Our sales and support specialists are conveniently located in regional offices throughout the U.S. They can provide expert customer service as you need it. For Verisurf Software model-based solutions – or for specific product information – please contact us at your convenience.

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Today, Verisurf continues to pioneer new, fully implemented approaches and techniques in Model Based Definition (MBD). Built on a robust CAD system, Verisurf software imports virtually all CAD file formats, guides users through tool building in real-time based on the nominal model, automates inspection processes for quality assurance, generates reports in graphic and text formats, and much more. Our software is faster and easier to use than ever before, with customizable toolbars, specialized menus and other valuable enhancements for use in both commercial and industrial settings. With Verisurf software, you reap the rewards of accuracy, convenience and continued productivity throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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I want to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work on this wonderful software that you''ve pioneered. I''ve been able to base an entire career off of Verisurf and couldn''t be happier in my profession.

Tri Models Todd Lisk - Quality Manager