
  • Measurement device freedom eliminates bottlenecks and lowers costs.

Object Oriented Programming

  • Create programs in Teach Mode or by selecting CAD surfaces, points and features.
  • Intelligent probe management including indexing and racks.
  • Dynamic path visualization, simulation and editing for collision avoidance.
  • Support for 3-axis and 5-axis, touch trigger and tactile scanning probe systems.
3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsCMM Resellers:  How To Place Verisurf On Your Website!

5-Axis Excellence

  • 5-axis measurement technology achieves 15% to 50% cycle time savings
  • Minimizes the dynamic effects of CMM motion at high measurement speeds
  • Is ideal for complex, 5-axis machined, mill-turned, or additive manufactured parts
  • Up to 5 times faster to program and setup a 5-axis versus 3-axis CMM

Metrology Technology

Learn more about dimensional metrology technology and applications.

CNC CMM Technology

The CMM is a measurement system designed for precision verification and documentation of manufactured parts and assemblies. They are programmed and/or controlled to take measurements of size, form, dimension, and relationships between features. Verification is based upon a comparison between…

First Article Inspection

First Article Inspection (FAI) is a manufacturing and quality assurance process to satisfy product specifications and quality requirements before full production begins. It typically involves a detailed examination of the first sample produced from a manufacturing run, known as the “first article.” This inspection is critical in…

RPS Alignment

Reference Point System (RPS) Alignment, also known as RPS Registration, is a principle for aligning 3D measurement inspection data to the 3D engineering design of a manufactured component or assembly. It brings the measurement data together with the computer-aided design (CAD) model…

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