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Boeing Inspection

Boeing begins to standardize numerous sites on Verisurf as its common inspection platform for laser trackers, tool building and other applications.
July 27, 1998

Module: Build

Verisurf introduces real-time analysis with Build The Virtual Gage, for live computer-aided inspection and tool building.
July 27, 1997

Module: Analysis

Verisurf introduces its Analysis product to compare measurement data to nominal CAD models. Verisurf completes it's first sale.
July 27, 1994

Software Roots

Verisurf development begins, Tri-Tech enters into a OEM business partnership with CNC software, allowing us to tightly integrate our programs together.
July 27, 1993

Parent Company

Verisurf's parent company, Tri-Tech Precision, Inc., is formed to address the Aerospace industry's need for machining and manufacturing complex, precision parts.
July 27, 1989