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Extract to Plan

Verisurf 2024 simplifies plan creation through automatic extraction of features from clouds and meshes.

  • Easy, fast, and reliable feature extraction from clouds and meshes
  • Auto feature and nominal recognition from CAD
  • Extract all, selected, or features defined by MBD

Features are extracted based on their projection to corresponding entities in the model, and pre-selection can be used to limit extraction to specific features. All 3D geometry is supported, including freeform surfaces. Co-linear cylinders and co-planer planes can be extracted as single features.

Extracted features can be added to an inspection plan, with or without measurements derived from the scan, and can be added to the Measure Manager for immediate evaluation and reporting. If the CAD model contains MBD callouts, extraction can be limited to only those features that are designated for inspection.

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Software Highlights

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