CMM Master

Automated, affordable and calibrated for high production shop floor inspection.

CMM Master™, based on the Renishaw Equator™ platform, increases shop floor productivity, reduces scrap and replaces multiple single-use fixture gages at a fraction of the cost of traditional CMM systems. Portability, compact footprint, single phase power and no compressed air requirement makes this system ideal for flexible shop floor inspection and automated production cells.

Verisurf increases the accuracy of the Renishaw Equator™ with Cubic Volumetric Mapping. The unique software technology utilizes a 24 parameter calculation to volumetrically error map the 3D measurement volume and creates a compensation table with tri-cubic interpolation that makes the Verisurf error-corrected Equator significantly more accurate. Every CMM Master comes with calibration certificate and because the accuracy is improved through software, all Equator warranties remain intact.

CMM Master™ can be used as a software-driven gaging comparator by measuring a ‘known to be good master reference part’ then comparing subsequent production parts to the master. This further reduces costs and increases inspection flexibility by replacing hundreds of single use hard gages.

Volume accuracy (with Verisurf CVM) +/-0.0127 mm (.0005 in)
Comparison uncertainty +/-0.002 mm (.000079 in)
Maximum scanning speed 100 mm/s (3.937 in/s)
Maximum movement speed 500 mm/s (19.685)
Scanning rate 1000 points/s
Scale resolution +/-0.0002 mm (.0000079 in)
Fixturing requirement +/- 1 mm (.039 in)
Machine air supply No air required
Operating temperature +10 to +40 °C (+50 to +104 °F)
Storage temperature -25 to +70 °C (-13 to +158 °F)
Relative operating humidity Maximum 80% RH at 40 °C (104 °F), non-condensing
Universal power supply 100-240 VAC +/-10%, 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 190 W
Typical power consumption 80 – 100 W
Probe type Renishaw 3-axis SP25 analog scanning
Fixture plate 305 mm x 305 mm (12 in x 12 in) aluminum
Maximum work piece weight 25 kg (55 lb)

System Standard Extended
Working volume XxYxZ 300mm x 300mm x 150 mm
(11.81in x 11.81in x 5.90in)
300mm x 300mm x 150 mm
(11.81in x 11.81in x 5.90in)
Height from base 55mm (2.16in) 205 mm (8.07in)
Machine weight 25 kg (55.11 lb) 27 kg (59.52 lb)
Dimensions WxDxH 570mm x 500mm x 700mm
(22.44in x 19.68in x 27.56in)
570mm x 500mm x 850mm
(22.44in x 19.68in x 33.46in)

  • 6 position auto change probe rack
  • Choice of M8, M6 or ¼ - 20 fixture plates
  • MCUlite-2 Joystick
  • SP25 3-axis scanning probe
  • One year warranty

  • Verisurf Coordinate Metrology Software
    • NIST Tested
    • PTB Certification
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced probe kits
  • Enclosure accessories
  • Fixture plates and kits
  • One year extended warranty


Verisurf has become the standard in our company for a total, 1-stop metrology solution. We use Verisurf''s alignment and best fit tools to perform live comparison of as-built point clouds to nominal CATIA models. This approach has drastically reduced the time our inspectors need to verify parts and assemblies. The systems unique, CAD-based architecture has also given us the ability to perform reverse engineering from point cloud collection to solid modeling - all within a single application. We''ve simultaneously accelerated accurate data collection while improving communications between our inspection team and engineering by standardizing all of our inspection reports using Verisurf''s flexible and customizable report management tools.

Lockheed Martin Paul Davis