zCAT was conceived with ease-of-use, portability, and uncompromising precision as primary design objectives. With its industry-standard touch-trigger probe system and revolutionary cylindrical kinematic mechanism, zCAT allows for optimal and accurate stylus arrangement regardless of the measurement task at hand.

Best of all, zCAT works seamlessly with Verisurf as a single, integrated system. The combination of a lightweight footprint, battery-operated convenience, and Verisurf Automate’s unique point-and-click inspection plan builder make the zCat with Verisurf solution an easy business decision.

Working volume X and Y 700mm diameter, Z 250mm
Diametral Accuracy (µm) 3.0 + (D / 100mm)
Linear Accuracy (µm) 5.0 + (L / 100mm)
Fixturing accuracy requirement 5mm
Machine speed User controlled to 150 mmps
Machine air requirement None required
Construction Stainless steel for all structural components
Machine power requirements 100-240 V AC±10%, 50-60Hz
Battery life 4 hours with normal use, 3 hours at peak
Power consumption Peak 15 W, normal 10 W
Manual motion control User controlled by hand movement of probe
Controller Onboard PCB provides motion control, error mapping, I++ interface and ControlCAT metrology software
Temperature compensation Onboard monitoring and compensation
Probe Type Renishaw T20 probe
Machine weight 13.6kg, 30lbs
Machine dimensions (WxDxH) 420mm x 172mm x 620mm

  • zCAT CMM - 4 Axes
  • ControlCAT metrology software
  • Renishaw TP20 probe
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Ethernet communication
  • I++ software interface
  • zCAT wedge excel export software
  • Training part and calibration sphere
  • Quick start guide
  • zCAT dust cover
  • Reusable shipping container
  • Standard 1 year warranty

  • 1mm ball probe module
  • Vertical only 2mm probe
  • Horizontal only 2mm probe
  • Calibration service
  • 5 year service and calibration contract
  • Extended 5 year warranty
  • Loc-N-Load Quick-Swap fixture systems
  • Fixture No. 1
  • Fixture No. 2
  • Base plate only
  • Work holding kit


The biggest advantage of our Verisurf and API laser tracker system is the credibility it gives Delta Tooling. We actually get jobs that our competitors don''t because they don''t have PCMM. And even though it is a powerful tool, Verisurf is easy to use and was extremely easy to learn. I picked it up, without classroom training, in less than a day.

Delta Tooling Darrel Mattsen - Quality Manager