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Software Highlights – CMM Programming


Auto Feature Recognition with Auto Add-to-Plan

Verisurf Automate has been streamlined to make it even easier to create inspection plans.

CAD entity selection uses automatic feature recognition. You don’t have to tell3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs Verisurf what the feature type is. Simply click the elements of the CAD model and Verisurf determines the correct type automatically. It can even be a mix of feature types!

Feature recognition works with Verisurf’s windowing, masking, and multi-select functionality. Selections can be modified and left visible until you end the selection. You can also use advanced selection tools such as Polygon area and Vector to pre-select CAD entities. When you choose Add Features, the pre-selection is added to the Plan immediately.

Auto Path Creation for Features

Verisurf makes inspection-plan programming faster and more efficient through automatic inspection path generation for CMMs.

As geometric features are added to a plan, the default path settings for each feature type is used to create the probe path automatically. Auto path generation works for all geometric features that are based on a CAD entity, whether they’re added using the toolbar or speed menu.

Automatic path-generation produces a consistent measurement strategy by ensuring that feature paths use the same settings, regardless of device or programmer. Verisurf configuration files extends this functionality by allowing users to save and re-use pre-defined path defaults. Auto-path-generation works with all of your CNC CMM probing systems so you can take advantage of increased programming efficiency regardless of which type of probing system you use.

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