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Software Highlights

Project Revolve

Verisurf streamlines reverse engineering workflows with new options to project and revolve scan data.

  • Simplifies surface of revolution reverse engineering
  • Create 2D cloud from a 3D cloud (silhouette)
  • Supports using an axis of revolution or plane of projection

Objects defined by a surface of revolution are easily modeled with the new Project-Revolve tool. The scan is first aligned so its axis of symmetry coincides with an axis of the WCS. The points are then projected by revolving around the axis to form a 2D cloud representing the total profile of the scan. Points can likewise be projected by translation onto the planes of the WCS to create a silhouette of the part.

The points are filtered to a minimum distance using averaging to obtain a smooth curve which represents the average profile around the entire surface. After filtering to an even spacing, these average points are fitted to a measured spline. The spline is then exported to CAD where it can be used for surfacing.

Finally the Surface Revolve function is used to create a surface by selecting the spline and then revolving it around the axis of symmetry to complete the process. The accuracy of the surface can be verified by analyzing the original points to the model.

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Software Highlights

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