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Custom CMM Display – Verisurf VDI

Verisurf Device Interface

Verisurf enhances the user experience by enabling custom CMM image displays.

  • Create and display your own 3D CMM model
  • Supports 3-axis and 5-axis systems
  • Use OEM models or create your own using Verisurf CAD

With Verisurf you can display an OEM model of your machine or use Verisurf’s surface and solid modeling tools to create custom CAD models of your CMM using the levels manager to name and organize the various axis components.

Custom modeling supports both three and five axis systems and Verisurf already includes models of the most popular probe heads to save you time.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs

The model is processed using the create device image file tool to generate vsi files for the levels in the model. The device setup enables display of the custom model during measurement and the image files are used to render the custom CMM during plan simulation.

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Software Highlights

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