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Verisurf FAQ

Answers to some of the most common questions and inquiries.

What does Verisurf software do?

It’s a measurement software that boosts the performance of 3-dimensional measuring equipment, turning complex tasks into simple ones. It is usually employed to run 3D “metrology” devices including a wide range of coordinate measuring machine (CMM) types. Alternatively it is used offline independent of the device used to acquire the data, for prep and programming beforehand or analysis and reporting afterwards. There are many types and OEMs of metrology devices for which Verisurf is chosen to upgrade its performance (if not already equipped with Verisurf). The software makes the system easier to use while also reducing the time it takes to get the job done. New users learn to be proficient faster, therefore getting them up and running sooner with very little training. It is used primarily for quality control inspection, reverse engineering, and tooling and assembly building.

Who owns Verisurf?

Verisurf Software, Inc., a privately held California company.

How many people use Verisurf?

Countless professionals and even part-timers, with the number one (and also original) market being the aerospace sector.  Today it is relied upon by companies that vary from one-man machine shops to the world’s largest manufacturers and enterprises of all sizes in between.  These companies manufacture all types of product, and many use Verisurf for processing equipment that are used to make finished products, so it could be used for all manner of goods and machinery.

Where can I get Verisurf training?

Training is recommended to be conducted onsite at the user’s location so that by the end of the course, students are proficient on their own parts measured to their own specifications.  We also have options for training at our headquarters in Anaheim, California, USA, at our resellers worldwide, and online.  Finally, we have our own dedicated Education department that manages and consults on Verisurf curriculum and even complementary measuring devices at a vast number of educational institutions worldwide.  Click the following link for Verisurf Education & Training for more info on these programs.

How do I contact Verisurf Support?

Toll free (for U.S. callers) +1 888 713 7201. Main line +1 714 970 1683.  Email support@verisurf.com.  Web https://www.verisurf.com/maintenance-support

What are Verisurf’s software capabilities?

Making tasks like quality control (QC) inspection or reverse engineering as simple as your favorite smartphone app.  The 3-dimensional measuring (metrology) software accomplishes tasks with fewer mouse-clicks and device button-pushes than other solutions.  What will surprise those who have not used it, the software is also very powerful for high-end, complex engineering operations and data processing and analysis.  And it has robust, highly customizable reporting and CAD data output. So it makes basic measuring simple and quick, but has the built-in functionality for advanced level work. Verisurf will program automated CMM-type devices as well as create software-automated, user-prompted measurement routines to create speedy and controlled workflow for manual devices.

What file formats are compatible with Verisurf?

For import of CAD models: SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, NX, Creo, AutoCAD, SolidEdge, Mastercam, IGES, STEP, STEP AP242, Parasolid ACIS, STL, KeyCreator, Rhino, and Spaceclaim (file import is drag-and-drop).  For import of data: Excel, csv, txt, dat, ref, des & raz, and also Windows Clipboard.  For “Save-as” export: IGES, STEP, STL, Parasolid, Mastercam, CATIA, AutoCAD, ACIS, 3D PDF.  Report output file types: html, txt, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, csv, ascii, PDF, 3D PDF.

What hardware is Verisurf software compatible with?

All types of coordinate measuring machine (CMM) varieties from a vast array of OEMs.  Primary examples are portable devices from FARO, Hexagon/Romer/Leica, API, Nikon & Creaform.  Examples of CMMs include Perceptron/Coord3, Hexagon/Brown & Sharpe/Leitz/Dea, Wenzel, Mitutoyo, Zeiss, Helmel, Made2Measure, AIMS & Renishaw, plus machines with controllers from Pantec & Renishaw. The list of 3-dimensional non-contact scanners is too long to list and is growing rapidly. Other interfaces are available and/or can be quickly added. Bi-directional communication is available through the Verisurf API for collaborative communication with external control systems such as those of robotic controllers as just one example.

How do I know if I need a stationary CMM or a portable CMM device?

Verisurf Applications and Sales Engineers and resellers are extremely versed as consultants for your unique needs, so please inquire.  Naturally, if you can’t bring the part to the CMM, a portable CMM could be your only option.  Conversely, a stationary CMM is often the easy choice when there are a lot of parts to inspect and when they have to be checked to tight tolerances.  However, if the accuracy requirements you face are the typical, occasional hole diameter callout or something similar, you might benefit from a faster, easier, more versatile and cheaper portable device.  Then if needed, use pin gages to check hole diameters.  In this case, you can send the occasional parts with tough requirements out to a CMM inspection service company.  Stationary CMMs are usually the programmable, motor-driven type and therefore the solution is nearly fully automated.  However, most need a temperature and humidity controlled, dedicated room.  Portable arm CMMs are 5 or 6 axis infinite-rotation-joint devices requiring less complicated setup(s) and are simply faster for most jobs, no programming required.  Laser trackers are also portable and are much easier and cheaper to maintain than super-sized CMMs and are very accurate for measuring large jobs, assemblies, and machinery.  Scanners are versatile and non-contact, so soft parts can be checked.  Stamped or forged parts can be fully color-mapped to show if all radii are fully formed and are also good at highlighting “class A” body panel profile anomalies.  Stay tuned for a full writeup on choosing CMM types.

Does Verisurf work in CATIA?

Verisurf works with CATIA V4, V5, and V6 Part and Product (assembly) models. The software is also able to read CATIA FTA (Functional Tolerancing and Annotations), PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), GD&T (Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing) and, additional other MBD (Model Based Definition) information. Many aerospace OEMs and their suppliers have remarked that Verisurf has the best CATIA import available on the market.

Does Verisurf work in SolidWorks?

The software works directly with SolidWorks models both part and assembly files.

Does Verisurf work with optical comparators?

If the comparator has data output that is in a format Verisurf can import, offline use is possible.  However, it is not one of the device types for which Verisurf is developed.

Does Verisurf work with Renishaw?

Yes Verisurf is an excellent companion for Renishaw CMM probes and systems, their machine and probe controllers, the Renishaw Equator and undoubtedly future applications on the horizon.

Does Verisurf run laser trackers?

Yes all of them.  FARO, Leica-Hexagon, and API.  Verisurf also runs their optional accessories such as T-Probe, I-Probe, 6-DOF probes, & scanners.

Does Verisurf run laser scanners?

Yes, very well.  Some scanners are designed for direct interface and live operation by third party software platforms.  Some are meant to be run by OEM software then data subsequently output for Verisurf to do the heavy lifting.  This includes data cleanup, organizing, automating, feature-fitting and feature extraction, NIST tested algorithm processing, inspection reporting, and reverse engineering (digitizing) for applications like additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

Does Verisurf run Romer arms?

Yes.  And Verisurf will make them considerably more productive, which it has done for nearly 20 years.

Does Verisurf run FARO arms?

Yes.  And Verisurf will make them considerably more productive and has for decades.

Does Verisurf work with FARO?

Yes Verisurf has been a longtime, excellent working partner with both the company and their products.

Does Verisurf work with Leica?

Yes Verisurf has been a longtime, excellent working partner with both the company (and current owner of the Leica brand, Hexagon) and their products.

Does Verisurf work with CMMs? Does Verisurf work with my CMM?

Yes.  Verisurf works with CMMs and it most likely it works with yours through one of these options:  A) direct interface that is plug-and-play; mainly on CMMs with the Renishaw UCC controller, B) via Verisurf Universal CMM product, a software-only interface that works with most CMM brands and types, C) a retrofit option that involves replacement of your control system and certain hardware components that allows addition of Verisurf along with bringing the CMM up to almost-new condition, and D) Verisurf is offered as an option on various new OEM CMMs.  Please tell the OEM or dealer that you want Verisurf for your CMM software.

Does Verisurf work with API?

Yes Verisurf has been a longtime, excellent working partner with both the company and their products.

Does Verisurf have reverse engineering?

Verisurf is powerful in operating all types of 3-dimensional measuring devices that are applicable for reverse engineering (RE) or “digitizing.”  It is sometimes used offline with previously captured data, then imported for RE.  Verisurf is the only full-featured metrology software based on a true CAD system, has full meshing and advanced mesh modeling, NURBS surfacing, wireframe (“sketching”) with history (parametric modeling) and solid modeling.  Device types include the popular scanner-type systems available, but Verisurf also excels at doing a lot with basic contact, discrete point CMM devices.  Not all parts lend themselves to non-contact scanning and it is a misconception that “scanning” is necessary or even the best choice for every application of RE.  In fact, “primitive” shapes like planes, cylinders, spheres, lines, circles (holes) and even simple double-curvature contours can be reverse engineered with Verisurf’s basic measuring package.

How do I become a CMM user and programmer?

There are a lot of employers looking for job candidates with Verisurf experience and/or training to fill CMM programming and operator positions.  While training and experience are factors sought by employers, non-experienced individuals are often hired especially if they have had some training.  For that there are a number of options.  Verisurf is taught at numerous educational institutions.  Inexpensive online options are available from Verisurf.  Some users are self-taught.  Click the link for more info on our training and education programs.

What job title do Verisurf users have?

Many who enter into dimensional metrology advance their careers with Six Sigma, Lean Process, Supplier Management, Non-conformance and corrective action training. Positions of greater responsibility and management such as Quality Engineer, Source Inspector, and Quality Manager earn higher incomes.

How much do Verisurf users make?

An estimate for CMM operators and programmers, or QA Metrologists, from about $40K to $50K as a baseline, and for tool builders running laser trackers from $40K to $120K with overtime pay included.  A rough estimate for engineers doing reverse engineering is possibly $120K .

Do schools teach Verisurf?

There are many education institutions teaching Verisurf as part of their STEM, engineering or manufacturing programs. Verisurf is taught at High Schools, Community Colleges, Universities and private technical schools.  Click the link for more info on our training and education programs.

How much is Verisurf?

Get more information on our “What Does Verisurf Cost?” page

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