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Knowledge Is Power

Verisurf establishes Verisurf University online learning management system for customers, educators and students seeking to improve their knowledge of Verisurf software, coordinate metrology and their…
July 27, 2013

Headquarters Relocation

Verisurf moves into its new building, releases our first 64-bit release X6 with many enhancements, and reveals our new brand tagline "3D Measurement Solutions".
July 27, 2012


Verisurf partners with Mastercam Resellers worldwide to deliver Master3DGage, an affordable and portable rapid 3D inspection solution that enables machine shops to significantly increase production…
July 27, 2010

Verisurf X

Verisurf introduces Verisurf X, its next-generation version with the ability to efficiently handle massive point clouds, making it the true common platform for all devices…
July 27, 2008

Module: MBD

Verisurf introduces Model-based Definition (MBD) software for tolerancing models and eliminating blueprints. Boeing adopts MBD as a standard for the 787 program.
July 27, 2006

LPT Partnership

Laser Projection Technologies, Inc. (LPT) selects Verisurf as its exclusive worldwide partner. Verisurf launches Laser Projection for carbon-fiber ply lay-up and other industries.
July 27, 2005

Customer Savings

Sauder, a major wood furniture manufacturer, adopts Verisurf technology for automated inspection plans of more than 3,000 different parts. Verisurf virtually eliminates scrap from dimensional…
July 27, 2002

Making Inspection Easy

Verisurf introduces AutoAlign, an advanced tool to automatically align measuring devices and complex parts to the nominal CAD model eliminating historic tooling costs and simplifying…
July 27, 2001