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3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsVerisurf 2022

Measurement Software Automation

to Boost Manufacturing

Verisurf 2022 achieves big results from big datasets, and reduces inspection planning time while improving repeatability and process control. Explore this page to learn more.

  • Efficient inspection plan creation
  • Consistent measurement strategies
  • Touch-probing & tactile scanning
  • Streamline inspection plan navigation
  • Search textually and select graphically
  • Supports all measurement devices
  • Real-time collision detection
  • Graphical, interactive collision prevention
  • Supports 3-axis and 5-axis probing
  • Graphical extraction zone display
  • Interactive zone editing
  • Improves extraction accuracy
  • Pre-filter data using CAD entities
  • Enables multi-step align & extraction
  • Automates cross section analysis
  • Automate inspection plan creation
  • Automatically apply tolerances
  • Creates feature control frames
  • Creates intelligent meshes
  • Extends MBD analysis to meshes
  • Mesh step, gap, flush, and thickness
  • Neutral format for sharing large datasets
  • Both read and write E57 file formats
  • Support for super-large volume scanners
  • Segments data into manageable blocks
  • Simplifies editing of massive datasets
  • Facilitates extraction, fitting, and analysis
  • Scan rates in excess of 2 million pps
  • Enables the latest scanning technology
  • Inspect & model using high res data
  • Simplifies or eliminates data cleanup
  • Pre or post measurement filter
  • Supports offsetting and inversion
  • Rapid filtering using CAD surfaces
  • Interactive control of projection distance
  • Remove outliers and over scan
  • Simplifies monitoring and reporting drift
  • Ensures accuracy of drift assessment
  • Graphical analysis for easy interpretation
  • Graphical display of tolerance band
  • Clarifies tolerance condition
  • Supports tactile scanning devices

Overview Video

  • New feature highlights
  • Applications illustrated
  • What you need to do next

Release Highlights PDF

  • Major feature descriptions
  • Productivity benefits
  • Closer look, download, share

In addition to the new capabilities illustrated above, Verisurf 2022 includes many refinements to existing features.  Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use – Verisurf 2022 is another new release driven by our customers, partners and professionals facing new measurement challenges in the real world. 

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